C# - Postcode And Radius Lookup Recommendations?

Apr 16, 2010

I look after a number of divisional websites for a uk based membership organisation and what we want to do is provide, as well as other address functions, is a closest member lookup to a web user from the websites themselves.A few use cases that I want to fill:ase 1: The user puts in their post code and wants to see all the members in a 5/10/15/20/30/40 mile radius from themCase 2: The member puts in an area (city, county, etc.) and gets a list of members in that area.Essentially what I'm looking for is a programmable API which I can code against to do:post code lookup and returns addresses (after picking house number for example).
search post code + radius (5miles, 10miles etc) and get a set of applicable post codes to then join onto the membership records in the databaseAny recommendations? It can be a quarterly update install on the server, it can be a queryable web service.

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Zip/Postal Codes Within A X Mile Radius?

Dec 17, 2010

Anybody know of any web services or any other ways of finding all the zip codes within an x mile radius?I have referred to the following link for all the state and zip codes ttp://www.census.gov/tiger/tms/gazetteer/zcta5.txtJust looking for the best method to make this happen.

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Web Forms :: Can Ssign A Border-radius Using A Skin To An Image

Feb 19, 2011

I would like to apply rounded corners to all of my images of 5px. I tried doing it with a defniition in a skin (theme) file as :


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C# - Search By Zipcode And Show Data Within Specific Radius?

Jan 22, 2011

have a database of the US, CANADA zipcodes with latitude and longitude. I would like to implement search to show listings within specified radius. How can it be done with Linq to Entity, C#

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Web Forms :: Search Address Near By 100 Miles Radius Using Googlemap Api?

Apr 19, 2010

I have sql server table which consis customername and address. I want to create a page where user will enter address and select radius in miles from a pulldown and click on search, so it will return the list of addresses near by entered adress and entered radius miles.

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SQL Server :: Query To Return Results Based On Latitude / Longitude Within Certain Radius

Sep 7, 2010

I cant seem to find a good example of how to build the query logic. We are allowing users to search based on lat/long and need to add radius as another parameter. So you enter 29.30125 as the latitude and -95.04590 as the longitude and pick say 15miles as the radius, i need to return all records that fall within that radius.. can someone suggest a good site to review this type of query?

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Need Recommendations With WCF And Security

Jul 5, 2010

i'd like to recieve comments on the way i'm trying to build an asp.net web application which uses a WCF service that is hosted in another asp.net application. Both applications will live on the same machine, but the app with the WCF service will not be accessible from the outside. there will be two web servers sharing the load behind a load balancer.

The app pool of both applications will use the same local user account (web server is not part of a domain) and so i was thinking to use WsHttpBinding with windows security for communication between client and internal wcf service.

The fron-end asp.net app uses forms authentication through a custom membership/role provider to athenticate and authorize users. The user database is in a sql server database.

i need to somehow pass to the wcf service the user details (username + roles) so that in the wcf it will be possible to validate and authorize according to the roles of who is logged in the front-end. I read i need to use "support tokens", but i haven't figured out how to use this.

I read also something about claims and WIF, which seems interesting but have no idea how i could use these in my scenario.

is there anyone who can give me recommendations about the architecture and maybe also show me how to pass the username to the wcf service and also show me if possible to use claims based authorization?

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C# - Looking For Design Recommendations - Asp.net?

Dec 17, 2010

Looking for design recommendations in asp.netwhat be better to use for design controls on the screento put controls in table ? or absolute position for the controls ?what is better to use ? What all developers use ?

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Recommendations For Abstract Class Vs Interfaces?

Dec 21, 2010

From the following URL i got some doubts about the Recommendations for using Abstract class vs interfaces


1. If you anticipate creating multiple versions of your component, create an abstract class. Abstract classes provide a simple and easy way to version your components. By updating the base class, all inheriting classes are automatically updated with the change. Interfaces, on the other hand, cannot be changed once created. If a new version of an interface is required, you must create a whole new interface. { Is there any example for this t ounderstand throughly ?} If you are designing small, concise bits of functionality, use interfaces. If you are designing large functional units, use an abstract class. If you want to provide common, implemented functionality among all implementations of your component, use an abstract class. Abstract classes allow you to partially implement your class, whereas interfaces contain no implementation for any members. { Is there any example for this t ounderstand throughly?

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Looking For Recommendations For A Basic Website Search Control

Mar 8, 2010

I'm looking for recommendations for a basic site search control or example of creating some code to provide a way for users to search a site I am developing. I'd like to keep it quite simple if possible and ideally want something I can use straight away.

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Architecture Suggestions / Recommendations For A Web Application With Sub Apps

Jan 17, 2011

I'm starting to plan an architecture for a big web application, and I wanted to get suggestions and/or recommendations on where to begin and which technologies and/or frameworks to use. The application will be an Intranet-based web site using Windows authentication, running on IIS and using SQL Server and ASP.NET. It'll need to be structured as a main/shell application with sub-applications that are "pluggable" based on some configuration settings.

The main or shell application is to provide the overall user interface structure - header/footer, dynamically built tabs for each available sub-app, and a content area in which the sub-application will be loaded when the user clicks on the sub-application's tab. So, on start-up of the main/shell application, configuration information will be queried from a database, and, based on the user and which of the sub-apps are available, the main or shell app would dynamically build tabs (or buttons or something) as a way to access each individual application. On start-up, the content area will be populated with the "home" sub-app. But, clicking on an sub-app tab will cause the content area to be populated with the sub-app corresponding to the tab.

For example, we're going to have a reports application, a display application, and probably a couple other distinct applications. On startup of the main/shell application, after determining who the user is, the main app will query the database to determine which sub-apps the user can use and build out the UI. Then the user can navigate between available sub-apps and do their work in each. Finally, the entire app and all sub-apps need to be a layered design with presentation, service, business, and data access layers, as well as cross-cutting objects for things such as logging, exception handling, etc.

Anyway, my questions revolve around where to begin to plan something like this application. What technologies/frameworks would work best in developing a solution for this application? MVC? MVP? WCSF? EF? NHibernate? Enterprise Library? Repository Pattern? Others? I know all these technologies/frameworks are not used for the same purpose, but knowing which ones to focus on is a little overwhelming.
Which ones would be the best choice(s) for a solution? Which ones work well together for an end-to-end design? How would one structure the VS project for something like this?

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Finding User Interface Components Recommendations

May 4, 2010

I'm looking for advice on what .NET user interface components are out there on the market. I have been developing asp.net websites and have mainly been using the Visual studio toolbox build in controls supported by the AjaxcontrolToolkit and the applications have been mainly used inhouse running on our company intranet.

But now a new client wants a much more professional looking, commercial web application and they have a budget for some user components for use in the application. Any recommendations where value for money will be realised.

Interested in components that will integrate well with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 or even .NET 4.

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Recommendations For Implementing Complex Grid With AJAX Functionality

Jan 13, 2011

I'm considering going at this myself because my requirements are particular and highly customized:

The grid is bound to a collection of complicated objects, each of which may contain child and grandchild objects. Depending on data and context, the template'd cells vary from TextBoxes to ComboBoxes to Calendars to a combination of controls.TextBox cells have Google-style auto-complete functionality. Also each TextBox cell can expand into a small TreeView pane that allows hierarchy-navigating selection of a value should auto-complete be insufficient.Values from other controls can be drag-and-dropped into cells.Columns are re-sizable and re-orderable. Clicking their headers sorts data.All of the above is AJAX / client-side / Web 2.0 of course.

Has anyone built anything similar from scratch? Or used an effective tool to accomplish this goal? How well would Telerik meet my specs? Is it right to have the hunch that something this specific is best done by taking a Microsoft GridView and extending it myself?

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C# - Common Functionality Recommendations For A Small-business Site?

Oct 20, 2010

where he sells paper products, as well as custom posters, banners, and the like. He doesn't have a website, so he's hired me to create one for him, where users can place orders, check the status of their order, etc.Other than his requirements, I'm trying to come up with other common functionalities that I should include in the site; things like a company blog, an admin section containing a simple CMS and error tracking/logging, a contact form, etc. Just common things that would be useful for a business site that he (or even I) might not think of

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C# - Looking For Recommendations For A Shopping Cart Control With Paypal Connection?

Aug 9, 2010

I am looking for a nice control that allows me to have a shopping cart on my webpage.

Requirements:- Easy to implement. I want to add items into the cart from everywhere. Like

mycart.Add(new CartItem("Name", "Description", Price"))

Implemented shopping cart overview with the ability to delete previous added items.Allows connection to Paypal

(I've already found http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1522832/looking-for-a-lightweight-asp-net-shopping-cart-that-is-paypal-compatible but the posted solution "shopping cart .net" does not seem to fulfill the third requirement, If I'm not mistaken.)

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Multilingual - Recommendations For A Multi-language Spell Checking Control?

Jul 26, 2010

Looking for recommendations for a control which make can do spell checking for various languages.

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Web Forms :: Optimization Tips And Recommendations For Multiple Logins At Same Time

May 30, 2013

I am using VS 2010 login form and aspnet table for user creation and role assignment. Every thing is working excellent.

My concern is that more 200 users will logon on this site simultaneously what will be the effect on performance? how to optimize site speed when more than 200 users will be log on.

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C# - Finding Recommendations For Google Analytic For Tracking Users Activities In Web App Application Admin Section?

Mar 17, 2011

I'm developing a CMS for my website.

I need track Users activities in my Cms Admin section (protected by password).

I would like to know:

If is possible add GA (Google Anlytic) code and use it even if the pages where the code is placed are covered by password.

If such use can create secrity vulnerability of any kind. (If is good or bad practice).

How to retrieve easily the statistics from pages in Admin section if the folder for admin is (example: ADMIN) in GA account. They come up like /admin/mypage.aspx??? Or how???

Generally, I would like your opinion about it and if you are using this approch it in your current web application.

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How To Query A Url For Database Lookup

Nov 28, 2010

Using asp.net VB:

How can I query a url for database lookup? (I just need to code for the query I can handle the DB lookup)

for example my url would look like this:


I would want to query the url for the word football.

and one quick thought what if the url looked like this


How do I convert football-player to football player (without hyphen)then look that up as well.

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How To Lookup Table For Three Fields

Nov 22, 2010

I have asp.net Forms View.

I have three textboxes to lookup three different product codes from a product lookup table.

When you enter search criteria in a Textbox it would popup listbox control with Products and

when user selects the product it populates product-id back in to textbox.

I have lookup table and listbox working. However, My problem is I can't figure out how to pupulate TextBox2 if search Criteria was typed into TextBox2and to populate TextBox 3 if the search criteria was typed into textbox 3 etc.

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Enable Reverse DNS Lookup For IIS?

Feb 24, 2010

(Not sure if I'm creating this post in the right place. Feel free to move if needed.)

I'm trying to enable full DNS lookup including hostname. Having trouble. I've followed the instructions here

(http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297795) with no luck. Request.ServerVariables("remote_host") still returns only an IP Address.


I've also tried using DNS.GetHostEntry(IPAddress) and the depricated DNS.GetHostByAddress(IPAddress). All I ever get back is the IP Address with no host name.

IIS 6.0, Windows Server 2007 Server Pack 2, .NET 2.0

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How To Add Code / To Use LtlBranch As My Lookup Variable?

May 19, 2010

I have a site which I need to modify and add phone numbers based on what branch is being displayed. I have NO clue what-so-ever on how to do this.I have a .aspx file which is using another file as its code behind. My first question is: If I want to add "if statements" into this code, do I add them in the .aspx file or the code behind (aspx.vb) file? Next question is: A statement like
"<asp:Literal runat="server" ID="ltlBranch" /> Employees"

is using ltlBranch to place the branch name in front of Employees. Can I use ltlBranch as my lookup variable? In other words, is this valid coding for asp?

If ltlBranch="MainStreet"
show the rest of my code[code]...

Should I be creating a sub-routine within the codebehind form and then calling that routine? I am clueless on how to go about this, and am just trying to get a starting point so I can look up more info on it.

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MVC :: How To Create A Lookup Windows To Select Value

Jan 24, 2010

I have a mvc app that needs to insert a new row and one of the fields is a forein key that connects to a clients database that has over 2000 customers, the problem is when i create a dropdownlist for this filed it is very dificult do find the customer in the dropdown, my intention is to create a button what opens a new browser window, displays all the customers and a filter option to find the correct customer and then a select button on the chield window that closes and updated the filed on the parent window.

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AJAX :: Modal Lookup With Gridview?

Jan 27, 2011

I am creating an application and requiring users to enter an Employee id number. I do not want them to freely enter the number so I have a text field with a Find button connected to a ModalPopup Extender.
The modal panel appears with fields for first and last name along with a Search button.

I want the users to be able to search for an employee and have the results returned in a gridview within the modalpopup. When the user clicks the select link in the gridview next to the employee that choose, the modalpopup should close and send that value back to the text field in the main form.

The problem I am having is when I click Search the gridview does not appear.

I can bind the gridview at the page load but then the grid appears with all the listings.


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C# - .NET Exception Handling Lookup From A Table?

Mar 25, 2011

My manager designed a table exactly like this

PK | ExceptionId
ExceptionCode varchar(100)
ExceptionDesc varchar(255)
ExceptionMSG varchar(255)

I'm using ASP.NET Webforms and using stored procedures/ADO.NET for DataAccess. Now he does not want me to hard code validation in stored procedures nor in the code behind, but to catch the constraint exception message and look up the same error message in the database and look for the message that we want to show. I wonder if his design will work or should I explain to him that something is wrong here.

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