Master Page Contentplaceholderid For Meta Tags And Title?

Jul 28, 2010

I have a txt file with a list of <titles><meta keyword> and <meta description> and the link that these titles and tags should be associated with. how do i set the master page contentplaceholderid to read the text file and set the tags and titles accourding the the link on the txt file.

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How To Add Title And Meta Tags For Content Pages In A Project Base On Master And Content Page

Oct 17, 2010

how can i add title and meta tags for content pages in a project base on master and content page(dinamically) ?

i used the blow method for master page :


and the error is :(in line *)

Error 17 'System.Web.UI.MasterPage' does not contain a definition for 'SetMetaTags' and no extension method 'SetMetaTags' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Web.UI.MasterPage' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

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Web Forms :: Meta Tags In Master Page?

Feb 17, 2011

I have a number of .aspx pages inheriting from a common master page. I need to insert <meta> tags into the master page and this varies from page to page. What is easiest and fastest way to get this done. The thing is, my site is already developed so I dont want to rework/rewrite any of the code.

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Web Forms :: Adding Meta Tags In ASPX Page Within Master Page

Aug 28, 2012

I need to add Meta tags, description and keywords in aspx page. My aspx pages are in master page and I have already added meta tags and description in my Master Page.

 Now I want add in my other pages also so if someone search my site on GOOGLE it should look like same as this:

[URL] ...

How to achieve this?

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Web Forms :: SEO Page Title And Meta Data With Master Pages And Data Controls?

Feb 15, 2010

I have a simple site [URL]that I setup for my parents and other family member to share recipes on. The issue I have is that when I try to incorporate a google search the header is always RECIPE form from the dynamically driven site.

If page requested is [URL] in a SEO return I want it to have the title of the recipe to be Apple Sour Cream Crumble Pie not RECIPE FORM or RECIPE PRINT FULL FORM

How can I get this changed and also have metadata dynamically created to improve SEO returns?

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Can Content Page Use ContentPlaceHolderID Of Master Parent Of Its Master Page

Sep 29, 2010

I have a 3 level nested master pages and a content page. parent1 is the top parent, parent2 is parent of parent3 and parent3 is the parent of the content page.

I get an error 'Cannot find ContentPlaceHolder xxx...' where xxx is a ContentPlaceholder. It resides in parent2 and content page is trying to fill it.

Can content pages only use their direct parent ContentPlaceHolders or can they also use any of the higher master pages?

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Web Forms :: Automatic Page Redirect On Session Timeout Using Meta Tags

Dec 15, 2013

I want to redirect to login page,when session is timedout. Here is the link i am following [URL] ...

For example:   If i am in the page called http://localhost/RealWebApp/Dashboard/RealProfile.aspx

when session is timed out, this page is showing like http://localhost/RealWebApp/Dashboard/logout.aspx

But i wanted to be like : http://localhost/RealWebApp/logout.aspx

If I use like this in master page:

meta.Content = Convert.ToString(Session.Timeout * 60) + ";url=../LogOut.aspx";

then it is redirecting to http://localhost/Logout.aspx

But i wanted to be like : http://localhost/RealWebApp/logout.aspx

How to accomplish this:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
HtmlMeta meta = new HtmlMeta();
meta.HttpEquiv = "Refresh";
meta.Content = Convert.ToString(Session.Timeout * 60) + ";url=LogOut.aspx";

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Web Forms :: Why Is A Refresh Meta Tag And Title Tag Sitting Outside Of The Tag

Jul 21, 2010

When I render a page in ASP.NET, the following happens


My masterpage looks like this:


So what I'm asking is, where the heck has this refresh meta tag come from, why has it put it between my head tag and body tag, and why has my page title jumped outside of the head?!

When viewing the page's generated source in firebug, it shows the title tag and this new meta tag within the head tag, but viewing the source in any browser, it looks like the above. When using wget to scrape the page, it also comes out incorrectly as displayed above.

why browsers may be interpreting this in different ways, and more importantly where this new meta tag has come from?

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Dynamic Meta Tags Using SQL And VB?

Jul 27, 2010

I am new to ASP.NET and I am trying to dynamically bind the Meta Keywords, Title and Description from a SQL database to a MasterPage / Code Behind file using VB. I need to know what goes into the Master Page and what goes in the Code Behind file. My database is named "Products" and the columns I need to bind are Keywords, WebTitle, and Description.

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Where To Place Child Meta Tags

Dec 5, 2010

I am using a master page and few child pages... I have my common meta tags placed in the master page but i have special tags for every child page? where can I place it or how can I do it?

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C# - Reading Meta Tags Dynamically?

Jan 11, 2010

how to simply write the meta tags in an page. The meta tags have been inserted in the page and I just want to loop through them and write the keywords tag. I don't have a probably adding dynamically, just reading.

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C# & Adding Dynamic META Tags?

Apr 30, 2010

I have this code

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataSet.DestinationsDataTable GetDestinations = (DataSet.DestinationsDataTable)dta.GetData();[code]....And it's returning this error (on a content page)The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).

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WebMatrix :: Confused About Where To Put Meta Tags?

Apr 1, 2011

f I put the description meta tag in the cshtml for my page (below any code block), and I'm using a _SiteLayout page, the tag gets inserted at the bottom of the rendered page. How do I ensure that the meta description tag gets inserted into the <head> section. Is there a helper I'm missing

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Master Page Generating A Second Title Tag?

Jan 5, 2010

I have a simple page inside a master page (well, in a master in a master).

In the top master I have the head tag with runat="server", with a number of bits such as scripts, stylesheets, etc. and also a contentplaceholder. There is no title tag here.

In the page that uses this master, the content for the placeholder contains the
<title>pagename</title> bit in it. I really have to set it in there.

Unfortunately when the page is rendered I get my title which is all good, but also get a second blank title tag - I presume dumped in there by .NET.

Is there any way of stopping this second title tag coming out?

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Web Forms :: Meta Tags For Search Engines

Feb 10, 2010

I seem to be having an issue with our meta-tags as they are not being picked up by search engines. It has nothing to do with the fact that I don't know how to create them, but I think it has to do with the way we need to set up our site with our hosting company. Our hosting company requires that we have a page called Default.asp with a script that forwards requests to default.aspx which is currently set up as follows:


The Default.aspx page uses a master page. Our meta-tag is currently setup to index the default.asp page, but not to index or follow any other pages on the site. I also have a robot.txt file that states not index or follow any of the pages within the web site. Do I have the meta-tags in the wrong place? Should they be in the Default.aspx page or on the master page instead? If so, how do I format my tags, as if I just copy and paste them, get all sorts of issues.

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Adding New Meta Tags With Property And Content?

Sep 23, 2010

I programatically add meta tags to the head of each page using htmlhead, specifying the name and content. I now need to add new meta tags with property and content.

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Localization :: Localize META Tags From Code Behind?

Aug 3, 2010

I understand how to localize controls like buttons etc. I'm wondering how to accomplish the same thing with META tags.We use the following code to set META tags from code behind:

Title = AppConfig.CompanyName +
" | [some prose that is specific to the page";
// Build META tags


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Configuration :: Meta Tags On All Pages Of 1.1 Site?

Feb 15, 2011

I know it is possible to add custom headers via the httpProtocol >>customHeaders section of the web.config for 2.0+ sites but this is not allowed on 1.1. Is there an easy way to add meta tags to all pages of a site? I've already tried the httpHeaders tab in iis(6) but with no luck.

I need to force ie7 mode on ie8 for all pages of my 1.1 sites.

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Page Title With Register Symbol Change In Master Page On Postback

Sep 21, 2010

I have a below Page title in my master page

<title>My Test Application Name</title>

It renders Fine with Register symbol after the text "My Test Application Name" on start of the page but on any postback the title turn into My Test Application Name Kindly let me know what can i do with minimal effort to fix this issue

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How To Set The Master Page's Html Title From Within A Controller's Action Or View Page

Mar 10, 2010

I have a controller's action and view page that uses a master page.

The master page has the html title section like:

<title>this is the page's title</html>

How can I access this section from within my controller's action (preferably) or my action's view page?

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Web Forms :: Set Title Of Master From Content Page?

Jan 27, 2010

I want to set master page's title from content page throgh code behind.

my master page is masterpage.master and product.aspx inherits master page,now i want to change the title of product.aspx throgh code behind of product.aspx then not able to change it.

in product.aspx

HtmlHead head1 = (HtmlHead)Master.FindControl("head1");
HtmlTitle title = new HtmlTitle();
title.Text = "buy online"

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Security :: Set Master Page Title As Username?

Oct 11, 2010

I am using .net membership and have a page that takes userid and display profile information. I also want to set the username as page title but keep getting object initialise error. I am using master page.


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Web Forms :: Control Meta Tags Of Response HTML?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm quite new to and developing my first website. I've created a Master Page Webform, and several other webforms based on that. The trouble is that the Master Page webform's meta tags (description, keywords and author) is rendered for all web pages. Is there a way in the web-form's Page_Load() event to set this tag? I tried to set it using response.write(), but it added this tag at the beginning of the document, not inside the <head> tag where it is supposed to be? Do any of you know how to write this inside the <head> tag? [URL]

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Web Forms :: Dynamic Meta Tags And Aspx Files?

Dec 8, 2010

1 - I am trying to create on the fly dynamic meta tags: keywords and description (possibly others later). I have managed to do so however when I view the source page I find the meta tags at the end of the Head tag and everything else is before them like reference to JS files and CSS files. I want them to be right after the title tag and then everything else is listed after them: css, js, javascript functions, etc.

2 - I am also trying to create dynamic ASPX pages. Meaning for example: I have a client who has a dynamic website that consists of 3 pages: home page, about page and contact page. He wants to add more pages to his website in the CMS software I created for him. He wants to add History.aspx page for example which is simply created using an editor (no fancy coding like gallery, products, news, etc) but when he hits the save button, I want the new page to be saved as a stand alone page and I want the navigation menu to be updated to the new links which one of them would be history.aspx. I don't want the page to be displayed as page.aspx?Id=history. I want it to have its own name. How can this be possible especially when it is not compiled and I want to add other aspx features such as the caching feature like:

VaryByParam="none" %>=

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Web Forms :: Adding Meta Tags For Facebook Preview?

Apr 24, 2010

I've added meta tags in my master page for preview on Facebook. The tags I've added are:

<meta name="title" content="Just Think Art" />

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