C# - Asynchronous Page Stopping Other Requests

Mar 2, 2011

I have a aspx page to do asynchronous calls. The page gets data from the database(spends 30 seconds in the stored procedure) and then returns the results to the client. This is done through a jquery post.

The problem is that while it does the stored procedure for 30 seconds, the rest of my site can't make any requests.

I have <%@ Page Async="true" AsyncTimeout="600" Language="C#"... in the .aspx

My .aspx.cs contains:


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Stopping Domain Or Web Forwarding Requests?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a website say [URL] and recently found that someone has a domain name say [URL] forwarding or redirecting to my website [URL] and if you type [URL] it shows my actual website!! How can I stop these kinds of activities using some sort of script

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Jquery - Intercept / Get Notified About Asynchronous Requests?

Sep 20, 2010

I need to get notified about asynchronous requests in ASP.NET. I used the jQuery .ajaxSend global event but it does not trigger when using UpdatePanels.

Is there a multi-browser way to detect when a request is being made on a page?

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Web Forms :: Interrupting Or Stopping Page Rendering?

Aug 6, 2010

I know i could possibly just throw and exception and let the server handle the interruption but for personal knowledge and exploration, i would like to do it more than having the server automate it for me. I hav built a shared method that will take in information such as:


During the body, it just formats a series of information into a table and i would like to add the table to the page. Now i know you just simply do "Page.Controls.Add(Object)" to add the table to the page. Problem is that it adds it to the bottom of the page after rendering all the other content.

I would like for this method to interrupt the rendering process, clear out what has been built up and then output the table to the substitute the page pre-defined content.Very similar to what IIS spits out when it encounters and error and show the Exception name, message, and stack-trace. Although my exception is by no means that complicated.

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C# - Stopping A Page Waiting For Usercontrol To Finish Loading?

Jan 28, 2011

Is there a way of stopping the main page waiting for a usercontrol to load before it can finish loading?

I have a usercontrolthat has to do a lot of DB calls which can take a few seconds making the page slow to load. Ideally I'd like the main page to load straight away and then the usercontrol content appear when it is ready.

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Web Forms :: Child Page Not Getting Closed On Stopping The Debug Process From IDE?

Mar 11, 2010

I started creating a new website in Visual Studio 2008 and in my site, there are two pages such that clicking treenode on parent page will take the user to second page. But when i execute my project and then stop the debugging from IDE, the child window is not getting closed. I am not sure where i am missing.

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C# - Validation Controls In User Control Not Stopping Page Postback?

Jan 28, 2011

I have a asp button and a user control containing custom validator in it when i click the button that is present on the page not inside the usercontrol, the user control client side validation occurs and displays the javascript method regarding data entry failure but when i click the javascript alert box ok button, the postback gets occured automatically i want to stop the postback if the user control contains invalid data in iother words the postback get occured only when the user control contains the valid data.

I have already done this type of coding in javascript:

function CheckTimeRangeTo_9(sender, args) {
var e = document.getElementById('<%= ddTimeTableTo_9.ClientID %>');
var totalToTimeInMins = CalculateTotalMinutes(e.options[e.selectedIndex].value);
var totalFromTimeInMins = CalculateTotalMinutes(args.Value);


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DataSource Controls :: Formview Insert - Stopping Page Refresh Inserting Data Again?

Jun 14, 2010

I have created a simple dataset with my ObjcetDataSource to my SQL table named Invoices and a new FormView. My form inserts are working 100% correctly, however after some testing i noticed the insert happens again if i hit the refresh button on my browser after an initial insert. I am currently submitting the form back to itself with a success/fail message returned on the page so that the user can keep inserting more records if they choose. This is done in my Inserted behaviour.

In my ObjectDataSource_Inserting code i am setting the values of a date prior to my insert. How do i stop a second INSERT from happening when the user refreshes the browser? I thought it was what IsPostBack was used for? Here is my code:


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Selectively Redirecting HTTP Requests To HTTPS Requests?

Jun 18, 2010

What's the simplest and most effective way to selectively redirect HTTP requests to your ASP.NET page to its HTTPS equivalent? For example, if my page site URL is [URL], I want to redirect some (or all) page requests to [URL] What's the easiest way to do that?

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MVC :: Handling Unauthorized Page User Requests By Displaying A NoAccess Page?

Apr 12, 2010

I have implemented a custom ErrorController with NoAccess Action returning the View "~/Error/NoAccess" (not inside the Shared folder).

I have also modified the web.config file and add a custom error "<error statusCode="403" redirect="~/Error/NoAccess" />" node.

Each time i enter to an anauthorized page, i get redirected to the logon page (even though i am already logged on). I would to modify the default asp.net mvc authorization functionality and each time a user tries to enter a page that is not authorized to get an "NoAccess" page instead of redirecting to the login page.

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MVC :: Asynchronous Partial Rendering In View Page

Nov 24, 2010

What is the best way to build a progress page? In short, I want a user to complete a series of "setup steps" and hit a "Start" button. I would like them to be immediately redirected to a "Progress" page that will show them the progress of each step. In my case these would be: Shutdown device, copy file, Start device.

My approach so far is to build a Progress View page and use partial views. Here is what I have so far. I would like the Progress page to show up right away even if the ShutdownStatus View has not finished rendering. At some point, I plan on including a progress bar but right now I'm just curious as to how I can show the Progress page immediately then show each partial View as it completes.


<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" runat="server">

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C# - How To Update The .net Page From The Asynchronous WCF Duplex Call

Jul 2, 2010

I've the following doubt. I've a page "MyPage" and i've declared few dictionary objects in the page classMy doubt isIf i declare the dictionary as a private non-static object i'm not able to use it across the functions in that page class (the object is getting nulled)able to across the object across the functions. But will that object be same across all the users who have opened the page right now (guessing that each user will have an instance of the page in turn has an instance for the page class and static variables of a class are invariable across all the instances of the class

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JQuery :: Asynchronous Partial Page Loading? How To

Jul 7, 2010

I have a CRUD type page, where the user can modify an object

This page also has a JQuery Treeview (Async) , id like update part of the page depending on what the user clicks on the tree

Because its async, any postback will cause the tree to collapse - so ill like to have the ability to update the page partially

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Web Forms :: ASPX Page Calling Web Service Asynchronous

Jun 17, 2010

I need help calling a web service asynchronously. Current scenario is, I have a classic ASP page which does some processing and then redirects to a ASPX page which would call the wcf service asynchronously and then redirect to another classic ASP page. Im currently using the Asynchronous method to call the service with Async="true" included in the header. Testing the ASPX page induvidually it appears that the service call is asynchronous and does not wait for the the service to process data. But when integrating it with classic ASP page i.e ASP to ASPX to ASP it appears that the process takes a while as if the service call is synchronous.

So is there a better idea to use in calling a wcf service asynchronously. The idea behind my work flow is the ASPX page would be used to call the service and then the ASPX page would redirect back to the classic ASP page is came from. Let me know if there is a work around on how to call async wcf service in aspx page. I dont need the ASPX page to wait for a result or anything it is just used to call the WCF service async

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Javascript - How To Keep Whole Page Scroll Position After Asynchronous Postback

Oct 16, 2010

i am using asp.net 4.0 iis 7.5 microsoft visual studio 2010

what i want is keep whole page (browser) scroll position (not a div or panel) when asynchronous postback happened (update panel) how can i do this actually i had a function which can keep div scroll bar position after postback like this

<script type="text/javascript">
var xPos, yPos;
var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();
function BeginRequestHandler(sender, args) {
xPos = document.getElementById('Main').scrollLeft;
yPos = document.getElementById('Main').scrollTop;
function EndRequestHandler(sender, args) {
document.getElementById('Main').scrollLeft = xPos;
document.getElementById('Main').scrollTop = yPos;

bu i could not find browser scroll bar id to get its values to get with document.getElementById

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Asynchronous Loading On A Web Page

Jul 1, 2010

I have a scenario where I have two data grids (both dynamic) to be loaded onto a page. However, the data that needs to be shown on one of the grids has no dependence on the data of the other grid. So, when fetching the data, I want to fetch it in an asynchronous manner and bind that data to each of the grids individually. Currently we have a code like

GetData(ForGridOne) ;

I want to make these calls asynchronously so that in order to load the page, the time taken would be lesser. What should be the ideal way to go forward with this ? One more thing, we would be hosting the application in a portlet which doesn't support AJAX.

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Web Forms :: How To Use RegisterAsyncTask Method For Asynchronous Page Design

Aug 30, 2010

i want to impliment the asynchronous page for the improvement of the peformance. how to use the RegisterAsyncTask method for asynchronous page...

i have already read the blog onto the code project on to the link [URL]

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.NET, Asynchronous Call To Another Page, Return Response Immediately?

Feb 13, 2010

An external server sends incoming SMS messages converted to HTTP requests into my sometimes very time-consuming .aspx page. If no response is returned to the external server in 20 seconds, this is considered as an timeout and the same message is sent to my aspx page again (and maybe again....The optimal solution for me would be that the aspx page reads the incoming message (as an HTTP request to the aspx page), starts the processing of the message in another thread, and immediately renders response back to the external server. The external server has no interest in other stuff than the HTTP status (normally 200). When the processing of the message is completed this results in an entry into the log file of the application.

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AJAX :: Webforms And Master Page Asynchronous Postback?

May 18, 2010

I am building a website in which all of the site layout is in Master page and the content of the site is in the inherited pages. I have various links for navigation in which i simple use Response.Redirect to transfer to different pages. Now the problem is that I want to put the content place holder inside Ajax Update panel so that the postbacks are Asynchronous and I want to show the postback by an animated image inside Update Panel progress control. The problem is that I am unable to achieve this result and the entire page is posted back and rendered again. I have placed the content place holder inside the Ajax control toolkit's Update panel but it does not work. Is there any way that I can change the content of the content place holder to a new page with asynchronous postback.


I have same problem, can anyone write a code project exemple

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Page Requests Itself (twice) As An Image?

Jul 26, 2010

When I open my page in Chrome and use the Resource Tracker, at the bottom of the list of requests, there are two GET requests to the aspx file. They take about 2 seconds each. Each request also causes a warning:

Resource interpreted as image but transferred with MIME type text/html.

why a page may be requesting itself, and why it is trying to use it as an image?

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MVC :: Asynchronous Ajax Partial Loading - The Page Load Slow

Feb 20, 2011

I have a MVC view using the following VM.


Currently the page load slow. I am thinking of using JQuery load and render List<A> and List<B> separately and asynchronously. Can I still use MVVM pattern? Or I had to create to controller methods returning List<A> and List<B> separately?]

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Firing Off Some Url Requests (GET) After Page Load

Jan 14, 2011

After a user logs off from our web-site we need to fire off some HTTP requests to 2-3 other external urls (we don't need a response from these btw).

The url request must be performed on the client as the requests will cause a log-off to be performed on these external sites on the users current session.

The only way I thought that this could be achieved would be to render some invisible iframes and set the url to each of them so that when the page loads the requests will be executed.

Is there another way this could be achieved? The above solution seems a bit hacky.

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Route All Page Requests To One Class In C#?

Mar 30, 2011

I'm trying to make an application that can host multiple ecommerce front ends, so I need to figure out how to route all requests to one class which then parses templates and handles all output.

So my question is then how do I route all requests to one class?

In PHP I would use mod_rewrite and have all requests go to index.php and add "main = new MainClass();", but I have no idea on how to achieve this with ASP.NET

The MVC framework isn't what I'm looking for, since I will host several domains with one system.

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AJAX :: Page Is Posted Back Due To Asynchronous File Uploader Control ?

Nov 22, 2010

I am using Asynchronous File uploader ajax toolkit control.I want to get knowledge of whether page is posted back due to File uploader or not in Page_Load event of my aspx page.

For that i tried to use Page properties IsAsync, IsCallBack but even page is posted back on responce of File Upload these properties are false,only IsPostback property is True.

Why IsAsync and IsCallBack properties are false ?

I was thinking that since this control upload files Asyncronously, so atleast on File Upload IsAsync property should be True.But that is also false .

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WebMatrix :: Route All Requests To A Single Page?

Jul 27, 2010

Is it possible to route all the request to the same page without displaying the name of the page in the url.

For exemple, how can I route [URL] and [URL] to index.cshtml

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