Validation - Recaptcha Always Returns Invalid?

Mar 30, 2010

The reCaptcha example for ASP.NET does not seem to work. I followed the instructions but it always returns false, "The verification words are incorrect.". The entries are good. I'm using localhost as the site but am not getting any public/private key errors which I did get when adding a bad key (as a test).I've seen this error reported a lot but no good answers. Some suggest to call the validate on the control before checking to see if it is valid but this did not work for me.

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MVC :: Validation Fails And Returns Whole Form With Validation Message?

Mar 18, 2011

Can anyone tell me how to re-display a form when validation fails, i'm having a problem in that when i submit an empty form, the whole ascx file is returned with textbox and button etc.


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MVC :: How To Run A Test And When It Returns A View When ModelState Is Invalid - Nothing Shows Up

Jul 26, 2010

I've been working with MVC 2 for awhile and ive done ReturnToAction as well as ValidationSummary - but this is a little different in that my "submit" buttons are controls by javascript/JQuery - i debug the action and it does go into the correct Controller Action but once it passes over RedirecToAction, nothing happens....

My second problem is that my ValidationSummary fails to show - i run a test and when it returns a View when ModelState is invalid - nothing shows up

Is it a problem with my buttons/forms/submit/JQuery?


And the Controller looks like this:


My Services handle things like validation, I pass it the ModelState and a ModelStateDictionary wrapper and add errors - am i adding errors incorrectly?


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JQuery :: Custom Invalid Validation / Using JQuery Plug-in Validation?

Oct 10, 2010

Is there a method in jQuery that I can customize an invalid validation myself instead of using jQuery plug-in validation?

For example, if the form is valid do this below.

if ($('form').valid()) {
//do something

But if I wanted to have a cutomize invalid method I could do this below.

if (!x == y) {
$('form').valid() = False; //[:(]
alert('Form is not valid.');

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MVC :: Validation Not Firing Even When Form Is Obviously Invalid?

Jun 25, 2010

I've got the following View


The problem is that when I submit a blank form back to the controller, I get redirected to the "its valid" page, meaning that the form passed validation.

What might I be doing wrong?

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C# - FormsAuthenticationTicket.Version Returns Invalid Version Number

Mar 8, 2011

Is there any limit on the size/numbers in the version number of the FormsAuthenticationTicket.

I tried to create an ASP.NET cookie using forms authentication, with a large version number(ex: 1234567 need this number for identification purposes). But when I decrypt the cookie I get 135 as the version number.

Initially the old forms authentication cookie was removed, in order to add new information.


Following is the code I used to create the FormsAuthentication cookie.

FormsAuthenticationTicket newAuthTicket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(1234567, un, DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now.AddHours(5F), false, user_data);
HttpCookie newauthCookie = new HttpCookie(FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName, FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(newAuthTicket));

After retrieving the cookie, the version number I got was 135. This number varies with different version numbers.

string cookieName = FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName;
HttpCookie authCookie = Context.Request.Cookies[cookieName];

if (authCookie == null)
FormsAuthenticationTicket authTkt = null;
authTkt = FormsAuthentication.Decrypt(authCookie.Value);
if (authTkt == null)
int versionID = authTkt.Version;

Can someone let me know if it's a bad idea to use such big version numbers, or am I missing something in this.

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MVC :: How To Disable ModelState Validation Messages (The Value '' Is Invalid.)

Mar 9, 2010

I'd like to disable ModelState validation messages and keep my data annotation error messages.

When I update model, message "The value '' is invalid." apears in ModelState. I know that I'm trying to assign null to not nullable property, but I have my own validation and message.

I use something like this

[Required(ErrorMessage="Blahblah some error")]

I want user to see my message "Blahblah some error", but not stupid message: The value '' is invalid.

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Web Forms :: The Remote Certificate Is Invalid According To The Validation Procedure?

Sep 4, 2010

when sending email the' 2.0 i get the above error msg The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure. how to rectify this error msg soemetmes i get this error msg also Mailbox unavailable. The server response was:: bosauthsmtp15: Host :No unauthenticated relaying permitted

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Configuration :: Remote Certificate Is Invalid According To The Validation Procedure

Aug 25, 2010

i have created a mail application as a part of an support application for my company.when enabling ssl it is showing the error as "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure"when commenting enablessl its working fine and mails are going. i know that the problem is with ssl autentication. i have made no changes to web.config file.

MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();
string[] a = mailto.Text.Split(',');
oreach (string str in a)

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Remote Certificate Is Invalid According To The Validation Procedure GMAIL

Oct 19, 2010

The function below works in a console application but it's not working in my web site. I am getting an error:The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

public static void SendEmail(MailMessage mm)
SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient();
smtp.Host = "";
smtp.Port = 587;
smtp.EnableSsl = true;
smtp.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("", "Pass");

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MVC :: When Enable Client Validation The Property Always Gets Flagged As Invalid?

Jun 2, 2010

I have a property like this on my view model:


The date range validates perfectly during model binding. However, . Looking at the client validation code in MicrosoftMvcValidation.js, it appears that the Sys_Mvc_RangeValidator can only handle numeric ranges

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MVC :: Client Validation Not Working For Invalid Data The First Time In 3 With Razor

Mar 2, 2011

I've run across with client-side validation. Firstly I'm assuming that everything is set up properly because client validation is working fine other than this specific scenario. The scenario is that if I have a field with a validation attribute on it then I can clear th field value and client validation won't flag it as an error even though the validation should fail. If, however, I type in something that is invalid then from then on it works correctly. It seems like client validation is missing the clearing of the field if it has not yet generated a validation error. Here's a simple model to demo the issue:


Now assume that I have this as my model instance: new SimpleModel() { Id = 1, Name = "One1", EventTime = DateTime.Now } The model is valid. Now I drop in an edit form generated by the Add View dialog. Again I'm assuming client validation is properly set up because it works except for the very specific scenario given earlier.........................

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Invalid Postback Or Callback Argument, Event Validation Is Enabled

Jul 27, 2010

I have a TabContainer, within a tab, i have a gridview, within the gridview i have a ImageButton. When I click on the ImageButton, I will call a javascript. The javascript will call a Hidden Button click. This hiddenbutton is the TargetControl of the Modalpopup so that when I click on the ImageButton, modalpopup is trigger. The Popup panal, Hidden Button and ModalPopupExtender below:

<asp:Panel ID="panEditAccessLog" runat="server" CssClass="gc_modalPopup" Style="display: none" BorderWidth="0px">
<table width="400px">
<td width="150" height="20">
Employee ID:

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MVC - Mark Multiple Fields Invalid In Custom Validation Attribute?

Mar 2, 2011

I have a form where users enter their preferred contact method. It has:

- a radio button where a user selects whether they'd like to be contact by phone or email or either

- a textbox for the user's email address

- a textbox for the user's phone number

I have validation via a custom attribute that verifies that if the user selected phone they entered a phone number, if they selected email they entered an email, etc... but it's at a class level on my ViewModel. As such the validation doesn't mark the expected field as invalid.

Is there a way that my IsValid override (or some other method) can mark the child property's value as invalid so I get highlighting?

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Not Open A New Window (JavaScript Popup) If JQuery Validation Plugin Returns False?

Sep 23, 2010

I have an .aspx page with a couple of textfields. I validate these with jQuery validation plugin when the user clicks the submit button. When the submit button is clicked I also open up a new window, but I only want to open the window if the fields are correctly filled out.How do I stop the window from opening if the fields are not validated?

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


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MVC :: The Form Is Submitted, The Server Side Validation Trips And I'm Told The Entry Is Invalid?

Jun 27, 2010

I've got my validation wired up through my Service layer, and my Birthdate property looks like this.


The client side validation works properly if I input something like `12/12/1990` but when the form is submitted, the server side validation trips and I'm told the entry is invalid. I'm using the jQuery-UI Datepicker to input the date, however when I disable the datepicker, the problem persists.Am I missing something here? I thought the client side and server side would be the same thing.If I remove


Then the form submits. It's obviously something to do with the Regex.

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C# - How To Implement ReCaptcha For MVC

Jan 6, 2011

How do I implement reCaptcha in ASP.NET MVC and C#?

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Recaptcha ErrorMessage Property?

Jan 25, 2010

I am using recaptcha in an ASP.NET 3.5 application and for some odd reason the ErrorMessage property is not working. Below is my code

<recaptcha:RecaptchaControl ID="recaptcha" runat="server" PublicKey="*******************************" PrivateKey="*******************" Theme="white" ErrorMessage="This is an typo error" />

When the typed text doesn't match with the recaptcha image text it still shows the default error message "Incorrect. Try again." instead of my custom error message. What could be the reason for this strange behavior

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Recaptcha Not Rendering In Lightbox?

Nov 8, 2010

I've implemented reCAPTCHA following the instructions on this site:[URL]However I am unable to get it to render on my lightbox. It renders as below when i check with firebug.

<noscript> <iframe src="" width="500" height="300" frameborder="0"> </iframe><br /><textarea name="recaptcha_challenge_field" rows="3" cols="40"></textarea><input name="recaptcha_response_field" value="manual_challenge" type="hidden" /> </noscript>
Note that when i look in firebug the < and > display as the text "& lt;" and "& gt;" (without the space)

Let me know if there's any additional information required to help with this problem.

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MVC Recaptcha And Strict Doctype?

Oct 3, 2010

I am using this this Recaptcha approach in my MVC project however it does not validate to Strict 1.0 DOCTYPE.

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C# - Set Recaptcha Key Settings At Runtime?

Jun 25, 2010

I'm implementing the recaptcha control from google.

I built a simple c# test project from their example and all works. Now, instead of having the PublicKey and PrivateKey in the aspx page, I'd rather assign these values at run time as they will most likely be pulled from either the web.config or a database table.

I tried the following in the Page_Load

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
recaptcha.PublicKey = "<deleted for obvious reasons>";
recaptcha.PrivateKey = "<ditto>";

but I get an error stating "reCAPTCHA needs to be configured with a public & private key."

I also tried overriding the oninit method of the page and assigning the values there, but no joy.

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Web Forms :: To Use ReCAPTCHA Control In A CreateUserWizard?

Sep 22, 2010

I have a CreateUserWizard where there are two plain WizardSteps, then the CreateUserWizardStep, then CompleteWizardStep. In the CreateUserWizardStep I would like to use a reCAPTCHA control. Obviously when I go to the first plain WizardStep the reCAPTCHA control is invalid. So when I click the Next button from the first WizardStep the form isn't valid and I can't progress. I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

Custom navigation template somewhere maybe?

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Recaptcha Being Triggered From Masterpage Control?

May 17, 2010

I have a master page which contains a Login control so that the user can login/logout from any page. However, a couple of content pages require a Recaptcha control. This causes problems because when I try and log in on a page that has the Recaptcha control, the system expects me to enter the words. I'm aware of the lack of validation groups in the Recaptcha control, and the fact that you can't have multiple forms on an ASP.NET page. Is there a way to work around this? A 'hacky' way I can think of, is in the "Login" event, check the page for a Recaptcha control. If one exists, then disable it, otherwise continue. However, that just seems quite inefficient especially when there are quite a few pages and most won't have a Recaptcha control.

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ReCaptcha Accepts Wrong Answers Sometimes?

Jun 17, 2010

We are using recaptcha ASP.NET control:[URL]However, we find that in some situations, recaptcha accepts answers which are clearly wrong.For example, recaptcha provided these words: of purserThe tester typed in the following: o purser ..but Page.IsValid returned true! Is this a known issue with recaptcha?

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Language Option In ReCAPTCHA Plugin

Dec 13, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET plugin for reCAPTCHA in my ASP.NET MVC application. Recaptcha assembly version is Is there a way to set language to be used for RecaptchaControl?

var captchaControl = new Recaptcha.RecaptchaControl
ID = "recaptcha",


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