C# - Technical Difference Between .Net Desktop And Web Applications?

Aug 26, 2010

I have just started learning C#. Can anyone explain the technical differences between a .Net desktop application and a web application? I mean for example, if I have a simple HelloWorld application using a WinForm, what are the steps required to change that into a HelloWorld web application?

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Web Applications / Technical Limitations With Deploying Webserver?

Aug 30, 2010

I'll soon be managing a fleet of ASP.NET webservers...

What are the technical limitations with deploying an ASP.NET webserver? Can I just copy the file(s) over, restart the website, and I'm good to go?

Is this any different than what VS2010's "deploy" does?

Does it matter what "type" of project I have: a Web Site or a Web Application?

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Web Forms :: Create Thumbnail Image For PDF Files First Page Only In Desktop Applications

May 4, 2013

How can I create Thumbnail Image For Pdf files uploaded by user .. The Thumbnail contains first Page of Pdf only.. Is it Possible through ItextSharp ?

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Show The Desktop(share Desktop) To Other Person?

Nov 26, 2010

show the desktop(share desktop) to other person on asp.net or in 3rd free party control.

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How To Write Technical Specifications Document

Mar 15, 2011

i am new this preparing a technical specifation document explain me how write a techical specification document.

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Best Approach To Provide Technical Documentation

Dec 21, 2010

I landed on a job to continue working on exisiting asp.net 3.5 application using Visual Studio 2008. The former .net developer is no longer around and I have to dig into the application code to understand how the app works( workflow, logic, etc...)I have added new development to the existing application and enhanced existing pages. Now, I need to provide Technical documentation for the application so any new developer comes onboard will not struggle enhancing the app or do new development following the same methodology . Q1. What is the best approach to provide technical documentation.I thought of the following

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Prepare Functionality And Technical Documentation

Oct 4, 2010

I ve completed a web application and now i want to prepare functionality and technical documentation for the same. But i ve never done such documentations. Can someone provide how to prepare such documentations.

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Security :: Technical/performance Limit On The Number Of Roles An Application Handles?

May 31, 2010

Is there a technical/performance limit on the number of roles an application handles? I'm in the process of designing an application which I forsee having a lot of roles created, to be able to handle the degree of granularity the system should have (e.g., permissions per project, where there could be a lot of projects).

Would you recommend another approach other than using roles for this kind of granularity?

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Detailed Technical Information On The Compilation Process For Aspx Pages And Vs2008?

Jul 24, 2010

I'm looking for detailed technical information on the compilation process for aspx pages and vs2008.Recently I have been learning about controlbuilders and pageparserfilters. I have downloaded some code to clean out extra white spaces in my html in order to make the pages smaller. The code works great, but I don't understand WHY it works. I need to learn more about the page compilation process.

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WCF / ASMX :: Building Services To Work With Web Applications And Console Applications?

Jun 7, 2010

I've been worked with web services so far, and I'm interested in expanding my services to console applications as well so I started digging up with WCF but I'm conserned that I won't be able to use the HttpContext collection that I've been used to do with web services one important thing which is to generate a random value from HttpContext.Current.Request.ServerVariables["ALL_HTTP"] that I need to reckon if it's the same or at least near what machine that is calling my service. How can I overcome this problem?

I need to know what machine is calling to count the number of attempts to login into my system for example. So must do it inside of the svc code otherwise if I let the client inform what ip address or what computer he is using, anyone could forge this argument and surpass by another machine. May be I'm approaching this matter wrongly. And I should count the number of attempts per state session, but how is it done?

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Configuration :: Deploying Web Applications With Sub Web Applications?

Apr 22, 2010

Our corporate intranet is designed so that each web application is a child application in the primary application.. Everything has worked fine with Visual Studio 2008 and even in 2010 running the website locally works great, the output directory for the child apps is ..in and the ProjectName.dll copies to that directory.. When I do a publish however it does not and I have to manually copy the dll from the bin folder in the project folder to the parent bin folder, this isn't hard of course but more of a pain in the butt each time I need to publish something. I made sure the output directory is correct for both debug and release yet on publish is just copies it to the child bin and not the parent bin as needed.

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Use System.Web In Desktop Application

Jul 12, 2010

I just added System.Web reference to a dll assembly, the assembly is for windows applications and for web applications. IF the assembly will be deployed on a server, System.Web will be shared using GAC, and there is no overhead. But what about windows clients. I am wondering if there are extra resources or any kind of problems when System.Web is loaded into memory?

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Change Url - Desktop Doesn't Have IIS

Feb 11, 2011

I want to change the web site where the IIS is. My desktop doesn't have IIS. Therefore, when I hit F5, the project will try launch my ASP.NET Web Application Project from http://localhost I needs to it to launched from [URL]. How can I change the configuration so the web page with URL starting as [URL]? I need it to confirm that the project is being served by the ASP .NET development server.

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Get Path Of Desktop In Mvc Website?

Jan 21, 2011

I want to get the path of the desktop of the users. accessing my website.

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Adding Web Access To Desktop App?

Nov 8, 2013

I have a desktop application which uses BTree/Random Access files for it's core database function. It has run successfully from DOS up to 64bit Windows 7/8 for years now. Currently being developed and maintained with PDS 7.1/VB6 and VB.NET

I now have a fundamental requirement to add/delete/update records using a browser. My users need to host their own server in their office. They have a public facing IP address. Ideally the server should be a desktop machine (W7/8 64bit) which can be used to run the desktop app as well.

Low loading; possibly 100 - 200 requests per hour.

I cannot switch to a SQL type product as this would break my desktop app (proprietary BTree/Random Access architecture)

I am leaning to writing an HTTP server in VB.NET (there are many examples available and even some components).

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Create A New App - Refactor The Classes Out Of The Desktop App?

Aug 5, 2010

I'm about to embark upon learning how to create a web site(in fact I am about to create a website for our company) which will enable users to place an order on our system. I already have a desktop, C# WPF, application that has some of the classes I am going to require in the MVC architecture of this new website. Can anyone advise me of the best practise to reuse these classes in the website. If I was going to create a new app I would refactor the classes out of the desktop app into a class library then add this to my new app by adding an existing project (my class library) to my solution but that option does not seem to exist in creating a website?

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How To Embed A Database In A Desktop Application

Sep 8, 2010

I'm going to develop a desktop tool that will require a database.

How would I go about doing it in a way that will allow me to post the code to a website so that all of the desktop applications see a new version and download the database.

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VS 2008 Web Service Or Own Desktop Application?

Sep 27, 2010

I am developing one Intranet Que type project for a small Travel agency. I need one logic to route the customer que over all sales agent so anyone once free he will be buzzup to pickup the customer till here is Okay. But i need some timeout if no sales agent pickup the Que it will forward to the supervisor. Now here is my Question should i make a small desktop application and run in server to moinitor the time and forward the task.... or Is Web Service is suitable for this? (Forward means just it will update one field of table so it will start displaying in Supervisor screen.)

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Make Desktop Application Web Interfaceable?

Jun 17, 2010

Is there a way to make a desktop application easily interfaceable via Web ? Meaning, can you have a way to interface with a single desktop application as if you were remote desktop'd into the machine but not? I am looking at doing this in ASP.NET or Silverlight.

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How To Create A Desktop Sharing Application

Feb 2, 2011

how can we create a desktop sharing application in asp.net? can we use silverlight for this?

or any third party tool that we can use?

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Architecture :: Remote Desktop Connection?

Dec 6, 2010

Is it possible to connect to a Remote Desktop from my ASP.net (I easily done it in .net windows application with a 4 line code and"Windows Terminal Service Control")application, If so can you guide me through it. Many thanks in advance.NB:I want to achieve it without using ActiveX control that work in IE, because with that every client would have to use IE and install the control.

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C# - Synchronizing Database In Web And Desktop Application?

Jun 6, 2010

I am trying to develop a web application(Using ASP.NET and c#) that uses a specific database hosted on web server. I will have another desktop application that will use a local database. Both databases have same structure and data at start up. Then databases will change when users add data to web application and an employee adds data to the desktop application. After a while I have to sync both databases.

What will be best way to do this? Is there any opensource example/ starter kit to start with?

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Is It Possible To Connect To A Remote Desktop From Application

Dec 3, 2010

Is it possible to connect to a Remote Desktop from my ASP.net application,If so can you guide me through it.

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Embed Remote Desktop In Browser?

Jun 3, 2010

I would like to embed a Remote Desktop session within my browser. I must use remote desktop because my clients can't install any additional software on the server.

Here are some problems that I can already foresee:

1) I believe that I can embed an RDP ActiveX control, but then all I could support is IE. And even then, IE lockdown may forbid ActiveX controls.

2) I don't know anything about Apple computers, but I presume that they don't inherently run RDP?

3) I think there are ways to run RDP through a Java control. I don't have experience to know if this is a good or bad idea. I suppose that Java may even be disabled on some browsers, but don't know if this is a common case?

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Create A Desktop Widget Framework

Sep 22, 2010

I like to create a desktop widget framework using asp.net. its like yahoo widget or google widget any one able to create a simple widget application and plug in to this framework. how to develop this framework?

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