AJAX :: Validation Text For Password Field Not Displayed

Feb 3, 2010

I'm trying to user ValidatorCalloutExtender on my login page but I'm having some trouble with it. I have two TextBoxes, two RequiredFieldValidators and two ValidatorCalloutExtenders. Here's my page's code:


So, my problem is quite simple, I guess. When the user press "ButtonLogin", the first ValidatorCallout is displayed requesting that the user enter his username. The validation text for the password field isn't displayed. If I enter the username and then try to post the form again, the validation text for the password isn't displayed at all. The text is displayed only after I click on TextBoxPassword. Is there any way to solve this? If I wasn't using ValidatorCalloutExtender, text for both validators would be displayed. So, I'm guessing that internally both validators actually trigger. The second isn't displayed because the first one is already been displayed. But even after entering text on the first textbox, the text doesn't come up. I believe it's still thinking that the first validator is been displayed.

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how to show plain text in password field and then make it regular password field on focus

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Jan 12, 2010

How can validate Password field using Custom validater control in asp.net 2.0 ?

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Apr 5, 2012

In your forum when I registered, there was a textbox for passwod in the register form and as I was typing more words or numeric charecters then a field with witten good/ strong password along with more colored field shown......... How can I implement that using visual studio...I want to implement this in my final year project...

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AJAX :: Un Wrap Text Displayed In A Gridview Control?

Jun 17, 2010

I have a grid bounded to a datatable. Suppose the data for a column is like this "New Task 12:45AM-01:00AM Testing" . I need it displayed in a single row of the column. But it is wrapped to next row and subsequent row whenever space is encountered (If I give without space like this NewTask12:45AM-01:00AM then it is possible. I tried for ItemStyle-Wrap='false" not working for my scenario... Is there anyway out to solve this issue.

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Web Forms :: Password And Confirm Password Validation - Simple Alert Of Blank Textbox Is Not Working

May 7, 2015

I have written a javascript code for handling the password functionality. The scenario is: when user wants to change the old password, he cannot fill the same old password again. I have written the code. But even the simple alert of blank textbox is not working. See the code for reference:

Javascript code:- 

<script type="text/javascript">
function ltrim(str) {
var reg
reg = /^s+/g
return str.replace(reg, "")
function rtrim(str) {

[Code] .....

aspx code:-

<td class="auto-style1">Old Password</td>
<td class="auto-style2">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtOldPassword" runat="server" TextMode="Password" class="txtcareer"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="reqtxtOldPassword" ControlToValidate="txtOldPassword" runat="server" ErrorMessage="*"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

[Code] ...

Why this is not working...

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Web Forms :: Implement HTML5 Password And Confirm Password Validation?

May 7, 2015

do you have validation using HTML5 and also I am using with Master Page.

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AJAX :: Display Watermark Text In Password Fields?

Mar 29, 2010

My problem is that I want to display a watermark on password field i..e Enter Password. But it is appearing as **********. I have seen it on facebook that when i see it first time text is appearing 'Enter Password' and when i enter my password it appears as *****. I know that with some dirty workarounds I can fix it. Is there any good solution for this here is the code which I am using


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Web Forms :: Binding Password To Password Field?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a form that is used to add and edit data. Based on a dropdown selection, the form is either prepopulated or left blank so you can add new data.

I have a password field that is set to TextMode="Password" and works fine when adding new data, it displays ***** as you type..

Now if you select from the dropdown and there is already a record on file, it populates the form to allow you to edit the information.. Now i DONT want to display the password in plain text, but i want to populate the field so if they make any changes all field data is kept and table is updated with all of it.

I already debugged the page and my variable is being set with the password, but the textbox doesnt even show the ***** for the password value.

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Web Forms :: Reset Password" Form, The First Text Box Set With TextMode Set To "Password" Is Populated With The Users Saved Password?

Mar 11, 2011

When a user that has their IE set to save passwords hits my "Reset Password" form, the first text box set with TextMode set to "Password" is populated with the users saved password. Understandable, this is not the affect I would like as this is their "old" password. I cannot set the text of a text box with mode set to "Password" (naturally). Does someone know how to suppress or clear this value when IE is saving passwords?

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AJAX :: Enable / Disable Field Validation Using RequireFieldValidator And ValidatorCalloutExtender?

Feb 18, 2010

I am creating a fairly straight forward form for collecting data about vendors. I have a requirement that says the email address is required for a certain payment method and not other payment methods. The way I currently have this implemented is using a dropdownlist for the payment method and a TextBox for the email. I have been using ValidatorCalloutExtenders on all the other input fields with great success, but this is the first case where I need to be able to turn the validator and extender behavior on and off based on a selection of the dropdownlist.

I have tried many things and have searched these forums and google until my hands and eyes got tired, but have yet to find success, hence this post. I am aware of the dispose and $create methods, and that is currently what I am trying to do, but after the create occurs, while the behavior has been created, it doesn't seem like it has been created completely or something. To implement this, I am using a function tied to the onChange Event Handler of the drop down list. The function essentially checks the dropdownlist selection value and if it is NOT "ACH", then it finds the behavior attached to the requiredfieldvalidator attached to the email textbox and calls the dispose method on that behavior, if the selection value IS "ACH" then the method calls

$create(AjaxControlToolkit.ValidatorCalloutBehavior, { "closeImageUrl": "/VendorMaintenanceForm/WebResource.axd?d=IJFIM0l1l2KBLbEjcc5eS12jNidTRT60rU5Tz_Vg2CIJnYpw0GWOKDcVthhDzk9qkoREy7KswErAqM-kEQdJ5c18thtoit9YPZB3oq-EKdE1&t=633129167627987742", "highlightCssClass":
"HighLight", "id": 'emVal', "warningIconImageUrl": "/VendorMaintenanceForm/WebResource.axd?d=IJFIM0l1l2KBLbEjcc5eS12jNidTRT60rU5Tz_Vg2CIJnYpw0GWOKDcVthhDzk9qpoLKUlLQVCOCBk1mUhtC-YfwF57Tw0d676WGnnWiYI41&t=633129167627987742", "width": "300px" }, null, null,

The reason I say this, is because once the page loads, the default value is to have the validator disabled, then if I select the payment method that enables the validator, it seems to work fine, but then if I cycle through the payment method choices again, I end up with a null pointer exception to the TextBox element when the validator is trying to apply the highlightCssClass on form validation. So, to summarize, it seems like when the page loads, things get built correctly, but then when I start doing the dispose and $create, things are recreated correctly so that when the submit button click causes validation, the validator throws a null pointer exception.

I know it can be hard to debug this sort of thing using words, but I was just wondering if I am going about this the right way or if there is an easier way to conditionally enable/disable a requiredfieldvalidator and validatorcalloutextender.

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Security :: Migrating Existing Cleat Text Users Password To Hashed Password Membership Provider?

Sep 9, 2010

I had been trying to solve this but there is a hidden key i wish someone point me to.

I had a simple membership database with users in first the Membership Provider configured for clear password to retrieve the original password .

Now a new requirement say that the password must be hashed and reset .

I configure the Membership password to hash , and Implemented the Reset Password Module.

My problem is as follow.

If the user is new registered user with the new configuration the password and the security answer is hashed.

also when I go and reset the password it continue to be hashed.

Now I thought that with new configuration if any previous user with clear text configuration , If he use the password Reset module , because my configuration now is hashed , I expected that the new password and security answer will be hashed . what happen is old user continue in clear text even if the configuration is hashed. so If I had new users everything is fine.

old users Membership Provider somehow know they had been stored in clear text and it keep change password and security answer in clear text . If I delete this user and create it , Membership Provider understand that everything will be hashed. I need to know how it know this , I need to migrate users not to delete and recreate users .

Also if there are no solution for that , I wish Microsoft Consider it in future cause it is a real user scenario, that can happen imagine a business system that related to membership user Id , deleting users and recreate them is not a solution .

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Web Forms :: Give A Client Side Validation All The Function Work,but In Confirm Password Its Not Hide Wen Give A Correct Password?

Jun 16, 2010

I have create a masterpage and add content page include user (firsname,lastname,password,new password,confirm new password adn etc..)detail update field. i try to give a client side validation all the function work,but in confirm password its not hide wen give a correct password.. anybody give correct solution..code are below..


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Web Forms :: Enter Some Data In The First Text Box The Same Text Should Be Displayed At The Time?

Jun 1, 2010

i am having 2 textboxes on a form. What i need is if i enter some data in the first text box the same text should be displayed at the time i typed which means

if in the first text box i enter A the same text should be displayed automatically in the 2nd textbox.

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Convert C# Password And Salt Password To Text?

Dec 24, 2010

I am using asp.net membership and I have checked the table aspnet_membership and I can see two fields password and saltpassword which look like this QoasdDKkh5x9RizpadsGsC9N30= and tO9xYGRkjaFGaskKnTVobiJnMDQ== respectvely.

is there any tool, Stored procedure, program, online utility tool by which I can see the actual text of that password?

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MVC :: Why Validation Message Is Not Displayed

Jun 6, 2010

In my project I've Linq2Sql Property


And Data annotation class


But when I type some text in Quantity field and press submit button(or change focus for client validation) I receive validation message 'The field My display name must be a number.' It's independent of using client validation scripts. So Why validation message is not displayed?

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Web Forms :: Text Of Hyperlink Displayed In Text Box

Feb 10, 2010

in my first page some links is present like as follows: advertising. when i click this link the text of hyperlink means advertising display in a textbox which is present in another page.

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AJAX :: Combobox Listitems Not Postioning Next To The Combo Box Text Field

Jan 9, 2011

I am using the combo box for my project and I am having some odd behaviour from combobox...

i am using this combobox inside a formview control...once i click on combobox it is showing the list items at the bottom of formview not next to combobox control...I think it is taking the top and left values from formview offset.

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Postback Validation Causes An Alert Dialog To Be Displayed?

Jun 4, 2010

For some strange reason an alert dialog with the text title "Message From Web page" and message "-" displays when posting back a for with validation. There are no custom validation scripts that display an alert window. I am debgging javascript using IE development toolbar? Is it possible to break into the code that displays the alert box? so far I have been unable to do so.

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SQL Reporting :: Retrieve Value Of Displayed Field In Reportviewer?

Feb 3, 2010

I have a ReportViewer control on my aspx page that displays a report defined in an rdlc file. The rdlc has a textbox on a table control that displays the number of rows on the report.

I am looking for a way to retrieve the value of this textbox in my code-behind.

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Web Forms :: Validation / Error Messages Are Displayed When Click?

Apr 14, 2010

I have a text box for entering Email Id and other for Password

I have a LinkButton(text= forgot Password) and an ImageButton(text =SignIn)

Validation Rule as follows.

1.When i click theLinkButton Email ID is mandatory

2. When i click the signin btn both Email and Password are mandatory

So for the above validation i have a two Required field validator one with validation group as signin and other as forgot

and next two RegularExpressionValidator with validation group as signin and other as forgot .

for the LinkButton and ImageButton I set the validation group as signin and forgot,


When i click on any of the buttons Error Messages are displated twice...

IS there are any simple way to do this...


<asp:TextBox ID="txtUserID" runat="server" TabIndex="1"></asp:TextBox>

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SQL Reporting :: IF -then -SSRS / The Name Field To Be Displayed As BOLD Else Normal

Jun 3, 2010

IIF(Fields!Amt.Value=0, Fields!name= BOLD,NORMAL))

Is the above expression valid.Where name and Amt are two columns in a table.If amt is 0 i lwant the name field to be displayed as BOLD else Normal

elseif x=0

how can i achieve the above functionality in SSRS?

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Web Forms :: RDLC Report All Field Values Not Displayed

May 7, 2012

I have created a .rdlc report and added the needed fields using dataset. I have fields id, name, dept, design when I preview the data in the dataset I get  data in all the fields but in the actual report. I am not able to get id & design though i have stated the expression for the same...

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JavaScript - Client Side Validation Causes Wrong Data To Be Displayed

Apr 5, 2011

I have a form that contains multiple and different input controls .. and I have two types of validation:

This type insures that the user input doesn't violate my application's constraints (required, max length, regExp).. and this is done on the client side using the ASP.NET Validation Controls .. and it's enforced by a server side validation.

This type works on a deeper level, like the database. it check if the entry is duplicate and any other check that can't be done on the UI level.

I use the ValidationSummary control to display the first type's errors, and a label for the second's type errors. I tried to test it with the JavaScript disabled and it worked fine, then I turned the JS back on and *Here comes the problem: *

I first try to raise an error on the db layer (by entering a name that already exists) and the error is displayed on the label and everything is good .. now I try to remove the name from the textbox and press the submit so I could raise a required field validator error the expected output is "This field is required" only but what I see is "the name already exists" and "This field is required".

I think it's because when the ASP.NET RequiredValidator works, it doesn't make a postback, so the database layer will never be validated and won't even get the label cleared!

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