Adding Custom Attributes To The Page ?

Jul 19, 2010

Is there a way to add custom attributes to @Page directive and also get design time support like intellisense for the same?

I have used Adding Custom Property to Page Directive in ASP.Net 2.0 as a pointer.

I would like to have a attribute which will give dev an option to select value from list. Something similar to EnableSessionState attribute. I do understand I need to define an enum for the values. But I cannot understand how to make it available during the design time.

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Adding Custom Attributes To .NET RadioButton Control

Sep 23, 2010

I want to add a custom attribute to an RadioButton called Key which I'm using client-side for an ajax request.

What I'm finding is that my aspx markup which is the following:

<asp:RadioButton ID="rdoPost" GroupName=PreferredContactMethod" value="Post" onclick="DoStuff(this)" runat="server" />

gets rendered in the page as<span Key="ContactMethod">
<input id="rdoPost" type="radio" name="PreferredContactMethod"" value="Post" onclick="DoStuff(this);" />

whereas I'd expected (and hoped) to get the following

<input id="rdoPost" type="radio" Key="ContactMethod" name="PreferredContactMethod"" value="Post" onclick="DoStuff(this);" />

I've tried the same thing with an asp TextBox control and it works exactly as I'd expect simply adding the Key="myKey" attribute to the <input type="text"/> element.Is there a way around this with the standard RadioButton control, or will I have to inherit from the standard one to achieve the markup I'm wanting? Currently I'm using these attributes in JavaScript in the following way:

var key = rdoPost.Key;

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Mobiles :: Unable To Set Custom Attributes On Mobile Controls In This Page?

Aug 26, 2010

I am beginner at mobile Pages with ASP.NET. And ı want to make an application with contains a few TextBox that have different size.

it's my sample code here:
<%@Page Inherits= "System.Web.UI.MobileControls.MobilePage" Language= "C# " %>

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Custom Server Controls :: Custom Control - Default Value Of Attributes?

Jun 7, 2010

I have created a custom control and I intended to assign some attributes which is not necessary to implament.

I also assign default value for them but I am getting System.NullReferenceException error.

Here is my CC's attibute code;

public class ApplicationModule2010 : CompositeControl
public bool AppFormOnLine { get { return (bool)ViewState["AppFormOnLine"]; } set { ViewState["AppFormOnLine"] = value; } }

also ı have written the below code for another attribute but its default value doesn't work as well;

[DefaultValue("Application is Offline ! Define an offline Text insted of this text !<br/><br/>TugberkUgurlu.Com")]
public string OfflineText { get { return (string)ViewState["OfflineText"]; } set { ViewState["OfflineText"] = value; } }

What am I missing here ?

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Adding XML Attributes To A DataSet?

Feb 16, 2010

I want to add an attribute to the dataset declared below whose value is the value of one of the field in the row. So I want to add the id as shown below.

<Table id="GAS-405">

This will me identify the node later in my application. Is this possible? Is this easier to do using XMLDocument?

Dim sdaFoo As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT BLAH FROM BLAHBLAH", conn)
Dim dsFoo As DataSet = New DataSet()
dsFoo.DataSetName = "apple"

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Web Forms :: Adding Attributes To Dropdownlist From Codebehind

Jan 27, 2011

I have a dropdown list where I need more than just a bound value and a display value. I am using this in the page load event to add a custom attribute:


I'm actually looping through a sqldatareader for a list of employees, but for simplicity just consider the single option added above. When I go to check the attribute EmpNum for the selected option, I am getting "null":


Now the really weird part...If I add an option in the HTML source identical to the one that gets added in the codebehind, the javascript function works for that row, but not the row added from codebehind. Here is the rendered HTML for the SELECT:


If I select the 1st record (added from HTML source at design time) the alert says "12345". If I select the 2nd record, the alert says "null". I CAN get the value ("999-99-9999") and the displayed text ("John Doe") for either record, just not the EmpNum attribute, even though the HTML is exactly the same. I am completely stumped on this one.

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Web Forms :: Adding Attributes To An Image Button?

Jan 3, 2011

I just want to add and attribute called "pubID" to an image button with the value I give it and then call that value on the image button click event. This image button was created dynamically as well. At the moment this code is not working. When debugging it looks like Pubid is getting assigned a value but on the click event, the attribute isn't being retrieved correctly.

--added attribute


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Adding Attributes To Child Item Of DataGridItemEventArgs?

Jun 2, 2010

I'm adding an attribute to my DataGridItem like this:


How could add an attribute to it's child?

Would it be something like e.Items.Cells[i].Child.Attributes.Add()

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C# - Dynamically Adding A Custom User Control To A Page?

Nov 3, 2010

I have a usercontrol (ascx) that I want to dynamically add to a page.

Neither the control nor the page has a namespace (thanks crappy vendor).

When I use the following, it tells me it cant find the "type or namespace"

StayTunedControl = (UserControler_StayTuned)LoadControl("~/UserControler/StayTuned.ascx");
StayTunedControl.StayTunedID = Convert.ToInt32(IncludesStayTunedMeta.Value);

After some tweaking to the namespaces, etc, I am now at a point where the 3rd line above generates the following error:

'System.Web.UI.UserControl' does not contain a definition for 'StayTunedID'

I was hoping that casting StayTunedControl as type (UserControler_StayTuned) would fix this.

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Attributes To Row Breaks Paging?

Mar 18, 2011

I have a problem with a GridView that I can't figure out. It's inside an UpdatePanel and has been working fine for a long time. Today I have added a few lines to the code behind to add javascript to each row so that the user can just click the row to view the record. This works fine too, except that it breaks the paging of the GridView and I don't understand why.

Here is my code (The controls lstStatus and txtSearch are elsewhere on the page):


And in the codebehind the lines which break paging are the following three, in the RowDataBound event:


I've tried messing with the viewstate of the UpdatePanel, changing its UpdateMode to 'Always' and it's ChildrenAsTriggers property to 'True' but none of this makes any difference, and besides, it's been working for months as it is until I introduced these three new lines into the code behind.

Can anybody see why add these attributes to the row breaks paging?

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DataSource Controls :: Adding Attributes To A Linq Query Object?

Jan 11, 2010

Is it possible to add attributes in a linq query along with the other object data?

Here's what I have


But I'd like to add a custom attribute to each RadComboBoxItemData object in the query instead of having to do a foreach loop after the linq query to add the attributes on..

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Loop Through Attributes Of Custom Object?

Jan 6, 2010


Isnt it possible to shorten this method? What i would like to know if its possible to just do something like

bestItem[enumerator.Key] = enumerator.Value.ToString();

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Custom Control - Can Template Fields Have Attributes

Mar 3, 2011

For example:

<uc:AdmiralAckbar runat="server" id="myCustomControl">
<Warning SomeAttribute="It's A Trap">
My Data

I'm not sure how to add SomeAttribute.

Code without the attribute is:


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Active Directory/LDAP :: How To Read Custom Attributes In A.D.

Jan 25, 2011

I would like to read the extended attributes (in. an A.D. entry /Exchange advanced/Exchange custom attributes)

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C# - Add Attributes To Root HTML Element Of A Custom Control?

Jan 5, 2011

public class CustCtl : WebControl
protected override System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriterTag TagKey
return HtmlTextWriterTag.Div;

With this bare bones control, it would render the root element as a Div tag. But how can I add attributes to that root HTML element that this control will render .

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Active Directory Custom User Profiles / Attributes?

Mar 8, 2010

I am currently using the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider just for authentication on an internal business app built in This works like a charm.

I am now looking to add some functionality to handle custom profile information for a user, ideally also stored in Active Directory.

For a simple example let's just say the custom attribute is FavoriteColor. Then the goal would be for my app to be able to read in this custom attribute for the authenticated user.

I have looked into ADAM a bit. That looks like it would be great for a Role Provider, but I haven't really found anything that indicates it would work well for a Profile Provider or if it would even let me store custom attributes like FavoriteColor. Maybe someone knows better?

I'm also pretty new to Active Directory so maybe there is even an option to store custom user attributes (like FavoriteColor) within it? In general I am just looking for ideas about the best way to implement this?

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Custom Server Controls :: Attributes For The First <li> Element Is Not Rendered

Aug 2, 2010

I'm working on a custom serverside control and faced to a weird issue.

The control's client-side markup should look like:


But my control renders following markup:


As you can see, attributes for the first <li> element is not rendered.

Here's the Render method:


items collection is filled correctly. Debugging the code showed that AddAttribute is called for first Li element, but the output is rendered incorrectly.

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C# And .NET Custom Property Attributes And Determining If Properties Changed?

Dec 20, 2010

I am working on a project where we want to keep a history of a particular object. On save I want a method on the object that will determine if it has changed so that I can call a method to save its current state to history. E.g. I populate a form from an object the user makes changes (or possibly not) and submits the from. I want to take my original object and a copy of that object that has been updated from the form and determine if it has changed at all. Additionally I may decide at some point that certain properties don't matter (e.g. if Name changes I won't track it).

I'm thinking the easiest/most flexible way to accomplish this would be if I could give the properties I care about a custom attribute [ChangeTracked] and then I could use reflection to get a list of all properties with that attribute and loop through them comparing == to determine if any have changed.

Would this work? Is there a significantly better/easier way to handle this, like some sort of built in method you can add to an object to determine if the values of any properties have changed? Whatever the solution some psudo code would be appreciated. Just as a point of clarification the solution needs to determine if the value I care about has actually changed not just if it has been assigned since it was created i.e. if I set Name="bob" and it was already "bob" before my assignment this does not count as a change.

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Custom Server Controls :: Attributes Collection Is Always Empty?

Nov 18, 2010

I have a MyLinkButton : LinkButton.

In any event I override I don't have any attributes in my "base.Attributes or this.Attributes" collection. How's that possible? The rendered output clearly shows an id and an href attribute.

I'm trying to get rid of the href part and put in my own. Unfortunately Attributes.Remove("href") won't work.. because there's no such attribute. Or any attribute for that matter.

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MVC :: Html.RenderPartial Appears To Be Stripping Model Of Custom Attributes

Aug 27, 2010

I have implemented a custom ModelMetadataProvider so that I can decorate my view models with some custom attributes and everything was working fine until I made use of a Partial View. The following code in my view works fine: -

<%: Html.DisplayFor(x => x.Results) %>

Results is a List which renders a custom display template and is also decorated with a custom attribute. Using breakpoints, after the above line and prior to the code within the custom display template, the overridden CreateMetadata method in my custom ModelMetadataProvider is invoked. If I look at the attributes collection parameter I can see that it does contain my custom attribute thus everything working as expected. However, if I replace the above with the following line of code in my view then it breaks: -

<% Html.RenderPartial("ApplicationSearchResults", Model.Results, new ViewDataDictionary()); %>

All the Partial View contains is: -

<%: Html.DisplayFor(x => x) %>

Again using breakpoints, after the above line and prior to the code within the custom display template, the overridden CreateMetadata method in my custom ModelMetadataProvider is invoked. But this time if I look at the attributes collection parameter my custom attribute is not there.

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C# - How To Access Attributes Of Properties In The Model From Strongly Typed Custom HtmlHelper

Mar 18, 2011

I have a view that is strongly typed and its model is of type LogOnModel. That LogOnModel has anotated properties like this one:

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Please enter your password")]
[Display(Name = "Password", Description = "Your secreet password")]
public string Password { get; set; }

All of them has Display anotation with Display.Descripion property set. I want to create HtmlHelper extension method that will output <span> containg the value of Display.Description property. So for example if I called my extension method DescriptionFor than this code:

<%: Html.DescriptionFor(m => m.Password) %>

should produce following html: <span>Your secreet password</span>

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State Management :: Adding A Custom Object In Custom Principal?

Dec 27, 2010

I have Create a Custom Principal and a Custom Identiy for my Web Application and upon forms authentication

1 Create a profile of type object

2 Assign it to the Principal profile

3 assign the principal to the Http.Current.User (this now has the complete profile information )

As i understand upon redirection the principal is recreated and i loose the information i had stored in the profile.

I there a way to persist the profile information ?

I though can achieve persisting some information using FormsAuthenticationTicket in userData but that wouldent solve my purpose ..

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C# - How To Dynamically Retrieve All The Possible Attributes (variable Attributes) Values Of One Of The Xml Node

Aug 10, 2010

I am using the following XML structure

<SERVER NAME="A3" ID="3" Parent="XYZ"></SERVER>
<SERVER NAME="A5" Parent="abc" value="10"></SERVER>

I am accessing this xml file by using LINQ to XML in by using C#. I am able to access all the attributes of an XML node by explicitly specifying the name of the attribute. I want to write query on this xml file which reads all the attribute values of the xml node (In our example the node is SERVER) dynamically means I want to write the query which can read the read the value of the attribute Name & ID from first node, only name from second row, Name, ID & Parent from the third row , Name & ID from the fourth row, Name, Parent & Value from the fifth row & only Name from the sixth row without modifying the existing code every time. Once I add one of the attribute ( for example if I add the attribute ID in the sixth row ) in the above xml file then I dont need to modify my LINQ to XML query. My query should dynamically fetch the total number of attributes & display their values. Is their any way to do this ?

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JQuery :: JQuery And Custom Attributes/ Find All Input Elements That Will Require Validation?

Jul 14, 2010

to directly get all elements in a form who contains a non html attribute ?

<input .... customAttribute="validateMe">

So I could find all input elements that will require validation.And use this in a loop to add validation to the input's found :

$('input').attr("customAttribute").val() == "validateMe"

I could also write every validation for each object separately, I have only a few elements who uses a required validation but it would be nice that I could do this in one shot instead of repeating the $("input").rules("add .....

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Custom Server Controls :: Adding Controls To Custom Extended Gridview?

Oct 20, 2010

I have custom gridview that inherit from the regular gridview.

On of the features is that is has a built in page size dropdown in an extra header row.

Another feature is that this extra header row has a place holder where aditional controls can be added but here is where I have some problems.

When I add a control that is created outside the gridview to the gridviews builtin placeholder and tries to do anything that performs a postback the gridview dissepears, but appears again on a new post back.

Here is the code for the gridview:


And this is the way it is used in a usercontrol on page, the gridview is called gvList and the control that I try to add to its placeholder is the phrExtraHeaderControls:


What can be wrong, is the viewstate messed up in the postback so that the gridview can't be rendered?

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