Security :: Roles.AddUserToRole((sender As CreateUserWizard).UserName "Customers"); Not Active

Feb 8, 2010

Do you know where could come from my issue. In deed every time i create an user "customers" I always have to active it in configuration.

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Security :: Calling Roles.AddUserToRole Inserts Two New Users

Jan 2, 2011

I'm trying programatically to create a new user, that's working OK on it own, but whenever I add the following line to my code, it seems to create two new members with the same name in my aspnet_Users table?

Roles.AddUserToRole(newUser.ToString(), "Registered");

Here's my code:


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Security :: Getting Sqlserver Error 40 With "roles.AddUserToRole"?

Sep 2, 2010

I am using Membership in my website built using VS-2005.

I am able to create a new user using them Membership.CreateUser method or from Website Configuration but when I run "roles.AddUserToRole" from code-behind or create a new role using ASP.NET WebsiteConfiguration I am getting the following error (in website configuration).

There is a problem with your selected data store. This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. It can also be caused by the role manager feature not being enabled. Click the button below to be redirected to a page where you can choose a new data store.

The following message may in diagnosing the problem:

An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)

I have followed these steps:-

1>Enabled forms authentication in web.config by using <authentication> and <authorization> tags and verified the same set main.html as start page and set frmlogin.aspx as loginurl and upon running the website the user was getting redirected to frmlogin.aspx

2>removed localsqlserver from connectionstrings and again added a custom connectionstring by name LocalSqlServer to override the LocalSqlServer in Machin.config so that the "AspnetSqlMembershipProvider" uses a custom database and not aspnetdb.

3>using aspnet_regsql.exe tool created the membership tables for my database

4>After I started receiving the error checked SqlServer-2005 SurfaceArea Configuration and found that under RemoteConnections, settings were already made to allow 'Remote and Local connections' as well as 'allow TCP/IP and Named Pipes'.

5>Then opened SqlServer Configuration Tool . Here I found that MSSQLServer was started and running. But SQLServerAgent was stopped so started it and set its startup type to automatic. Then stopped SqlServerService Manager and restarted for the settings to take effect and found that the SQLServer Agent was stopped and I have to manually restart it. Will this be the cause of this error?

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Security :: Add Multiple User And Roles At One Shot Using CreateUserWizard Control

Feb 17, 2010

I wanted to maintain the great features of ASP security control but i couldn't find a way to fit my purposes. I wanted to add in multiple user in one shot instead of one by one, So far using CreateUserWizard control only allow admin to add user once at a time. Is there a way to add in multiple user with a uploaded name list ?

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Security :: CreateUserWizard Fails With Readonly Username Textbox?

Jan 20, 2011

"How to: Customize the ASP.NET CreateUserWizard Control" [URL]

In the final example, a wizard step, "CreateUserWizardStep0", is used to validate the username as unique before proceeding to the createwizardstep that collects the remainder of the user's registration information. In order to keep the user from changing this username on the next screen I have set the textbox for username to ReadOnly=true. However, this changes causes the registration to fail without ever executing the method "CreateUserWizard1_CreatedUser."

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Security :: Clear The UserName And Email Textbox Fields In CreateUserWizard

Nov 18, 2010

I need to clear the UserName and Email textbox fields in my CreateUserWizard.. Below is the code..


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Security :: Roles.GetRolesForUser(UserName) Not Working?

Oct 26, 2010

Roles.GetRolesForUser(UserName) .I have follwing codes in my Web.config,

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms slidingExpiration="true" defaultUrl="admin/Welcome.aspx" timeout="60"/> </authentication>
<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="SecurityTutorialsSqlRoleProvider">
<add name="SecurityTutorialsSqlRoleProvider" type="System.Web.Security.SqlRoleProvider" applicationName="SecurityTutorials" connectionStringName="SecurityTutorialsConnectionString"/>

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Security :: Accessing Username / Password / Roles In Xml File

Aug 26, 2010

Currently I am storing my username and password (passwordFormat="SHA1") credientails in my web.config. I would like to figure out how to access them in an xml file that I have stored in my App_Data directory rather than the web.config file because I do not want my application restarting everytime I manually add a user (small list of 5 authorized users for the CMS section).

Here is what my web.config section looks like:

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms name=".Administration"
<credentials passwordFormat="SHA1">
<user name="username" password="474BA67XXXXXX3B36DFD8A7BED6C85B04943" />

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Security :: How To Use Active Directory Username And Password In Accessing Page Using C#

Aug 15, 2010

i have a page using c#.

1. My page has a login page.

2. i created a list of user in database who has the access in my asp page.

3. but i want to use their SAME username and password (active directory) to use as their login name and password to my asp page.

4. how can i access the active directory username and password and connect to my list of user database.

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Security :: Login In Asp Application Using Active Directory Username And Password

Feb 8, 2010

i want to login with window username and password using active directrory in my application.

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Autogenerate Username And Password In Createuserwizard

Nov 30, 2010

How to autogenerate username and password in createuserwizard !

I want username as int data type and auto increment as 1000, 1001, 1002 and so on ...

and password for all user in random numbers ... with characters as aA123Sb

in createuserwizard complete step it will show username and password....

how to do in ?

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Web Forms :: Setting MaxLength For Username Field In CreateUserWizard Control

Mar 22, 2011

Is there a property i can call to set the maximum length for the username or password field in a CreateUserWizard Control to limit the numebr of characters entered in the field? If so, how can this be done?

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Web Forms :: Extract The Text Entered In The UserName Textbox From The CreateUserWizard?

May 7, 2010

Now to my question. I would like to check for username availability. For this I need to extract the text entered in the UserName textbox from the CreateUserWizard. I don't know how to do so. I need to cast somewhere but where?

Here's my code: (the bold word draws a cast error which I need to sort out)


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C# - GetRolesForUser Tries To Get Roles On Old Username?

Mar 24, 2010

I have a section on a page where a user can change their username. This is basically the code for that:

user.UserName = txtNewUserName.Text;

user is a class in my dbml and Save calls SubmitChanges on the data context.The name is changed in the database, so when it calls the following method, it fails because it is trying to get the user with the old username instead of the one that is in the database now.

public override string[] GetRolesForUser(string username)
return dc.Users.Where(u => u.UserName== username)
.Select(r => r.RoleName).ToArray<string>();

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DataSource Controls :: Select All The Customers From "customers" Table From A Specific Country - Query Is Not Working

Feb 23, 2010

I want to select all the customers from "customers" table from a specific country. I write the following query but it is not working. why?

select *
From customers
where country = @country;[code]....

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Security :: How To Hide Multiple Roles With Roles.getallroles()

Mar 7, 2011

I have a multi level application that I am developing and need to block multiple rows from being joined. I know how to hide one role but I cannot figure out how to hide multiple.

Here is my current code


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Security :: Prevent To Access Aspx Code For End-users Or Customers?

May 3, 2010

suppose we've created a web app for our customers.

how to prevent to access web page code (aspx code or behind code) for our customers ?

how to implement security and licensing information for web apps ?

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Security :: Sender URL For HTTP POST?

Jul 19, 2010

I am working on a application which will accept the data in the post request.I will surely implement the data encryption to make sure that communication is secured. But my concern is, any body who knows the URL will be able to send the POST data request to my application, can I restrict the request from once specific IP address/URL.From a Request object can I find out which application/HOSTname/URL has sent this request. I looked at RefererURL but it can be populated and cannot be used. Is there any other field/properly which will tell me about the party who has sent this request.I want to make sure that I process request received from one specific URL/IP and want to ignore all others.

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Security :: Update Username Of Current Logged Username?

Mar 12, 2010

How to update username of current logged username?

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Security :: How To See The Number Of Customers Logged In And The Duration Etc Excluding Employee And Admin

Sep 17, 2010

i have a website which has 3 modules admin part,employee part and customer part . so when the admin login he has to see the number of customers logged in and the duration etc excluding employee and admin

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Web Forms :: Assigning Roles To Active Directory Validated Users?

May 10, 2010

assigning roles to Active Directory validated users?

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Active Directory/LDAP :: AD Authentication Using Forms - Dealing With Roles

Mar 2, 2010

I am not really sure if this post should go in the Security section or the Active Directory / LDAP section....with that being said I am looking for advice on how to best accomplish my goal(s), I am working with FORMS authentication, using active directory (across 2 domains). I have got authenticating working correctly based upon the article at: [URL] now - my questions:

1. What is the best way to deal with roles? What I would like to do is restrict access to my application so that only the users that are authorized to use the application can login - not everyone in the AD. My gut feeling tells me I would use an AD group for this. Furthermore, a subset of these users in this group will be allowed to access the data maintenance forms

2. Ideally, in a perfect world, I would like to write this authentication piece as a separate project - this way it could be used for multiple projects - the only thing different would be the AD groups it would be checking. Is there a way that I could set which AD groups or roles in each projects web.config?

Am I approaching this the correct way? What is typically done?

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Security :: Automatically Assigning Roles / Standard Practice For Assigning Roles To Newly Signed-on members?

May 17, 2010

Newb question: what is the standard practice for assigning roles to newly signed-on members. Is it usually manual or is there a way of automatically assigning roles. Being completely new to this, I am confronted by the issue of my site having three different roles that new members could fall into, but am unsure about how to assign each a role. I can't imagine having to go through the process manually if I have thousands of members.

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Active Directory/LDAP :: Get AD Groups For User By Username In 4.0

Aug 5, 2010

I've been searching for a solution to get a list of the AD Groups for at specific AD user. I'll need the current user logged in and would like to query by the username. The problem is that all the solutions I find on the web uses System.DirectoryServices - and I can't find the dll in my .Net 4.0 webproject (I only have System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement) - so I can't use any of the examples that I've found. Is there a difference way to query the AD through 4.0 compared to 2.0? I could really use some examples, articles or just good advise to get moving - I'm kind of stuck at the moment.

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Active Directory Intranet / Get A Windows Prompt To Enter Username And Password

Nov 2, 2010

I have an intranet that gets the current logged in user through active directory. When a user is locked out they get a windows prompt to enter their username and password. Is there a way for me to catch this and redirect them to a page where they are asked to enter their credentials again or tell them that their account might be locked out and to contact the help desk?

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