SQL Server :: Storing Files In A SQL Database?

Aug 16, 2010

Have a question about the best approach for file storage in a SQL database. I have a table called Widgets, and each row in the Widgets table can have multiple files. I also have another table called Extensions, and again each record in this table can have many files.

Here is what I am considering:

Approach #1:


That approach is very simple and easy to use, but I feel that I could merge the two file tables into one, then use lookup tables:

Approach #2:


The thing is, there are no duplicate or shared files between the two types of objects. So even though I feel better about approach #2, I am concerned that I may be adding additional complexity (and using more server resources to perform the joins), than needed.

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Storing Pdf Or Text Files Into Database?

Apr 14, 2010

I'm now working on a application which needs some pdf files (size 200kb -1Mb) to be stored into Mysql database.

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DataSource Controls :: Storing Large Files In Database?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to upload some large files from a web page to MS SQL Sever database, I am very sure that it is sounding weird.

File sizes are around 100MB.

I am having following settings,

SessionTimeOut period = 60 Mins,

Server Operation timeout = 60 Mins,

SQL Connection Timeout = 4 mins (Not sure if this is helping)

This is page is going to be used by our client only once a week & as they are having web farm environment we are avpiding to store these files on file systems.

Currenty we are able to upload files with sizes upto 8 MB succesfully. But when we are uploading a file of 100MB it fails, its for sure that operation takes lots of time.

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Storing PDF Files As Binary Objects In SQL Server?

Feb 27, 2010

I have to find a design decision for the following task: I have a SQL Server database and it contains a table of orders. PDF documents will be uploaded by users through a simple file upload from a web page and assigned to an order. There is not more than one document per order (perhaps no document, never more than one). For this purpose a user opens a web page, enters an order number, gets the order displayed and clicks on an upload button. So I know to which order the uploaded document belongs to.

Now I am considering two options to store the documents on the web server:

1) Extend my table of orders by a varbinary(MAX) column and store the PDF document directly into that binary field.

2) Save the PDF file in a specific folder on disk and give it a unique name related to the order (for instance my order number which is a primary key in the database, or a GUID which I could store in an additional column of the order table). Perhaps I have to store the files in subfolders, one per month, and store the subfolder name into the order row in the database, to avoid getting too many thousand files in one folder.

After the PDF files are stored they can be downloaded and viewed via browser after entering the related order number.

I'm tending towards option (1) because the data management seems easier to me having all relevant data in one database. But I am a bit afraid that I could encounter performance issues over time since my database size will grow much faster than with solution (2). Around 90% or even 95% of the total database size would be made up only by those stored PDF files.

Here is some additional information:

The PDF files will have a size of around 100 Kilobyte each
Around 1500 orders/PDF files per month
Windows Server 2008 R2 / IIS 7.5
SQL Server 2008 SP1 Express
Not quite sure about the hardware, I believe one QuadCore Proc. and 4 GB RAM
Application is written in ASP.NET Webforms 3.5 SP1

(I am aware that I will reach the 4GB-limit of the SQL Server Express edition after around 2 years with the numbers above. But we can disregard this here, either removing old data from the database or upgrading to a full license will be a possible option.)

My question is: What are the Pro and Contras of the options and what would you recommend? Perhaps someone had a similar task and can report about his experience.

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DataSource Controls :: Storing And Retrieving Doc / Pdf / Xls Files In SQL Server 2005?

Jan 8, 2010

I am working on document management system. finding guide / code for Storing and Retrieving doc/pdf/xls files in SQL Server 2005.

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Retrieve Image From Database And Storing On Server?

Aug 14, 2010

i am reading image from database (sql server) by using handler and getting it in memory stream. now i want to store that image on server in the folder named Images.

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SQL Server :: Storing Form Data In Database?

Nov 29, 2010

i made an asp page for registration with the following fields name, address etc. i also created database in sql server. how to save these field data in my database.

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SQL Server :: Storing Lines In Database And STLineFromText?

Jan 22, 2011

I have a list of points and I want to make a line from them.

I found one example for using STLineFromText but it is for concrete values. For example:


Now how can I iterate through all the points I have and form a line, so I don't want to write exact values like -122.360 47.656 but to take them from the list?

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C# - Downloading A File After Storing It In SQL Server 2008 Database?

Mar 19, 2011


I've looked all over the web for something that would show me how to do this but can't find it. I have a page that uploads information about an individual including a resume in the form of a doc docx or pdf. I can upload the file okay but I do not know how to, on another page, To download the file that was loaded to that person's row in the database. Here is the upload code


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DataSource Controls :: Storing An Attachment Uploaded By User In RadGrid Into Sql Server 2005 Database

Jun 9, 2010

I am a new-bie in Asp.Net.I am working in a project where I need to store an attachment which will be uploaded by the user in radGrid into Sql server 2005 database.After storing this attachment, I have to retrieve this attcahment and show the same to the other users in radGrid so that they will be able to download the attachment and see that.How should I do that?what kind of datatype would it be?

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SQL Server :: How To Save Pdf Files In Database And Create A Search Engine To Search For Pdf Files

Sep 28, 2010

in my project i would like to save pdf files in database, how to save pdf files in database ? along with that i would like to create create a search page to search for pdf files with PDF file names , how to accoplish these things

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Show Pdf Without Storing In Temporary Files Using C#?

Jun 29, 2010

I have to show the pdf files ,by the same time it should not get sotred in Temporary Files in the client Pc. Is there any control for this requriment.

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Storing Resource Files In Different Projects In Same Solution?

Jan 14, 2011

I have a project where I need different versions of the same site.

I need to accomplish this by having different versions of the same resource files.

I would like to store the different versions of the same resource files in seperate projects in the same solution. Then choose which project of resource files to use when I publish or compile.

I've been searching the net everywhere and my deadline is coming up.

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Writing And Storing Class Files In VS 2008?

Sep 1, 2010

What is the recommended method of writing and storing class files in VS 2008, I'm using a web application?

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Localization :: Storing Resource Files In Different Projects In Same Solution?

Jan 14, 2011

I have a project at work where I need different versions of the same site.

I need to accomplish this by having different versions of the same resource files.

I would like to store the different versions of the same resource files in seperate projects in the same solution. Then choose which project of resource files to use when I publish or compile.

I've been searching the net everywhere and my deadline is coming up.

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Configuration :: Create And Storing Files In Shared Path After Hosting?

Feb 15, 2011

I have hosted a website in Client's Server.

One of the functionality of the site is to create a PDF File on a Specific Shared Path.

The Shared path is mentioned in the Web.Config File.

If the given shared path exists in the same machine then the PDF File is created and stored in the shared path.

If the Shared path exists in the other shared network System then the PDF is not created and not stored in the shared path.

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Set Up Database With .bak Files In SAL Server Management Studio?

Oct 5, 2010

I need to connect to 3 remote databases from my local machine and restore 3 .bak files, one for each database.I am new to asp and sql server and am finding SQL Server Management studio quite confusing. I cannot find any options to connect remotely or restore a database from .bak.

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AJAX :: How To Avoid After Viewed Online Pdf Document Storing In Local Temporary Internet Files

Jun 29, 2010

I want to show my online pdf document to client (like e-paper PDF document display.)

But after display the online pdf document to client then the document will be store on client Temporary Internet Files.

How to avoid storing in local Temporary Internet Files after viewed online pdf document in asp.net?

I want to secure my pdf document ?

Any possibility to avoid storing PDF documents in local Temporary Internet Files?

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State Management :: Processing 3 Input Excel Files By Storing In Global Temporary Tables?

Apr 29, 2010

Input: - 3 excel files storing them into global temporary tables after reading cell by cell.

Requirement is to process inputs files and generate a single excel report.

After report gets exported, data in tables in should be deleted (i am using global temp tables for this).

But the problem is, two users are unable to generate report simultaneously.

Is this problem with global temporary tables?

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SQL Server :: Changing Growth And File Size Of SQL Database Files?

Aug 2, 2010

When I initially created my SQL Express 2008 database I vastly over-estimated the size of my database files. The problem is that now I have the correct field sizes and data actually in the database it does not require the max file sizes and growth that I had originally set.

This is a problem as I have a max database size of 500Mb with my web hosting provider and it appears that my database now has too large a footprint. This is after I have used the shrink database command in SQL Server Management and shrunk the database to a size of 6Mb so I can only presume that the problem lies with the fact that my original file size / growth settings are taking my database size to well over the 500Mb threshold I am permitted.

Is there anyway for me to change the max file size and growth options of my database without having to recreate the database from scratch?

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Data Controls :: How To Save And Retrieve PDF Files From SQL Server Database

Oct 10, 2012

How a pdf file will save in database sqlserver(2008) and Reteriving  all file(s)them in pageload() in required  page? in C#

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Web Forms :: Store All Files In Folder Or Directory To SQL Server Database

Aug 7, 2012

I have seen in your's Save and Retrieve Files from SQL Server Database using ASP.Net

there it is accepting only specific file but i want it should take all type of files. and store it in the database.

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Data Controls :: Upload OBJ Files (3D Models) To SQL Server Database?

May 7, 2015

Is it possible to upload .obj files ( 3D models ) to an sql server database?

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SQL Server :: Uploading .pdf Files With File Upload Control And Then Saving To Database

Oct 25, 2010

I'd like to allow users to upload a .pdf file via the file upload control (if that's the best method), save the file to the db and then retrieve it so they can click on a link and open the .pdf they've uploaded. I've been looking for a tutorial on how to do this but keep running into methods of saving the file directly on the server in a directory, not in SQL server (using Linq and VB by the way)

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Web Forms :: User Can Download Files From Database Instead Of Physical Location On The Web Server?

May 3, 2010

we have some files in our web app which saved in database.

how user can download files from our web site which exists in database (and not physically saved) ?

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