MVC :: Code Behind Can't Recognize Server Controls After Copied To Project From Old Webform

May 30, 2010

I migrating a large webform site to MVC. I want to mix match old web form and mvc together for sometime and gradually convert the webform model to pure mvc model.

So i copied all aspx/ascx files from the old webform site to my mvc project. Now when i compile, i get build error. Code behind files can not find any server controls inside their aspx pages.

I can solve this problem by adding a desinger.cs file for each of the aspx,ascx file but that simply is not viable for me since i am dealing with hundreds of aspx pages and user controls and i can not afford to manually add a designer file for each of them.

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Visual Studio :: In A Web App Project The Compiler Does Not Recognize Simple Controls

Mar 7, 2011

In VS2008 I create an empty Solution "CmsWork" with a new Web App Project "CmsWork" and add a Web Form "TestForm1.aspx".

From Toolbox I add a TextBox and then in codebehind try to refer to it in Page_Load. Intellisense and compiler both say TextBox1 does not exist in the current context. Tried referencing the control as TestForm1.TextBox1 and CmsWork.TestForm1.TextBox1 --
same error. wtf?

TextBox1 shows up fine in Design View and is labeled "TextBox1". What does Design View know that Code View and the compiler don't? Adding code to call FindControl and typecast to a TextBox works fine, but shouldn't be necessary. Controls can be referenced by ID in a codebehind in a Website project. Why not in a Web App project? This should just trivially work. I must be missing something EXTREMELY simple. I've tried restarting VS2008 normally and with "devenv /resetsettings" -- no effect. Reboot: no effect.

This is VS2008 Development Edition under Windows Server Enterprise SP2, with no VS add-ons, extensions, etc.

Aspx page:[Code]....


Build output:

Error 82 The name 'TextBox1' does not exist in the current context C:Users...DocumentsVisual Studio 2008ProjectsCmsWorkCmsWorkTestForm1.aspx.cs 14 4 CmsWork

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Using Webform User Control On Webform In MVC Project?

Feb 26, 2010

I am using a server control on a single web.forms page. I have to use this control on a web.forms page since its a server control, although this is actually a MVC project. So I created a web.forms folder and put my new page in it. I then copy the example code from the signature control. I get the following error:

The base class includes the field 'ctrlSign', but its type (WebSignatureCapture.SignatureControl) is not compatible with the type of control (ASP.signaturecapture_signaturecontrol_ctlsignature_ascx).

I know the code works because if I removed the ID attribute from the server control, it no longer gives me this error and my control renders. But I need the attribute for the ID so I can perform is post event

I am using this signature control. Here's the web.forms code...

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Index.aspx.cs" Inherits="KahunaCentralTIDRevamp.SignatureCapture.Index" %> [code]....

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Configuration :: Web Deployment Project 2008: Exclude Large Folder From Being Copied?

Mar 18, 2010

I have a large folder (1.5 GB) in my ASP.NET Web Site, called Downloads, which contains media files, graphics, etc. No code that needs to be compiled or even deployed on every build.

I use Web Deployment Projects to compile and deploy. Every time I build the deployment project, the Downloads folder gets included and copied to the output location. This is taking a significant amount of time, because the folder is copied twice.

I've tried modifying the wdproj file like this:


I've also tried not adding the * after the folder, but then I get a message that says the directory is not empty during the build process.

I've also tried this approach:


<RemoveBeforeMerge Include="$(OutputPath)Downloads*" />


And that still did not help. (also says: The directory is not empty.)What is the proper way to tell WDP not to consider a folder at all?

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DataSource Controls :: Copying SQL Server Database Has Not Copied Membership Stuff Correctly?

Jan 19, 2010

I have just used the Import and Export Wizard to copy my production SQL Server database, which uses Membership and Roles. I used the option to copy all the data from existing tables and views and did not modify the mapping in any way. Things do not seem to have gone well.....

My source database has a bunch of views with names like vw_aspnet_Applications,vw_aspnet_MembershipUsers, etc. The copy database has these listed as tables!I wondered if running aspnet_regsql.exe might fix things. I needed to run this anyway to create all the missing stored procedures for Membership, etc. However, it failed with the error:Setup failed.Exception:An error occurred during the execution of the SQL file 'InstallCommon.sql'. The SQL error number is 2714 and the SqlException message is: There is already an object named 'vw_aspnet_Applications' in the database.Creating the vw_aspnet_Applications view...I am a bit lost. All I want to do is to create a total clone of my production database for test purposes. Where do I go from here?

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VS 2012 - How To Get Started On Existing Web Service Code Copied Locally

Apr 7, 2014

We have a web service running live. Last week, we pulled the source code down to my machine and successfully built it.

My goal is to become familiar with this code and document it. My problem is that I am not sure how to get it running locally.

First of all, I have to configure it in IIS or something? How do I do that, and is that indeed the right place to begin? I tried creating a consumer in a separate VS solution, and when I said browse for local web services it said "Active Directory Services cannot find the web server."

I tried this link, but got lost when it said "3.Under Visual Studio installed templates, click ASP.NET Web Service." because I don't have that template.

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Aspx Page Doesn't Compile When Page Is Copied From Another Project?

Feb 22, 2010

I often have an issue with compile errors when I copy over a aspx page and code behind file from another project, it seems to work when I create another page and the content manually but if I just copy the files it won't. I have checked to make sure namespaces and references are ok but still doesn't make any sense. The error I get is "Error The name 'txtUser' does not exist in the current context". I just wanted to understand why.

For e.g I copied over the following :

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Login.aspx.cs" Inherits="Login" %>


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How To Get Code Coverage Working On A VS 2010 Project/Cannot Initialize The Project 'Project Name'

May 23, 2010

When I turn on Code Coverage in my test settings, on a project that references the Unity DI container I get the following error:

Cannot initialize the ASP.NET project'{Project Name}'.

The event log specifies the following reason:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Practices.Unity, Version=2.0.414.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. Strong name signature could not be verified.

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Forms Data Controls :: Can't Use Same Code As Gridview As It Won't Recognize "this.GetValues(row);"

May 12, 2010

Ive created a web site using VS2008 and connected to a Firebird Database.

I have a page that has a GridView(added at design time) and have connected to a table at runtime.

The user clicks the Select button on the GridView which then populates a DetailsView(also added at design time).

I have the Gridview updating a record using the following code(mainly supplied by a good member here)


but I thinking of moving away from this approach do to the number of fields involved so has anyone got any

c# examples like above that can perform the same results?

I can't use the same code as the Gridview as it won't recognize the "this.GetValues(row);"


I tried the above but all the cells are empty. The text boxes fro the edits are created when I set the "Detailsview.DefaultMode = Edit"

so Im not sure the names of them will be to do a FindControl.

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Visual Studio :: Code-behind Page Does Not Recognize Controls On Main Page?

Jan 3, 2011

My site was working fine in Visual Studio 2008, but the code-behind pages have suddenly stopped recognising new controls which I add to the main page. For example I added a label with id 'lblEventHeader' to the main page and then tried to set a text property in the Page_Load event. I get a compile error of "the name 'lblEventHeader' does not exist in tne current context. Existing controls, which I added before this problem seems to be unaffected.

As far as I am aware, I have not done anything which should cause this. I have even reinstalled Visual Studio, but I still get the same error message. Have I inadvertently deleted or corrupted a reference file. I have checked the Codefile and Inherits properties of the page.

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MVC :: Copying A Webform Page Into A 2 Project.?

Apr 21, 2010

Is there currently any easy way to move webform pages into an MVC project?

When I create a file from scratch in a MVC 2 project a .designer.cs file is created that includes field declarations for the code behind.

If I try copy a file into my Visual studio project then -> Include this file in project it does not work!

In MVC does every webform page need a designer.cs file?

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MVC :: Load Webform Standard In Project?

Dec 1, 2010

I have MVC project, and then I want to load webform standard from special folder (~/views/Report Report.aspx). and I Try to call the report.aspx from homecontroller (different controller). The result is the resource is not found.

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How To Connect A Website To A Webform In A Project

Feb 8, 2011

i have created a website and a project[containing form1] my website a page is der which shud call form1...but i dont know how to do it possible.

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Have Copied The Code From The "download Chapters" And It Still Doesn't Work?

Jan 16, 2010

I have the book ASP.NET 3.5 WEB SITE. I can't get the view/edit employee to work. (Chapter 10) I have copied the code from the "download chapters" and it still doesn't work. Am I missing something? I don't see where there were typos on this chapter

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Code Behind Doesn't Recognize Control ID's On HTML Page

Feb 9, 2010

I had a website with a few controls with id like:

btnSave and tbAmount

I renamed one of my controls and when I tried to use it in the code behind I get the following error.

Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared.

I was messing around trying to add new controlls rather than rename, but nothing seems to work.

And now, none of my controlls that were added to the page are recognized in the code behind. They all have the error:

Error 5 Name 'tbAmount' is not declared.


Error 3 Name 'hfNoteId' is either not declared or not in the current

scope. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 33 71 NoteTender

Even my button click event handler gives me the following error:

Error 2 Handles clause requires a WithEvents variable defined in the containing type or one of its base types. E:NoteTenderNoteTenderMembersManageNote.aspx.vb 27 91 NoteTender

I have verified that my inherits is using the correct namespace and class name.

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Get Code - Behind File To Recognize Type Of A User Control?

Jan 18, 2011

I have a custom control in my mater page that represents a menu, let's call it CustomMenu. The control code files are located in a non special directory. I want to give each page that uses that master page the ability to access the control and, using a public property, tell the control whether or not it should render itself. I have a public property on the control to do that, and I know I can get the control by referencing Page.Master.FindControl('IdOfControlIwant');

The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get the control Type recognized by the compiler, so when I do find the menu control, I can't actually work with it. The only way I can get the code behind to recognize the type is to register it in the ascx file, and then add at least one control to the page, which is undesirable.

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C# - JQuery Is Not Working Properly / Embeded Into A WebForm Project

Sep 25, 2010

I'm just using a simple slideToggle function of jQuery. It works properly in my HTML file. But whenever I take codes into a ASP.NET WebForm project, script doesn't work. I can't achieve slide effect.

Is this a known issue? It's probably a popular mistake done by developers though. What could be the problem?

(I didn't copy&paste any code because of I thought this is not a specific situation, but I can show codes if you want)

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Debugging - Copying Project Files With Code To Server?

Jan 6, 2011

I know you can copy a Website intact to the server and have it run normally (security and compilation time aside). What about the projects that are in the solution? [whose dll's are copied to the bin when built]. Is there a way to copy the projects' code files to the server as well?

My goal is to be able to debug [by modifying code in the project if needed] directly on the server without having to install an IDE [or keep building on dev machine and copying over dlls]. I can debug/modify the website files, but not the projects.

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Active Directory/LDAP :: System Doesn't Recognize DirectoryEntry In The Code - Not Found

Aug 19, 2010

why the system does not recognize DirectoryEntry in the code below? It indicates DirectoryEntry cannot be found.


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Custom Server Controls :: Adding A Usercontrol To Webform On Keypress?

Jun 12, 2010

I have a user control that consistes of a dropdown menu, a label, a textbox and a button. It resides in a html table, what i would like to do is on a keypress, such as the "insert" key, i would like to add the same control again directly on the next row, I have used programs that do this, but for the life of me can't figure out how its done...

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How To Get MVC Application To Recognize The Stylesheet On The Live Server

Jun 1, 2010

I've been building my sample application using VWD2008 and the development virtual server that comes with that. I got to the point that I want to make sure that the application behaves correctly on the live server, so I went ahead and published it. Everything seems to working great accept for the stylesheets. None of the styles are being applied to the page. I double checked the link to the stylesheet and I double checked the server location. Everything seemed fine and it was identical to the version on my virtual server.


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AJAX :: Server Did Not Recognize The Value Of HTTP Header SOAPAction?

Mar 3, 2010

I got the error when I called a webservice

---- Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction:

The odd thing is that I have several methods in this webservice, and only two of them got me the error message. It used to work, but then gave me the error message after i added some other methods to the asmx file.

The namespace should be the same for all the methods. One more thing to note is: these two methods had return data type DataTable before, and I changed it to DataSet. It should not affect anything, I assume.

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Controls :: How To Paste Copied Text From Word Document File

Dec 2, 2013

i use wysiwyg editor but problemĀ  when i copy from word to editor then html content not proper created and i show this content in string so not display

so how to insert word content in wysiwyg editor properly

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Disable A Checkbox In Javascript And Recognize It As Checked On The Server Side?

Mar 17, 2010

I have a checkbox which in some cases may be disabled and checked using javascript, i.e:

var cbTest = document.getElementById("CheckBoxTest");
cbTest.disabled = true;
cbTest.checked = true;

However, when sending a postback, CheckBoxTest.Checked is false on the server side.

Is it possible to disable the checkbox and still have the server side recognize it as checked?

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C# - Can Place Code From Webform Into Class

Dec 11, 2010

I have some code in a button_click event in my webform that performs some actions
(writing some xml files).But i wish to place all my XML code in 1 class within my webproject.But how do i exactly acces controls from my webform on this class?nd how do i link those 2 with each other?Ive tried inherit from System.Web.UI.Page in my class but seems thats not quite it.

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