MVC :: How To Create Several Sites On The Same Domain

May 31, 2010

I want to create several websites on my domain, and I am wondering how to go about this in MVC? Should I put them all within one project, and create separate folders in each Views, Models and Controllers folder for each site, or would it be better to create a separate project for each site, although I'm not sure how I would integrate

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How To Configure For Running Two Sites On The Same Domain

Nov 15, 2010

I have two sites: a site written in vb (site 1), a site written in C # (Site 2).
Site 1 running on a primary domain, eg site 2 run as sub domain, eg I do not want to run the site 2 as a sub domain 2 again, which would put it in a folder of the site 1, for // now we have to configure in a site how to run the site 2.

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Security :: Windows Authentication For Several Sites In One Domain

Jun 18, 2010

I have two different web sites in Intranet zone. They are placed in one domain (like http://site1 and http://site2.site1). They use Windows Authentication for common domain (like mycorpUser1, mycorpUser2, mycorpUser3).First web site(http://site1) have iframe element with hyperlink to second web site(http://site2.site1). When user loads first web site he needs write login and password twice. How to make that http://site1 and http://site2.site1 ask authentication only once?

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Security :: Way To Authenticate A Cross-domain Request For Two Intranet Sites Using AD

Apr 22, 2010

I'm still new to windows authentication. Basically, we have a page on that needs to be accessed only by an authenticated user originating from http://internalsite. The user on internalsite is already authenticated using windows authentication.I'm confused here. How can I validate the user and obtain their role so that i can not only validate that they are authentic, but to authorize them to use this page on

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Configuration :: Multiple Sites Hosted At A Hosting Company That Does Not Support Domain Pointing?

Dec 26, 2010

I have multiple sites hosted at a hosting company that does not support domain pointing. Right now I have all of my domains go to the root directory and Response.Redirect() to a sub-directory which leaves me with Is there a way to make my own pointer to eliminate the /subdir/ portion of the URL?

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How To Create Sites Programmatically

Feb 16, 2011

Im working on a project where i will need to create sites programatically when a user completes a sign up process.

so basically if my main site is: i will need to create subsites in the format of:

where username is an option entered by the user in the signup process to designate a unique identifier for their site.

im working with VB.NET language.

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How To Create Folders To Organize Web Sites In IIS7

Apr 20, 2010

I have several ASP.NET sites in IIS7 and would like to be able to group them into folders (or other mechanism, if available). Ideally, I would use a customer name or account number and put the sites under there.

Is there a way to customize the organization of sites in IIS7, or is there just the one 'flat' view?

I'm open to tricks and hacks.

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How To Create A CMS (content Management System) Sites Using .NET

Aug 6, 2010

ASP.Net 2005

I am a new bie to work with I want to create an application /site in which work like content management system. As we see many sites are now a days being build on JOOMLA. How can we create such a CMS (content management system) sites using ASP.NET.

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Unable To Open Certain Sites From Internet Explorer Is Showing All Sites As Restricted?

Aug 17, 2010

i m not able to open certain sites from internet explorer is showing all sites as restricted .

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Security :: Hou To Create A Registration Page For Multiple Web Sites

Nov 16, 2010

I created a resiter.aspx page and active.aspx page. a user that register recieve authenticetion email and only after verifying the using a link verification (redirevt to active.aspx page) only then the user authenticated.

This pages are tested and working!

How can I use this page for several solutions? of course I can copy/past this pages. but then I will have to maintain the same code twice....I am looking for the best way to achieve

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Html - How To Create Multi Screen Resolution Sites

Nov 19, 2010

how do i create website which supports various screen resolution & Multi browser support (i.e 1024*768 ) and others using

i have developed website in (vb) my monitor resoultion is 1024*768 but when i try to access my site in other monitor having the resolution more than 1024*768 then the controls are unmanaged .... in the webpage...

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Enable / Create Shared Shopping Cart Between Two E-commerce Sites?

Feb 28, 2011

I have two e-commerce sites. One was built using ASP .net technology and the other one was built using open source codes.

Now I would like to allow shared shopping cart between the two sites. The customer will be able to add product from either site to the same shopping cart and check out.

Has anyone done this type of project before? It seems that there isn't any easy solution -- i.e. we would have to build a new shopping cart from group up for both sites.

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Way To Create Sites And WebParts - How To Automate Site Page Creation Process

Aug 5, 2010

We are working on a SharePoint Site where we have created lot of webparts. Now so far we have been creating SitePages for these webparts manually and adding webparts to those. It takes lot of time in any environment and its difficult to move from environment to environment.What is the ideal way of doing it? How can we automate sitePage creation process and hopefully add webpart to it by some scripts?

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Way To Create Application Or Virtual Directories In A Site That Can Simulate Multiple Sites

Nov 15, 2010

we want all these requests to point back to and not have to physically create the files and directories for every type of site... so if I just create a virtual directory ( and point it to then I figure I can look at the URL and set some parameters/text/images accordingly to fill out the template

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How To Develop Web Parts That Can Be Used In Our ASP.NET Sites And Our SharePoint Sites

Jul 16, 2010

I am interested in developing Web Parts that can be used in our ASP.NET sites
and our SharePoint sites. An example Web Part I have in mind is a Post Code (Zip Code) look up.- Visual Studio 2010 Premium- SharePoint Designer 2007- Windows 2003 Server (therefore WSS 3.0)- No SharePoint Server

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C# - Way To Create Domain Name Checker

Nov 3, 2010

how to make a domain name checker (testing for availability) for top-level domains?Eg. to check if the domain: or is available or not. Do I need to be subscribed to a service to do this, or is there some simple magic behind such test?

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Can Create Url Rewrite To A Domain In IIS 7

Nov 29, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET 3.5 with IIS 7 with the URL Rewrite Module 2.0 installed.When I create the first test rewrite rule:

<rule name="Test rule1" patternSyntax="ExactMatch">
<match url="w/123/test" />
<action type="Rewrite" url="article.aspx?id=123" />
( ->

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Web Forms :: How To Create A Site Map For Sub Domain

Jul 28, 2010

I have a domain with name of I want to create a site in this site and this site contains 14 sub domains there. I need a structure of sitemap which contains all sub domains. The list of sub domains
is given below. Any suggestion is welcome... (Main Domain)

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Create Subdomains Dynamically Under Domain Using C#?

May 28, 2010

I would like to create subdomains Dynamically under my domain using ,C#? I can not find good solution for this. What are the things i should do to complete this.


1.user register with site

2.domain name should be:

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Web Forms :: Create Sub Domain Dynamically

May 7, 2015

I have register page that in this page I registered users with behcode I want when I register them, Automatically it create sub-domain like below:

I can create sub-domain seprately from host but can I do it when I register users? 

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Create Code To Generate DB From Domain Model

Mar 27, 2011

Out of good design practice and organization, in which project should a local development SQL database be in a web based application? I'm just starting my assignment so I currently have 'CompanyName.Web.UI' and 'CompanyName.Domain' projects setup. Im using LinqToSql and creating my database from POCOS, meaning I'll have to create some code to generate the DB from my domain model. I.e.

DataContext dc = new DataContext(connString);

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C# - How To Create A Single Webapplication As A Sub Domain For Many Companies

Jan 18, 2010

i am working on a project that you can subscribe with your company name and you can use all features of site specificly to your company. for example company abcd can get its own url from our website like

company efgh can also login with its own url and see its product list.

I am thinking on the approach that will use Global.ascx file to distinguish companies, i will write code to extract company name from url in global.ascx for every valid request and in all the pages i will put this.form.action = request.rawurl.

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How To Connect Database Create In Sql Server ,to Web Site Upload On Domain

Sep 6, 2010

how to connect database create in sql server ,to my web site upload on domain.

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How To Create A Local User Profile For Both Machine And Domain Accounts

Feb 11, 2010

I am using ASP.NET 3.5 and SQL SERVER 2008. And I have a very simple code within my ASP.NET page :



The connection string specifies a local Sql Server Express instance using a database location within the applications App_Data directory. The provider attempted to automatically create the application services database because the provider determined that the database does not exist. The following configuration requirements are necessary to successfully check for existence of the application services database and automatically create the application services database:

If the applications App_Data directory does not already exist, the web server account must have read and write access to the applications directory. This is necessary because the web server account will automatically create the App_Data directory if it does not already exist.

If the applications App_Data directory already exists, the web server account only requires read and write access to the applications App_Data directory. This is necessary because the web server account will attempt to verify that the Sql Server Express database already exists within the applications App_Data directory. Revoking read access on the App_Data directory from the web server account will prevent the provider from correctly determining if the Sql Server Express database already exists. This will cause an error when the provider attempts to create a duplicate of an already existing database. Write access is required because the web server accounts credentials are used when creating the new database. Sql Server Express must be installed on the machine.

The process identity for the web server account must have a local user profile. See the readme document for details on how to create a local user profile for both machine and domain accounts.

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Web Forms :: Create A Regular Expression From A String Or An Array Of Domain Names?

Feb 25, 2010

I need a way to create a regular expression from a string or an array of domain names. for example string array = [URL]. Once I click save I would want to create a regular expression that would match all 3 with or without '.com' extension. Then Another task would be to pull this data out of regular expression and put it back into an array.

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