Forms Data Controls :: Tree View With Dynamic Columns?

Mar 15, 2010

I have a requirement where on the left hand side we have a tree view control and on the right hand we have dynamic columns.

Below screenshot gives an idea of the requirement. what is the best way to implement this?

Year1, Year2, Year3 are dynamic and are based on the user input.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Craete Dynamic Columns In Grid View

Jan 28, 2011

I am working on the dynamic grid view(create dynamic columns).I need some thing like that given bellow in the fig:

columns1,2,3 are dynamic and the modules under the columns are also dynamic. to create grid like that.


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Forms Data Controls :: Tree View Set Slected Index / Auto Selected Index Change To Tree Node?

Jan 25, 2011

I have two control page in my aspx page. first one left side "tree view",second one right side " form design".Form design will change based on tree view selected index changed.i have 4 level child node(site, master , slave, space). I have seperate forms to each level of node.

cannot update tree node when update the forms. so i reload tree view.

now i need how to auto selected index change to tree node.


1 parent node

1.1 child node

1.2 child node

i have update "1.2 child node" rename to "1.3 child node"

and reload treeview so it will chage...

how set tree node.selected index = 1.3 child node....

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Forms Data Controls :: Website Run Very Slow Using Tree View And Grid View

Sep 7, 2010

speed Performane i create a web site but it very slow run i use tree view and grid view but i do it run very fast

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Forms Data Controls :: Create An ASP Grid With Dynamic Columns With An Ability To Freeze Columns And Rows

Sep 20, 2010

I created a gridview that is made up of 4 gridviews and using a stored procedure to populate it. I create columns at runtime because the number of columns changes all the time.To make the grids editable I am adding template fields at runtime as I create the columns, this is to ensure that a user is able to edit the cells and some foot values update. Reason why I have four grids is to freeze rows and columns like in excel using javascript. The problem is that performance is very bad especially in IE, the grids take a long time to load. I am not sure if this is caused by the data load or the creation of text boxes. see some of the code below for my _aspx page:


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Forms Data Controls :: Code Convert In .net C# Tree View?

Sep 15, 2010

Code convert in C# Tree View

where tv=TreeView
procedure TCGI.LoadTV(var tv : TTreeView; s : String);[code]....

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Expand And Collapse The Tree View Nodes

Feb 15, 2011

how to expand and collaps the tree view nodes in

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Forms Data Controls :: Tree View Binding To Tables In Database?

Feb 16, 2011

I have three tables

tbl_Cus CatID (Int) CustID(int) CabID(int)
tbl_Cat CatID(int) CatName(varchar) CusID
tbl_Cab CatId(int) CabID(int) CabName(varchar)

I am using Tree View control for the first time.

The above tables I want to bind it to a tree view control the tree view should look some thing like this.

Cus Name1
Cat Name1
Cus Name2
Cat Name3

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable Path Separator In Tree View?

May 11, 2010

im using tree view to display all the drives and folders, now if i select the node or child node,the selected node or child node will b added to textbox,now im getting a problem is that if im selecting childnode, then im getting added path seperator to my textbox i.e im getting outputc:/programs instead of my output should bedesired o/p :c:programsnow i want to disablle the path seperator

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Forms Data Controls :: Tree View Image/Icon Based Off A Value?

Mar 18, 2010

I have a tree view which uses my SQL database and tables to generate the tree view and list of reports under the different categories and folders. That all works perfectly... However, since some of the reports are private, and some of the reportsare pubic I was hoping to be able to adjust the image of the report to a different icon to differentiate between the two. Here is my code which generates the tree view and lists the reports below it:(All code is in VB.NET)


I've thought about this but havn't tried to many options, figured I would see if anything stood out as easy as node.setimageurl = "~/images/image.png" etc.

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Forms Data Controls :: Undesire PostBack When Click On The ExpandCollapse In Tree View

Nov 24, 2010

I have four TreeViews bounded to different SiteMaps with custom Provides. When I click on the +(expandCollapse) near the node that appear under the CurrentProvider.CurrentNode of the page- just in the first click, in debug ,I see it's cause to commit the OverrideChildControls that I write and then goes to's disrupt everything..I want that all the Nodes will be load without Load all the page Did someone had this problem?I will be glud to know the solution..

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Forms Data Controls :: Tree View Node Text Size And Expanding

Nov 8, 2010

I am trying to build a tree view and was able to create one.The tree is a multi-level tree(6 child levels). The problem I am facing is that for some node the node text is more than 260 characters and for those nodes the node is not expanding and showing the child nodes. I read in the web that the Max lenght for the node Text is 260 only. I am picking these node text values from database and they can be longer than the 260 mark.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind A GridView From A Tree View Node Selection?

Jun 11, 2010

i have two table. one of them is having car types with unlimited sub categories. the other table is having details about these cars. i want to show you the tables in an example.

1. Table

Category ID ---Category Name----Parent ID
2----------------1 series--------------------1
3----------------1.6i series-----------------2
4----------------1.8 series------------------2
5----------------2.0d series-----------------2
6----------------3 series--------------------1
8----------------A series--------------------7
9----------------C Series--------------------7
10---------------CLK 200---------------------9

2. table

Parent ID ---------Color--------------Detail 1
3-------------------- black--------------sunroof
5-------------------- blue---------------10 airbag
4-------------------- red----------------i-shift
9---------------------yellow-------------8 airbag

i already use a treview to show the first table but i want to show details about the selected group sub categories in a grid view.

for exaple if a user click just BMW(ID1) i want to show the details as below.

Parent ID------------Color--------------Detail 1
ID3(1.6i)------------ black--------------sunroof
ID5(2.0d)------------ blue---------------10 airbag
ID4(1.8)------------- red----------------i-shift

i am using c# ASP.NET.

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Forms Data Controls :: Use Mouse Right Click To Select A Node On Tree View?

Nov 30, 2010

Is there a way to use mouse right click to select a node on tree view?

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MVC :: Dynamic Columns For View At Runtime?

Nov 2, 2010

I finally got the DynamicLibrary issue nailed down I asked about in another post. The basic gist is that there's a project table that renders to a View. The user can, at runtime, choose the columns to display and the order in which they should be displayed. Here's the method that does the work:


This works great. The SerializeToCsv() method is an extension method I created for generic string lists. I used the jQuery UI bundle to create a sortable set of 'ul li' elements with checkboxes in them, which allows users to select which columns to show, and in what order. When the post happens, the current order the elements are in on the View is the order in which they're added to the FormCollection, so I don't need to do anything special to track ordering. So far, all is working according to my evil plans.

The problem I have now is how to render this in the View dynamically at runtime. It's very easy to check for the Model's property values and display them selectively, but not to reorder them. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few ways to do this, but none of them are very attractive. The first idea is to send the Model in as a collection of objects. The query that returns the data as shown above already has the columns returned in the order the user chose, so I could wrap them in objects and render them as string representations in the View. This is clunky, ugly, and won't give me the support for the actual data types boxed in the objects. I'd have to convert them all to strings in the service class and then wrap them in objects, because the View wouldn't know if it was dealing with a DateTime, string, int or whatever. I REALLY don't want to take this route. Can anyone give me some advice on a better way to reorder and selectively display columns at runtime?

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Web Forms :: Displaying Data As A Tree View?

Jul 19, 2010

Displaying data as a tree view

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Dynamic Columns Footer

Jan 11, 2011

I am dynamically binding dataset to a gridview(No Columns at design time) .I need to show Totals for some of the dynamically generated columns in the footer.

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Forms Data Controls :: Best Way To Format A Columns In A Dynamic Gridview?

Jul 6, 2010

I have a Gridview with autogeneratecolumn = yes since the datasource always returns different columns of data.

However, except from left most column, all columns to the right should be formated to #,###.#

How could I format these columns to the right dynamically ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Dynamic Columns With LINQ?

Jan 26, 2010

I have the following code:


With this code behind:


Initially, I wrote the GetTeamMember() method to display the FullName in the ItemTemplate.

Then as I wrote the EditTemplate, I needed to populate a DropDownList with a list of names (first and last). It was fairly easy using the LinqDataSource, however it currently only shows the LastName. I could write another method GetTeamMembers() to populate the ddlTeamMember with the data I want, but I thought maybe there's a better "LINQ" way.

So I'm looking for a better way to get FullName (i.e. Firstname + " " + LastName) into both lblTeamMember and ddlTeamMember.

Options I thought of are:

I could write a method GetTeamMembers() I write a StoredProc that returns the extra column Better way?

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Forms Data Controls :: Datagrid With Dynamic Columns & Rows

Dec 6, 2010

I put in my page 1 table like grid with this style:

header of columns are select from table persons(so number of them are dynamic)

header of each row are select from table goods(so number of them are dynamic)

in table , in each cell,show the price & the date ,that this person,buy this goods

for example,in may 2008 ,Jack&sara buy in front of pencil&buttom of jack we write his price and in front of pencil&buttom of sara we write her price.

so this table has 2 column & 1 row

in may 2009,

Jack&sara buy in front of pencil&buttom of jack we write his price and in front of pencil&buttom of sara we write her price.

and jhon buy pen & suzzan buy book so this table has 4 column & 3 row

Price Date

Price Date

Price Date

Price Date




then I want in each cell,I have 1 CHECKBOX that user of my program,checked each on that want. how can I design my page?

is ther any component?or I must create <TABLE> dynamically

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Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Columns ItemTamples In Grid?

Nov 13, 2010

I have created Grid where in Columnsname come from Database and it will be generated from a setup page where Icreate column in SQL dynamically.

Now I wanted to have an idea about these grid. How to fetch data in this grid and how toinsert data into database.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Repeater With Dynamic Columns?

Jul 6, 2010

I need to bind a repeater with data having indefinite number of columns. How can i do that? Do i have to create template class for that?

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Web Forms :: How To Display Multicolumn Tree View Data

Dec 28, 2010

I need to display data like below in web part and in place of cross red image there will be plus and minus image for expanding and collapsing data.

Account Reconciliations

Completed Reconciliations


Incomplete Reconciliations


Overdue Reconciliations


Completed on Time


Tracking Reconciliation Items


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Forms Data Controls :: Creating Dynamic Template Columns In Gridview?

Sep 14, 2010

how to create dynamic template columns in gridview .

I have writing some of the code but it gives me error

The type or namespace name 'GridViewLabelTemplatecould' not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I have paste some my code


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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Dynamic Columns In An Existing Gridview?

Mar 2, 2011

I have a Gridview on my aspx page. On my page_load event I check for a record in the database, if the record exists for that row in the gridview I would like to add a new column in the same gridview and add a button control to it. This adding of new column in the Gridview should happen in the codebehind (c#). see the code I wrote for this, but when I run it, it does not create any column on the gridview page.


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