How To Know Where The User Is Coming From

Apr 20, 2010

I am creating a website and I want to know that user is coming from where, like from google, bing,, any other site. Is their any way to find out in ??

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How To Get Information About From Where The User Is Coming

Apr 20, 2010

I am creating a website and I want to know that user is coming from where, like from google, bing,, any other site. Is their any way to find out in ?

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Security :: How To Get The Domain An Intranet User Is Coming From

Jul 16, 2010

We are using IIS6 and .Net Framework 2.0 for our intranet with Windows and Digest Authentication . We have 2 domains that have access to this intranet. I suddenly have the need to display slightly different content for users from Domain A. The changes are rather trivial (text on a label and and image in a header) but important to our stakeholders.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get The User Tha Have Birthday In The 7 Coming Days

Apr 20, 2010

In my user table i have birthdate fielI want get the user tha have birthday in the 7 coming days.


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Visual Studio :: Everything Coming Up In Hex

Jan 26, 2010

I have opened a site i have made in VB a while ago to get some code out of it and it all comes up in hex. Everything under app data opens fine. But none of the pages do they all come up as hex.

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C# - Why Assembly Namespace Coming Twice

Sep 6, 2010

I am calling my business layer project in Web Project. I added refress business layer project to Web. When I call class in BL project, I need to write twice this namespace. I dont know why it is coming.


I suppose to call


In my BL project I defined all classes namespace is MyCompanyName.HRHead.DataLayer

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C# - Undefined Coming Up In Firefox / How To Fix It

Jan 12, 2011

my previous quesion was answered, but now the same thing that works in IE doesn't work like it should in Firefox.

my C# looks like this:


The problem is that this works fine in IE but when I try it in Firefox, after alert D displays "D" the next alert just displays "undefined". I googled around and found some things relating to events but I could not understand nor correctly implement them.

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ActiveX Control Coming On Top?

Dec 29, 2010

I have created a windows control and hosted it into my web application. I created that because I need to do some system level tasks through web application. The issue is that I need to show a modalpopup on that form and the activex control is coming on top of modal popup, rest is fine.

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C# - PDF Coming As Text On Browser?

Jun 1, 2010

I am trying to display a PDF from database (byte[]) to user.

I am using code below to render PDF. It is giving me PDF as binary text as shown below. Instead of open in PDF application it is rendering PDF as text.

Response.Buffer = true;
Response.Charset = "";
//Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", fileToDownload.Length.ToString());
//Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; name=RemoteUserGuide.pdf");
Response.AppendHeader("content-length", fileToDownload.Length.ToString());
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

UPDATE: Just noticed, this application page is rendering PDF correctly in CHROME, but still displaying text in IE. (don't have FF3 on server to test). Probably its some browser issue?

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System.OutOfMemoryException -why Message Is Coming

Sep 6, 2010

Does anyone know why this happens?


It was running fine and then all of a sudden this message poped up.

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Web Forms :: Cookies Not Coming In Arabic?

Jun 10, 2010

I have a website which is in arabic. I am saving the username in cookies and displaying the username in label from cookies. But it is not coming in arabic. When i rum my website locally it works fine but on server it is not working.

My code is


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C# - How To Optimize The Records Coming In Gridview

Jan 8, 2010

I wanna bind atleast 30,000 records in a gridview from a sqlserver table. I want to bind only 50 records at a time with grid view. The grid has also paging and when I click next page then next 50 records should be shown and another next page's click another 50 records.

How can I optimize this thing. I want that If 30,000 records are binding then grid should be work as binded 50 records.

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MVC :: Browser Window Not Coming When Compiled?

Feb 25, 2011

I am a beginner in MVC. I downloaded a project & compiled it. The browser window came. But now when I compile, the browser window is not coming. I am using VS2008.

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AJAX :: Is It Possible To Update The Url When Coming Back From An Request

Mar 29, 2010

for SEO purposes, instead of refreshing the page every click of a product, is it possible to click on the product and when the server comes back with the response, to change the URL of the page to reflect the new link to information currently on page?

point is to have ajax redraw the product details portion of the page but have SEO friendly url's displayed so if people want to bookmark the currently selected product, it will bookmark the right url instead of the generic one to access the products page..

For example... here's my entry point:


product1product2product3 If I were to click product1, the request goes to the server with roducts.aspx?id=product1 but the url is still products.aspx on the response meaning that when people bookmark the product1 item, and they send the link to a friend, the friend always gets the generic product.aspx page.

I'm trying to get around this without refreshing the full page (postback).

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Configuration :: Dlls Keep Coming Back After Removing Them

Jun 23, 2010

I have a website (not web application). I deleted all references in the code to some DLLs and deleted the dlls themselves, but

when I recompile they keep coming back. I tried with resharper and read 100 articles, but I can't get rid of those dlls! )-:

How can I get rid of the DLLs?

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MVC :: Why Is ViewModel Coming Back With Some Null Properties

Jul 8, 2010

I have a simple ViewModel with 3 properties...I have some javascript going on where if a link is clicked, JQuery sets the values for 2 textfields (1 hidden) and a submit button where i process the rest of the Model on [HttpPost] - but for some reason some fields (the ones NOT set by javascript/JQuery) are coming back null - while on the page there is clearly values in them


And my Controller has the HttpGet and HttpPost, and a method that creates the nodes for the JQuery tree.

When you click on a node, this is when some values are set via javascript


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C# - Why Is Page_Load Not Firing After Coming Back From Another Page

Feb 17, 2010

Let's say I have two pages on the same ASP.NET C# WebSite:

Page1.aspx does things in the Page_Load event
I navigate to Page2.aspx using the menu
Page2.aspx does some things then Response.Redirect back to Page1.aspx
Page1.aspx cannot do things in Page_Load event this time because it never fires.

I tried to turn off cache declaratively, tried using true for endResponse in my redirect... nothing seems to make a difference.

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ADO.NET :: How To Execute SP Across Multiple Parameters Coming From Checkboxlist

Nov 3, 2010

I have SP ,which accept one or more variables ..

i need to design the vb page where there will be checkboxlist , where user can check and press submit and the values will be passed throught the SP ..

here is my Code , which only accept one parameter at a time


I have already design the checkboxlist , the problem only accour when i select more than one parameters i got this errore message :

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.

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Configuration :: Error Coming In The Global Resources?

Oct 26, 2010

i used differnet different culture global resource files in my project. in the local host myapplication run perfectly but if in the live(web) it raises below error.i dont why this error is comingServer Error in '/' Application.

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C# - Javascript Window.event Coming Up Null?

Oct 25, 2010

I am using a CustomValidator in ASP.NET as follows:

<asp:CustomValidator ID="cvComment" ControlToValidate="txtComment" Display="None"
EnableClientScript="true" ClientValidationFunction="validateComment"
runat="server" ></asp:CustomValidator>

And this is the function that gets called:

function validateComment(source, args) {
var reComment = new RegExp("^[a-zA-Z0-9',!;?@#%*.s]{1,1000}$");
var validComment = reComment.test(window.event.srcElement.value);
if (!validComment)
alert("The comment has illegal characters");
args.IsValid = validComment;

Upon clicking the button that triggers the validator, the application breaks and I can see that the window.event property is null, so obviously there's a null reference trying to match the regEx. My question is why could the window.event be showing up as null? I could've sworn this was working before.


I have modified the function as such:

var check = document.getElementById(;
var checky = check.attributes["controltovalidate"].value;
var checkyo = document.getElementById(checky);
var validHour = reOutHour.test(checkyo.value);
if (!validHour)
alert("The time is incorrectly formatted");
args.IsValid = validHour;

Now this is working on Internet Explorer, but not on Firefox...

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Web Forms :: Popup Window Of IE Is Not Coming With Title?

Feb 4, 2011

I am trying to open a new window by using javascript and .net code as given below.

And expecting to have a title of new IE window which is set in Javascript(Mark in Yellow), but it displaying it as "Untitled Page".


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WCF / ASMX :: Data Contract Not Coming Up On Client?

Jul 20, 2010

I have just created my first WCF service and by default it has a datacontract named "Composite type" in it. I tried adding another one but i can't see it in the client application. I have already done update web reference on my client.

Code of the data contract is below.

<ServiceContract()> _
Public Interface IDocumentService
<OperationContract()> _
<FaultContract(GetType(FaultException))> _


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AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Not Coming With Moust Paste

Feb 17, 2011

.Net 3.5, I am using AutoCompleteExtender to get matching list when user types inside text box. When user pastes value using mous list does not appear.

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.net - Username Parameter Coming Back With More Than Gave It?

Mar 15, 2011

This is really weird - I've got a MVC app running, including a Login method in my ServicesController class:

public ActionResult Login() {
var p = Request.Params;
var userName = p["username"];
var password = p["password"];
// etc...

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Determine From Where Javascript Is Coming - Awful Scrolling

Jan 25, 2010

So I've been handed an older website, and been asked to make some modifications. It's been made with ASP, and I'm not really familiar with it. [URL] I've been asked to get rid of that awful scrolling. By looking at the page source, I determined that the scrolling is done using some inline Javascript.

<script type="text/javascript">
function getElementPosition(theElement){
var posX = 0;
var posY = 0;
while(theElement != null){
posX += theElement.offsetLeft;
posY += theElement.offsetTop;
theElement = theElement.offsetParent;
return {x:posX, y:posY};
var offsetY = 0;
window.onload = function(){............................

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