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Javascript - Know If A RadToolBarButton Is Checked Or Not With JS?

I'd like to know if there is a way to tell if the RadToolBarButton "Filter" is checked or not using JS.

<telerik:RadToolBar ID="SelectionToolBar" runat="server" OnButtonClick="SelectionToolBar_Click" OnClientButtonClicking="clientButtonClicking">
<telerik:RadToolBarButton Value="Flagged" Text="Flagged Reports" Group="ViewMode" CheckOnClick="true"/>
<telerik:RadToolBarButton Value="Separator" IsSeparator="true"/>
<telerik:RadToolBarButton IsSeparator="true"/>
<telerik:RadToolBarButton ImageUrl="~/images/refresh.png" Value="Refresh" ToolTip="Refresh"/>
<telerik:RadToolBarButton IsSeparator="true"/>
<telerik:RadToolBarButton Value="Filter" ImageUrl="~/images/funnel.png" CheckOnClick="true" Checked="false" AllowSelfUnCheck="true" ToolTip="Toggle Filters"/>

Since RadToolBarButton is a subset of RadGridSelectionToolBar I wasn't sure how to get the property of one specific button.

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Javascript - Getting Checked Input Values In A Specific Div
Here is my div that is contained more than once by my page:

<div class="formContainerDiv" style="width:165px">
<td colspan="2">
Assign To<br />
<asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckBoxListLoginUsers" runat="server">
<br />
Note<br />
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxNote" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" Width="150" ClientIDMode="Static" class="textBoxNote"></asp:TextBox>
<br />
<input type="button" class="saveAssignment" value="Save"/>
<td style="text-align: center;">
<a href="javascript:void(0)" class="formContainerDivClose">Close</a>

And that's my jquery function:

$(".saveAssignment").click(function () {
var div = $(this).parents(".formContainerDiv");

I can select the appropriate formContainerDiv. But I need to get the values of checked checkboxes and the value of TextBoxNote.

Posted: Mar 10 at 14:36

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C# - Enable Textbox With Checkbox Checked With Javascript?
I am trying to enable/disable textbox when checkbox is checked (enable) or unchecked (disable). WIth the piece of code i have nothing is happening once the checkbox is checked/unchecked.

Here is what I have:

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="AssociationInfo.ascx.cs" Inherits="Administration.Modules.AssociationInfo" %>
<%@ Register Assembly="AjaxControlToolkit" Namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" TagPrefix="asp" %>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function enableTextBox() {
window.onload = function () {
var check = document.getElementById("chkAssociation");
check.onchange = function () {
if (this.checked == true)
document.getElementById("txtAddress").disabled = false;
document.getElementById("txtAddress").disabled = true;
<h2>Association Info</h2>
<br />
<asp:CheckBox Checked="false" ID="chkAssociation" runat="server" />
<asp:TextBox ID="txtAddress" Text="Test" runat="server" />

The code is in web user control. Could that be reason why is not working correctly?

Posted: Jan 20 at 13:46

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Javascript - Validate DropDownList If Checkbox Checked?
ASP.NET3.5 Webforms. Am trying to put a validator on the drop down list, only if the checkbox is checked.

This doesn't work. If I put an alert in the onclick event, it does show.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function setVal(sender) {
var myVal = document.getElementById('<%=(DropDownList)CreateUserWizard1.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("ddlSupplierCouncilArea")%>');


Posted: Aug 31 10 at 3:14

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Web Forms :: Checkbox Is Checked Even After Unchecking; Javascript + Repeater
I am usingRepeater and i have checkbox in every row.I have to post all the rows to aDB Table.

The problem is:When i uncheck a row and thenpress the save button ,all the rows are getting saved.

I checked with debugger that actually i see the checkboxes unchecked , but the debugger shows them checked.

Checkboxes have JAvascript onclick events associated with them.


My javascript function updates the labels on the page.Mygetvalues from repeater code is as follows. i am checking all therows whether checked or unchecked.

why checkboxes are showing always true whereas they should have been false (as they are unchecked).

Posted: Apr 14, 2010 06:36 AM

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Radion Button Checked Change Event In Javascript?
How do i handle radio button checked change event in javascript.

I have a radiobutton list which will have 3 radio buttons ..whenevr i click on any of these radiobutton it has to perform corresponding operation..(only javascript)

Posted: Nov 20, 2009 05:50 AM

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JavaScript - Check If A Checkbox Is Checked In A Group Of Checkboxes In Clientside?
note that the scenario is ASP.NET Webforms + Master - Content page which mess up the ids.

I have, say, three checkboxes

<asp:CheckBox ID="chkConsultantQuality" runat="server"
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkConsultantEnvironment" runat="server"
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkConsultantSafety" runat="server"

I would like to make a div id="CompanyPanel" on click event of each checkbox according to the following condition

visible if any of the checkboxes are checked.

hidden if all of the checkboxes are unchecked.

I am planning to use jQuery since I am selecting by class name. I could do it with jQuery.each on the class='company' by checking each for a checked flag.

Posted: Apr 3 at 11:31

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Disable A Checkbox In Javascript And Recognize It As Checked On The Server Side?
I have a checkbox which in some cases may be disabled and checked using javascript, i.e:

var cbTest = document.getElementById("CheckBoxTest");
cbTest.disabled = true;
cbTest.checked = true;

However, when sending a postback, CheckBoxTest.Checked is false on the server side.

Is it possible to disable the checkbox and still have the server side recognize it as checked?

Posted: Mar 17 10 at 14:21

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How Check At Lease One Checkbox Is Checked Inside .NET Repeater Control In Javascript
In my website; i have REPEATER control having child control checklistbox , dynamically generates in code behind.I would like to know how can i write javascript function where i have to check at least one checkbox should be checked.

Posted: Sep 20 10 at 10:52

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Forms Data Controls :: Detect The Checkbox Checked In Javascript From Gridview?
<asp:GridView ID="GridViewRDR1_Hidden" runat="server" >
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkRDR1Hidden" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true" onclick="javascript: calculateTotal();" />

how do i write a javascript fucntion to check whether the checkbox was checked or not?

Posted: Mar 29, 2011 11:10 AM

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Web Forms :: Radio Button Checked Changed Event Not Firing With Onclick Javascript Function?
I have used below code.

<asp:RadioButton GroupName="grpAssoc" ID="rbtEvery" runat="server" Text="Everyone"
onclick="return doChangeAssociationType(0);" AutoPostBack="True" oncheckedchanged="rbtEvery_CheckedChanged"
but oncheckedchanged="rbtEvery_CheckedChanged" not firing even javascript function returns true

How to fire the event?

Posted: Dec 04, 2010 12:48 PM

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TreeView Nodes Always Have Checked = True On Postback Even When Not Checked In UI
I have a treeview in my .aspx: <asp:TreeView ID="tvDocCatAndType" runat="server" /> Not much else going on in the page -- two <asp:LinkButtons> and one <asp:Label>; the page is a child of a master page, so these controls are within a <asp:Content> control. I populate the treeview in code -- just 3 node levels, including the root node. All nodes have checkboxes, and I initialize all node.Checked to true. I have some Javascript to do the usual check/uncheck up and down the tree as parent and child node checkboxes are toggled.

No matter how many checkboxes I clear in the UI, on postback every single node has node.Checked = true regardless of the state of the checkbox in the UI. This is not the first time I've used a treeview, but I've never had this problem before. I created this page by light adaptation of an earlier project that works fine.

Posted: Mar 15 10 at 1:07

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Web Forms :: Checked All Children If Parent Is Checked Treeview?
how to checked all children if parentwherechecked in tree view form i had reseach for some coding but it had a error which is"Type 'MSComctlLib.Node' is not defined." do i need to add any reference of it?


Posted: Nov 09, 2009 02:12 AM

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Show Html Checkbox As Neither Checked Or Non-checked?
I have an html checkbox that controls a list of checkboxes. I want this checkbox to display in a sorta "null" state where it is neither true nor false.
<div style="width:90px">
<input id="chkAll"
runat="server" type="checkbox" />

Posted: Oct 22 10 at 14:32

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Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox.Checked = False, Even Though Checkbox In The Gridview Is Checked?
I have a GridView that I was previously populating via an ObjectDataSource, and this code was working perfectly (ie, when the checkbox was checked Checkbox.Checked = true):



Posted: May 03, 2010 10:45 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView : Checkbox : Checked Value Is Still False After Checked The Checkbox?
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkRDR1" runat="server"/>
Dim checkbox As CheckBox = CType(row.FindControl("chkRDR1"), CheckBox)

Posted: Mar 11, 2011 02:15 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Set The Checkbox State "checked Or Not Checked" From A Database
In the code I have here, I need to set the checkbox state from a database but I dont know the properties:


Posted: Aug 26, 2010 08:07 PM

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Web Forms :: CheckBox Checked="False" Interpreted As Checked="True"?
I'm adding a checkbox to my Web Form in the CodeBehind class and setting its Checked property to False. I've verified the value as I'm debugging my code.


When the checkbox is written out to the browser, it's written as:

<input type="checkbox" checked="False" id="fndt_WaiverTransferCharge" />

Apparently the checked="False" attribute confuses the browser and I end up with a checked checkbox. On PostBack when I test the value of the checkbox, it's False (unless I change it) so it's got to be a browser presentation issue. I know that when you write a checkbox in straight HTML, the checked attribute doesn't require a value, i.e.:

<input type="checkbox" checked />

Is there a way to fix this?

Posted: Dec 29, 2005 07:02 PM

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MVC :: Html Helpers With Javascript... Include Javascript In Helper But Avoid Adding Javascript Twice?
So I love MVC and I love Html Extensions and now I want to push it a little further... If I wanted to create something like an Html Helper that creates a javascripty style Calendar (for the sake of example as I don't want a calendar :-) how could I wrapper the javascript into the helper so that the consumer of the helper does not have to include the javascript on the page. MOST IMPORTANTLY though I want to have many instances of my calendar on the same page, if I put the Javascript in the Html Helper it will get written out 3 times to the page which is no good, so I am wondering how to get around this.

Essentially I want to know whether I can access the page's DOM whilst the Html Helper is being run so that:1) I can add javascript script/src tags (did I mention I don't want to have inline javascript :-)2) I can query the DOM to check whether the required script has already been included by a previous call the same Html Helper.This may be a no-brainer for some mvc/asp guru out there, it may also be the case that you can't access the DOM at runtime via c#

Posted: Jun 22, 2009 01:13 PM

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MVC :: How To Get Checked Value From Checkboxes
I have some code here in view-page


How can I get checked value from chechboxes above .

I'd like the output checked field wrapped in


What Datatype (if needed) should i create in the model ?

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 08:59 AM

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Which Radiobutton Checked In List
I have a radiobuttonlist with two radiobuttons (yes,no). I want to check on page load which of the radiobutton in this list is selected. How can I do this using javascript.

Posted: Jun 14, 2009 05:11 PM

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One Radiobutton Checked At A Time?
I've got four radio buttons for a poll and only want a single one to be checked (at most) at any given time so checking another should disable the other 3. I've tried

Protected Sub RadioButton4_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RadioButton4.CheckedChanged
If RadioButton4.Checked = True Then
RadioButton1.Checked = False
RadioButton2.Checked = False
RadioButton3.Checked = False
End If

But it doesn't seem to work dynamically.

Posted: Feb 09, 2009 01:33 PM

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How To Add The Checked Rows To Database
I am new here,I have a grid with some checked & unchecked check boxes,& on click button of i want to add the checked rows to database,so which method will be best ?

Posted: 3 Days Ago

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Possible To Mark As Checked The Last Two Rows?
I have the following code, it currently works fine. I would like to know if it's possible not to mark as checked the last two rows?


For Each row As GridViewRow In GridView1.Rows ' Access the CheckBox
Dim cb As CheckBox = row.FindControl("CheckBox2")
cb.Checked = True

Posted: Dec 10th, 2010, 05:41 PM

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How To Count The Checkbox.Checked > 0
I have checkbox in gridview column and want to count how many it is checked:

The number of tick checkbox doesnt shows up:

Want to count the checkbox.Checked > 0, how can i do this w/o a javascript?


DataTable dt = (DataTable)GridView1.DataSource;
int count = 0;
if (cb.Checked == true)
DataRow row = dt.Rows[count];
lbl.Text = row;

Posted: Jun 4th, 2009, 09:30 PM

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How String To Be Checked Against A Database
I am looking for a barcode library that will take my barcode jpeg and convert it to a string to be checked against a database

Posted: May 03, 2009 03:27 AM

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Get Value Of Dynamically Checked Checkbox?
In my page,on one button click ,i am creating a checkbox dynamically and in other buton click i need whether the checkbox is checked or not.

For me every time it is showing as not checked eventhough i cheked the checkbox..

Posted: Dec 22, 2010 04:35 AM

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Can Validate That A Checkbox Has Been Checked
Using Webforms how can I validate that a checkbox has been checked. (I cannot do a postback) has to be in javascript (either custom - working with the existing validation controls for other fields. or using a .net validation control)

Posted: Feb 13 10 at 13:25

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Ignore Already Checked Checkboxes In
If i have 3 checkboxes in my webform namely : CheckBox1, Checkbox2, Checkbox3 and a textbox namely textbox1

If Checkbox1.text ="1"
Checkbox2.text ="2"
Checkbox3.text ="3"


if checkbox1 is already checked ... if checkbox is remain checked and even after i check checkbox2 and checkbox3 then the output in textbox would be 2,3 ..... by ignoring already checked checkbox text ...

LOGIC I WANT : Ignore already check checkboxes and insert recent checkbox text to textbox1 as comma seperated string ...

Posted: Jan 1 at 15:36

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Web Forms :: File Extension Not Checked?
i would like (1) to test that the file being opened is a pdf file and not something else but my check doesnt do this and (2) if valid pdf file then open it in a new browser.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
if (HostingEnvironment.VirtualPathProvider.DirectoryExists("~/Documents/" + CurrentPage.PageName))
//Message.Text = "Could not find path";
UnifiedDirectory vdir = (UnifiedDirectory)HostingEnvironment.VirtualPathProvider.GetDirectory("~/Documents/" + CurrentPage.PageName);
ddlDoc.DataTextField = "Name";
ddlDoc.DataValueField = "VirtualPath";
ddlDoc.DataSource = vdir.GetFiles();
else if(ddlDoc.Items == null || ddlDoc.SelectedItem == null || ddlDoc.SelectedValue == null)
ddlDoc.Items.Add(new ListItem("No brochure available",
"No brochure available"));
protected void OK_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (Response.ContentType == ".pdf")
Response.Redirect(ddlDoc.SelectedValue, true);
Message.Text = "Error, file is not pdf.";

Posted: Dec 10, 2009 07:49 PM

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Web Forms :: Get The Item Which Was Checked Last In A Checkboxlist?
how to get the item which was checked last in a checkboxlist. Consider the following example



Suppose i first check item2 and then item3, is there anyway to know which of the items was checked secondly?

Posted: Dec 06, 2010 09:36 PM

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Web Forms :: Set RadioButton To Checked Dynamically
I'd like to setone of a few radiobuttons to checked dynamically.They are called rbTheme1-rbTheme7. I can findthem (for example the one called rbTheme3)with the code below but how do I set it to true at the loading of the page?

int buttonID = 3;
string buttonName = "rbTheme";
(RadioButton)themePick.FindControl("buttonName" + buttonID.ToString());

Posted: Sep 08, 2010 01:54 PM

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Web Forms :: Passing Checked Value Of Radiobutton
well i have two pages 1st Page "Medical Examination" in this page i have two radio buttons "Man" or "Woman"


Posted: Jan 12, 2011 01:53 PM

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Show Different Depending On What Radiobutton Is Checked
I am currently building a page that asks the user to enter their details.At the head of the page there are 4 radio buttons where the user choses whether it is just one passenger, two, three, or four. If it is just one passenger then the form stays the same. However if they select two, three, or four passengers then more passenger <div>'s should appear to enter the details of the other passengers.

Here are my radiobuttons
"width:120px; float:left">
"noOfPax1" Text="1 passenger" Checked="true" runat="server" GroupName="pax"/>

Posted: Nov 19, 2008 01:32 PM

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How To Display A Checked Check Box List
How do I display a checked check box list?

I have a list which gives options A, B and C.

If some one checks A and C and clicks Search, I just want it to write A and C!

If some one checks B and clicks Search, I just want it to write B!

My code doesn't work (it can't convert from Char to String)


I know this must be a simple thing, but I can't work it out!

Posted: Mar 30 09

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Getting Checked Items In Dynamic RadioButtonLists?
I have a repeater that repeats a bunch of questions. Each questions has answer options, therefor each RepeaterItem has a RadioButtonList.

I bind to the repeater on page load if the page is NOT postback. And in the repeater Item DataBound event i bind to the RadioButtonList.

Then wen I click on the submit button, I want to loop through all the controls and get the selected value of each list. But for some reason every single Item is False when I check is selected. Or -1 if I say selectedIndex.

This is the code I use to loop through the items on the button click.


I have also tried printing out the text values and whether its selected or not. It gets all the text values correctly, but always say False for selected or -1 for selectedIndex.

And after the postback nothing in the list is selected. So I think it has something to do with the way its bound, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Posted: Jan 19, 2010, 07:29

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Get Checkbox Checked Event In Gridview
I have a gridview with one column of checkboxes and other columns with different custom controls. What I want is that when a checkbox is checked an event is triggered which toggles the visibility of other elements in the row .

Posted: Oct 14 10 at 12:20

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MVC :: Retrieve ID And Verify If Checkbox Is Checked Or Not?
I have the following code in my view


what is the code to retrieve the id associates with each checkbox and read if whether each checkbox is checked or not in the controller action(I will need to get the status in both conditions, checked or unchecked )?

Posted: Jan 08, 2010 09:29 AM

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Checkbox For Row Checked And Close Window?
i m using a gridview& through linkbutton(StdId) i m opening aPopup window. ThisPopup has 3 buttons.

so by clicking on select button i want the checkbox for this Rowshould be checked & window should closed. I am sending my code View it & edit in it. It's Urgent Friends....I have tried a lot..but lacks somewhere.







Posted: Dec 14, 2009 04:24 AM

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How To Capture A Checked Changed Event
Can someone tell me how to capture a checkbox checked changed event when the change is triggered programmatically via javascript? I have a series of cascading checkboxes where unchecking checkbox1 will disable and uncheck checkbox2. Unchecking checkbox2 will disable and uncheck checkbox3, etc. I can handle this OK with the first level down but can't figure how to deal with checkbox3 if checkbox2 is disabled via the checkbox1 uncheck.

Posted: Feb 18, 2009 03:14 PM

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