MVC :: How To Implement One Route For Adminitration User - Roles Management

May 4, 2010

i would like to implement one route for my Adminitration user - roles management (http://<domain>/Administration/ManageUserRoles/<userName>/<roleName>), where Administration is the Controller and ManageUserRoles is the action and another for managing everywhere in the site where there is an id / name combination ((http://<domain>/<controller>/<Action>/<id>/<name>)).

From what i have tried so far, the Administration route catches all the routing that has the format http://<controller>/<action>/<param1>/<param2> and as a result the id / name url parameters are displayed as query url parameters.

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User Controls :: Implement Custom User Login With Roles Without Using Login Control

May 7, 2015

What if, I'm not using the LOGIN CONTROL but rather creating a Custom Control for Login. Is it possible to have user roles and a site map that redirects to its own destination when the user login?

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Security :: Grab A Users/roles List / How To Implement A User's List Into Website

Sep 16, 2010

Just wondering how to implement a user's list into website ? im using ASP.NET C#. I want to be able to:

add/delete usersadd/remove roles

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Web Forms :: Implement A Simple Login Page With User Session Management

Jul 23, 2012

I want to maintain user session in my project...the problem i am facing is when any user login is nt maintained.

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How To Make All Of The Roles Defined In RoleGroup> Required? (i.e. User Must Meet All Roles)

Feb 24, 2011

Let's say I have a rolegroup as follows:

<asp:LoginView ID="lvDoSomeStuff" runat="server">
<asp:RoleGroup Roles="RoleOne,RoleTwo">

Is there a way I can make it so that a user must meet RoleOne and RoleTwo to satisfy the RoleGroup? By default, if a user is in either of the two roles, they will be granted access. I know I can do this via the code-behind, but I'd prefer to be able to wrap some content template with this markup instead of having to wrap it in a panel and hide the panel programmatically.

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Web Forms :: How To Implement Login With Roles

Jan 16, 2014

i have my login fully working 100%  but i when someone who is not an admin try to enter a web that is only for admins it crash

how can i make it to send a msgbox "admin only"(or something like that)  instead of the crash of the web app ?

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Security :: How To Implement Roles On Live Website

Oct 8, 2010

I have an live website and I need to enable roles and add it to a folder. What's the best way to go about it? Do I add code to web.config? Do I add code to individual pages? Do I use the membership provider service with V W D and recopy the website?

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MVC :: 3 Hyperlink - Implement Roles Authorization On ActionLinks?

Mar 14, 2011

Is there to implement roles authorization on those ActionLinks?

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.net - Implement A Custom Role Provider Which Supports Sub Roles?

Jul 28, 2010

how to implement a custom role provider which has support for parent and child roles?

I have a requirement to have high level Role permissions as per the usual Role provider functionality. However, I also have a requirement to further breakdown permissions into sub roles. I toyed with the idea of having further role instances for sub permissions but I'd prefer to have a native solution which allows for sub roles.

For instance:

[IT] > [Admin]
[Extranet] > [Admin]

In this scenario, the "Admin" role is actually 2 distinct roles, one for IT and one for Extranet scenarios. Ideally, there is no association between the 2 "Admin" roles because they are unique sub roles.

[Edit]: Following Igor's comment I feel I should clarify. The aspnetdb is already hosting multiple applications and therefore the use of the Application Name is not possible to segregate the sub roles as it is already being used to seperate the roles by application.

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Architecture :: Implement Field Level Security Based On The Roles

Jul 22, 2010

I need to implement field level security based on the roles. I have a page Employee.aspx . In that i have ten controls. If i am enter as admin role i need to show all the controls. If i am enter as user have to show only five controls. How to design the appplication for control level security?

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Security :: Implement Membership Roles Without Any Reference To Email Accounts Or Smtp?

Jun 14, 2010

I tried googling this and have had no luck. I would like to implement membership roles without any reference to email accounts or smtp. Does anyone have information on this topic?

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MVC :: Localization: Route Value Translation - Error "Class 'DictionaryRouteValueTranslationProvider' Must Implement 'Function TranslateToRouteValue"

Jan 29, 2011

I have been following this example to enable a localized [URL] Unfortunately the DictionaryRouteValueTranslationProvider class causes be some problems. I have translated the code into VB but this worked only partly and causes the error:

Class 'DictionaryRouteValueTranslationProvider' must implement 'Function TranslateToRouteValue(translatedValue As String, culture As System.Globalization.CultureInfo) As RouteValueTranslation' for interface 'IRouteValueTranslationProvider'. P:Web_DevelopmentAHNDEVRoutingDictionaryRouteValueTranslationProvider.vb

This kind of programming is too advanced for


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Facebook SDK Roles Management / Export The Content Of A Datagridview To A PDF

Oct 12, 2010

is there a way export the content of a datagrivied to a PDF i want to use this to validate if a user is authorized to sublmit new contenet and create events through the connect website or do i need to couple this with a forms authorization account to handle permissions

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User Controls :: Save And Retrieve CheckBoxList Values As Per User Roles?

Feb 26, 2014

i need a script on that can build this form.

1.Users === Drop Down Menu then in the Drop down should be the names of all Taafoo staff.

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State Management :: Roles Automatically Switch Up The Databases Connection String Upon Login?

Sep 3, 2010

I only made 1 other dynamic page before, without users. I do remember I setup a read-only user to the database and that was the user used in the connection string, simple.

In managing multiple users, does's membership & roles automatically switch up the databases connection string upon login? Do you setup hypothetical "groups" of user access permissions in your database (mysql) then associate that user to that group in membership & roles?

I'm just looking for a general idea of what to expect before I start reading.

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Security :: Can Implement Custom MembershipUser/custom Roles And Membership Provider

Oct 13, 2010

I create custom principal for implement logic for users. In identity I store Id, Name. But it abnormally - this classes must use for authenticate and authorize.

I can implement custom MembershipUser, custom Roles and Membership provider.

How to do it? What best practices are?

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To Implement Code Access Security, And URL Based Security Using The Roles & Types?

Apr 24, 2010

[ASP.NET 3.5, FormsAuthentication, SQL Server]

In the Roles table there is Role, and RoleType.

I have 3different roles, 2 of which have sub-roles.




I need to implement Code Access Security, and URL based security using the roles & types...

For instance, the (Subscriber/Basic) would need to view a different set of pages, and have different access to things then a (Subscriber/Business).

I think I can handle the Code Access security with a custom attribute, but I am unsure to how enforce a User be apart of 2 roles in the URL Authorization.

I am currently using the web.config to deny/allow access to the directories/pages.




Is it possible to force the user to be apart of 2 roles with this technique?

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User Controls :: How To Set User Roles During Registration

May 7, 2015

In Below link show to how to Imaplement role based security, Page access and show / Hide Menu items based on Role in


But My Questions is How to Register Admin and Client user?

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MVC :: Webforms Route / Implementing Route In Global.asax

Mar 13, 2011

I tried to mix 4 webfrom and ASp.Net MVC 3. I add required lines in webconfig, but I've issues implementing route in global.asax

Currently I use several routes for webfroms. routs template are like below

routes.MapPageRoute("Node", _
"article/sport/{nID}/", _

I encounter error, when I add below lines to global.asax

routes.MapRoute( _
"Defaultss", _
"{controller}/{action}/{id}", _
New With {.controller = "Home", .action = "Index", .id = UrlParameter.Optional} _

I want to know how could I mix ASp.Net MVC routes with webforms routes.

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MVC :: Implement Event Management In CMS?

Jul 2, 2010

I want to implement event management in my application and i want to know what may be the best practice to achieve this goal. Event management in my case is to maintain a log of every insert/update/delete operation perform with username and datetime in my application

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Web Forms :: Session - URL Routing To Route User To His Profile Page

Jan 12, 2011

I am using URL Routing to route user to his profile page, which is a child page. Now the problem is that all the images, javascripts references are distorted when i user the url to reach that page whether logged in or not logged in (both the cases). But after reaching this page when i login from this page thru my modal popup login control, all the references seem to work fine. It is to be noted that i am still in that same page which i reached after url routing. So upon logging from here the whole page works and displays fine.

How come the references are automatically adjusted when i am logging in from this page and are not referenced when i log in from other page and route here or when i am logged out?

Global.asax code:

void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
routes.Add("UseridRoute", new Route
new CustomRouteHandler("~/UserProfile.aspx")

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MVC :: A Route Named 'Admin_default' Is Already In The Route Collection?

Mar 9, 2010

when i run the app i got this error

A route named 'Admin_default' is already in the route collection. Route names must be unique.
Parameter name: name

this is my AdminAreaRegistration


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Can User Have More Than One Roles

Apr 3, 2010

I'm developing a web application I want to use the role authentication to control different parts of the website accessibility. But my problem is say I implemented a upload and download functionality on one of the page and I want to have the ability to control a user whether they can either upload or download; or both. So, I'm not exactly sure if the role base authentication can support a user with more than one role to work the way I want it.

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Finding To Implement Simple Role Management

Nov 27, 2010

I have a very basic need in regards to membership and role management. I am having success with the membership and being able to use the [Authorize] filter, but the IsInRole() and all that goes along with it is failing. I am hoping someone can point out where I am going wrong.

1) Login action is called on the controller:


If I add a check to the site.master to show/hide a menu item based on role there are no roles listed for the user anymore. I have tried both Page.User.IsInRole("Role1") and HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("Role1") neither of which is true. I also receive a failure on [Authorize(Roles="Role1")] filter.

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Can Implement Knowledge Management System In SharePoint

Feb 9, 2010

I want to implement Knowledge Management System in SharePoint.

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