VS 2008 - Design Web Form In Telerik Control

Jul 23, 2012

How to design web form in telerik control ...using table row cell, etc etc ....

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Design Pattern(s) For A Webservice Enabled Telerik Treeview For Navigation Of A Document Site?

Oct 11, 2010

I am currently working on a document management system in ASP.NET 3.5 using the Telerik AJAX toolkit. It consists of masterpage with a title banner across the top and a RadTreeview down the left hand side for navigation through the site. The treeview uses a combination of static nodes and dynamic ones. The dynamic nodes are populated via a webservice. When a node is clicked the relevant page is navigated to, reloading the masterpage and displaying the content of the target page.

The problem comes from the fact the treeview's dynamic nodes are populated via a webservice and therefore as the user navigates through the tree to find a document the treeview behaves as you would expect. However, when you get to the bottom of a tree of dynamic nodes the navigation to the page of the navigateurl causes the relevant page to be loaded and then the treeview resets itself to a collapsed state. This means the user could be deep in a nest of documents but when they view one, the tree collapses and they have to start their navigation all over again. This limitation is not going to be acceptable from an ease of use perspective.

According to Telerik, this is the designed behaviour for performance reasons - the node only ever worries about populating the next set of nodes and therefore the treeviews state is not remembered in viewstate.

So, the meat of question is. Is the masterpage/async treeview navigation design pattern a valid one? Are there any other ways to have an ajax treeview on a masterpage, that remembers it's state when another page is navigated to? I have considered a siglepage/updatepanel/partial page rendering model but the opinions I've seen on the net infer that this is bad idea. It confuses users that expect back/forward browser behaviour to navigate through the site but in a single page world they would end up leaving the site.

I also thought that maybe using a single page container and an iframe may work but this seems to be moving away from the "standard" design pattern of using masterpages.

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Visual Studio :: 2008 Design Mode Hangs On Windows 2008 Server?

Mar 28, 2010

I have looked at all the posts I can find on this problem and tried everything I can think of, but still the problem persists. I am getting really sick of it.was working fine for the last year until an update to MS Office 2007 caused a lot of problems (automatic update). After checking posts here, I removed it completely. No change. I then tried all the things I could find on other posts, also no change. Today, I removed VS and the Web Authoring Component and re-installed. Still no go.

Does anyone have a fix for this problem. It seems that it has been around a long time, but is still giving problems. I even saw one suggestion to reformat the drive! You've got to be joking!

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Installation :: Telerik, Web, Design, Dll / Installation Type Of Telerik Is "ZIP" And Not "exe"

May 24, 2010

I tried these solution in htis
http://blogs.telerik.com/atanaskorchev/posts/09-03-06/Meet_Telerik_Web_Design_dll.aspx but not work.

Hint: Win7, vs2008.

The installation type of Telerik is "ZIP" and not "exe".

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Telerik ReportViewer - When Using Within A User Control The Control Bar Doesn't Appear Correctly

Feb 16, 2010

When using the Telerik ReportViewer control from inside a user control, the control bar (bar with navigation & exports buttons etc) doesn't appear to display correctly. Only the navigation buttons appear in the control bar itself. The other buttons (Export, Refresh, Print, & Close Parameters) all appear below the control bar, each on a new line.

If I do the exact same in a normal page (rather than user contorl), it appears fine.

P.S. I'm using IE 7 and the Telerik 2009 Q3 ASP.NET AJAX suite.

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VS 2008 User Interface Design

Mar 17, 2011

One thing I would like to improve on for many of my web applications, is the user interface design and the "look and feel" of the sites. To begin looking at how to do this, I thought I would start by asking the community what additional software they use or would recommend to combine with either VS2008 or VS2010.

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Data Entry Form GUI Design?

May 30, 2010

provide tutorial/code sample on the most elegant and simple design in ASP.NET 3.5 for data entry forms (Select/Insert/Update/Delete)?

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Web Forms :: Design Web Form Like A Microsoft Outlook?

Aug 9, 2010

How to design web form like a microsoft outlook?

Is there any control to add menu like a outlook left panel(left Top and bottm panel) has?

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Visual Studio ::reinstalling Visual Web Developer 2008 Express - Do Not Have Design View In VWD 2008 Express?

Sep 6, 2010

After reinstalling Visual Web Developer 2008 express a few times I still don,t have design view just source view.

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Visual Studio :: Cannot Use 'split' Or 'design' Modes In 2008 Pro?

Jul 25, 2010

i'm quite a newb in asp.net , so here we go:i used the dreamspark project in order to get VS 2008 pro (free and legal) , and then i started experiencing with asp.net .the problem is that whenever i choose the split mode, it doesn't go there at all, and whenever i choose the 'design' mode, the tab itself is frozen yet it's possible to close it. it doesn't matter what the file (with the aspx extention) has in it (even a
new blank website) , it always happen.i've tried to re-install VS2008 (after uninstallation&restart) and i also tried to uninstall anything related to dot net (and then install what is needed again through the installer of VS2008) . i even tried out the express version but it didn't work for me.

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Web Forms :: What Is Best Way To Design A Form Which Sends An Email With An Attachment

Feb 5, 2010

I have been given the task to develop a web form which will send an email with an attachment.

I know all about sending an email using (SMTP) What I want to know is that what is the best way to send an attachment along with rest of the email.

I know that ASP.NET has a file upload control and then there are C# post to send a file and then AJAX way to send a file. So my question is what should I use...

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Web Forms :: Form Is Only Partially Visible When In Design View?

Apr 18, 2010

When I try to look at my masterpage/form in design view it's only partially visible. It's shifted so far to the left that i can only see the right half of it. I don't understand why. I'm using negative margins to center the form at runtime, which is working great. It appears to be shifted to left about half of it's width, which would equal the negative margin.

CSS for negative margin:


Is this a deficiency with the rendering in Design view? Is it a discrepancy between the way a browser would interpret the styles and the was the Design view interprets them?

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Design View Freezes In Visual Studio 2008 Web Application?

Aug 26, 2010

i have visual studio 2008 and ms office 2007..when i try to develop a web application in vs 2008, i didnt able to open the design view of the web page.. i can only able to see the source view..came to know by googling as, there is some compatibility issues between vs 2008 and ms office 2007 in web authoring components.

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Visual Studio :: Design View Dataset After Upgrade To 2008?

Jan 26, 2011

I upgraded a project from Visual Studio 2005 to 2008. Now when I'm in the design view of a dataset (an xsd file) and try to add a new column a get an error message:"Failed to add column. The server version is not supported. Only servers up to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 are supported".But if I add a column from Visual Studio 2005 to a SQL Server 2008 database it works fine.

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Web Forms :: User Controls Not Displaying On Form At Design Time?

Jun 21, 2010

None of my user controls display on a web form at design time. At runtime they work fine and at design time to design the user controls themselve is fine.

Is there a setting that is telling the controls not to render at design time?

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Modal Popup Panel Is Not Showing In The Design Form In VS2008?

Feb 25, 2010

I have a web application in VS2005 development and I migrated this web application to the latest development in VS2008. Everything is working fine except that the modal popup panel is not showing in the form design in VS2008. I'm wondering why is it and how do I view the modal popup panel in the view design form in VS2008?

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Web Forms :: Using Masterpage: Design View Is Not Working On The Content Form

Feb 14, 2011

I have the following problem:

I have started to use Masterpages, and normally you can code in the Source view and also you can switch to the Design view and watch everything you did, but, when Ive introduced master-pages, I can see only the master page design view but I cannot see the Content form design!!! :S

I will attach a printscreen!

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MVC :: Error Deploying Telerik MVC Grid Control

May 12, 2010

I've introduced the (awesome) grid control and got it working fine on my dev environment.I deployed my site to my local dev server and got the following error:


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C# - Controls In A Telerik Control Not Accessible From .cs File?

Oct 28, 2010

I am using telerik controls in my c# asp.net project. I am trying to disable a div in a telerik navigation menu from the .cs file. For example:

if (Emp_Role == "1" || Emp_Role == "5")
DivLeave.Visible = true;

I try run the project I get this error:

CS0103: The name 'DivLeave' does not exist in the current context

Here is an example of the aspx code

<telerik:RadMenu runat="server" ID="RadMenu1" Skin="Sitefinity" OnClientItemOpened="itemOpened"
Width="670px" Height="26px" EnableShadows="true">
<telerik:RadMenuItem Text="Expenses" PostBack="false">
<telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Stores" Width="640px">
<div id="DivLeave" class="Wrapper">
Expense Management</h3>

If I place the div outside the telerik control it works fine.

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Navigate Through Records In Telerik Popup Control?

Dec 8, 2010

i have a popup control, which displays the info of a row which i have clicked, i want to also have a next and previous button which will go to the next or previous record depending on what button is clicked.

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Find Html Anchor Control In Telerik:radgrid ?

Sep 22, 2010

how to find html anchor control in telerik:radgrid ?

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Visual Studio ::reinstalled The Application Several Times - No Design View In VWD 2008 Express

Mar 13, 2011

I downloaded VWD 2008 express months ago. Don't know what happened but my design view went.I have reinstalled the application several times but no success. I posted this problem on several forums and got many suggestions like uninstall office 2007, reinstall web authoring component, install n et.framework 3.5 which is not compatible with Win7 and does not install, so I have net.framework 4.0. I tried to bburn the iso file installation package, burnt it to a dvd and install it from the media, nothing.My pc is a Compaq Presario CQ61 Notebook running Win7 Home Edition.

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AJAX :: Combobox Rendering Error In Visual Studio 2008 Design View?

Jan 20, 2010

i am using the combobox ajax control i in design time i am having an error:

there was an error rendering the control. Request is not available in the context.

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AJAX :: Drag-and-drop, Toolkit Controls Onto A Visual Studio 2010 Design Form?

Mar 13, 2011

I installed the AJAX Toolkit (for .NET4) onto a new Toolbox tab in Visual Studio 2010. However, when I try to drag any of these controls onto my Web form in design mode, they won't stick. My mouse pointer changes to 'disabled' (a circle with a diagonal line thru the middle) as soon as it hovers anywhere over my target form. Is there some additional action I need to take to make VS "recognize" these AJAX Toolkit controls?

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C# - Fluent Control Writing Like Telerik - Understanding The Angle Brackets Translation

Nov 8, 2010

public class OneControl
public OneControl Content(Action value) {
ContentProperty = value;
return this;
public void Render()

Then I got this in my view :

<div id="pleaseHelpMe">
<% OneControlInstance.Content(() => { %>
Some Mixed Stuff <%= Example%> Euros
<% }).Render() %>

I would like to use this syntax in my UI library, I know how to implement this but I don't know HOW it actually works! I understand that somewhere and somewhat a delegate is created and provided as an argument of the method Content, but can't find any information about this mecanism or technic. Assumed current correct answer : The compiler translates the aspx code below into (symbolic translation for comprehension):

<div id="pleaseHelpMe">
<% OneControlInstance.Content(() => {
ViewPageInstance.Response.Write("Some Mixed Stuff ");
ViewPageInstance.Response.Write(" Euros");
}).Render() %>

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