AJAX :: ModalPopUpExtender Inside ModalPopUpExtender

Sep 3, 2010

I have a modal popup extender with one control (ascx) this control has a label that on onclic method call other popup extender.

It's has other ascx, it's has a button for a search. When I do Click in this button in first time, the event click not fired and there are a javascript error that say "this._activeDRagVisual is null reference".

In the other hand, If a use de second popup inside an asp page the event and control work correctly. The problem is with the popup inside popup.

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C# - Gridview Inside A ModalPopUpExtender Causes ModalPopUpExtender To Close

Apr 4, 2011

I have a gridview inside a ModalPopUpExtender, the grid view have the button add delete and edit when i clic one of the button of the gridview the popup is closed. I wont to close the popup when the close button is clicked.This is the asp.net part:

< cc1: ModalPopupExtender ID="NamePopup" runat="server" PopupControlID="OptionPanel" TargetControlID="btnD" BackgroundCssClass="mpBg" DropShadow="true" OkControlID="btnSavePopup" CancelControlID="btnPostCancel" >
< / cc1:ModalPopupExtender>

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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender / Datalist Original Image Come In Modalpopupextender After Click

Apr 14, 2010

I have a DataList that contains some Thumbnail Image(Image Button).

Now I want when i click on any Item in datalist the original image come in modalpopupextender.

How I can do this?

<ItemTemplate> <table
ImageUrl='<%# Eval("Img_URL") %>'
</table> <br
my panel that shows as modalpopu

Now where I can to write code that when i click on item in datalist Original Image show in modal popup extender?

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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender -- Fetch Data In Modalpopupextender

Apr 7, 2010

I would really appreciate if someone can find out what's wrong with this code.

Here is my question. I have textboxes in a modal popup extender (City, state, zip) and there is an image button search for searching the address from the database. All this functionality is within a control (.ascx file). This control is added to the page where it needs to be displayed and is being displayed when a user click the Address button (the code for it is not shown here). The method ShowAddressSearch() in the control is being called from the page and it displays the popup.

When the user enters any of the 3 values and hits search a server event is fired up and the result should be displayed in a grid. What is happening is, when the user hits the search button the server call is made and the data fetched from the db but the modal popup closes itself here is the code for this. I would really appreciate if someone can find out where and how popup is getting closed.


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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender Inside UpdatePanel?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a menu of buttons inside an UpdatePanel (UPD_Menu) so that buttons can be enabled/disabled without refreshing the entire page. When a user signs in, the Sign Up button is disabled and the Profile button is enabled. Likewise, when the user signs out, the Sign Up button is enabled and the Profile button is disabled.

Inside this UpdatePanel (UPD_Menu), along with the buttons, is a ModalPopupExtender that is fired by the Sign Up button (TargetControlId="BTN_MenuSignUp") that pops up a dialog Panel (PNL_SignupProfile) that contains yet another UpdatePanel (UPD_SignupProfile) that contains a Submit button as well as a Cancel button (CancelControlId="BTN_SelectCancel").

The behavior I am getting is when the user clicks no other button than the Sign Up button, the dialog (PNL_SignupProfile) pops up and is modal. The Submit button closes the dialog and makes the once-hidden panel appear under the menu of buttons. This is not good as only the inner UpdatePanel (UPD_SignupProfile) should be updated without affecting the outer UpdatePanel (UPD_Menu). The Cancel button works as it should by simply closing/hiding the dialog.

If a user clicks any other button in the menu first, nothing happens ( no codebehind yet) but when the dialog (PNL_SignupProfile) is shown, the Cancel button causes the hidden Panel (PNL_SignupProfile) to appear under the buttons. I've tried many different things to no avail...including putting the dialog panel in different places and even controlling the ModalPopupExtender from code.

The only code I have so far is for handling the signin/signout and enabling/disabling the signup and profile buttons based on user signin. There is no code yet to handle the menu of buttons nor the submit button of the popup dialog.

Here is the code:





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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender Inside The Gridview?

Jan 10, 2011

I have an gridview which contain a link button. When I click the linkbutton I need to populate a Panel which is out of the gridview. Its showing an error.Here my code is,


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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender & RoundedCornersExtender Inside UpdatePanel?

Jan 20, 2010

I have recently updated ajax control toolkit from 30512 to 30930 (same applies to latest version of ASP.Net Ajax Library) and came across a reproducable problem.For a long time I used to have a control with ModalPopupExtender & RoundedCornersExtender which was placed inside of an UpdatePanel and everything worked great up until recently.

Now I'm getting "Microsoft JScript runtime error:Sys.InvalidOperationException:
Two components with the same id 'rce' can't be added to the application." during an async postback.Click on button "Wait" and error comes up every time.


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AJAX :: Use A Collapsiblepanelextender Inside A Modalpopupextender With Dropshadow=true?

Feb 1, 2011

I'm tryin to use a collapsiblepanelextender inside a modalpopupextender with dropshadow=true.

The problem is that when I collapse the panel,the dropshadow fails to resize and remains the size of the collapsed panel...

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AJAX :: Selected Value Of Dropdownlist Inside ModalPopupExtender Is Always Default Value

Jul 8, 2010

I have a form in which I have a gridview with a LinkButton culumn in which when the user clciks a modal popup extender shows up. In the modalpopup I have a dropdownlist which is filled from DB in code behind. but when the user clicks on Add button in modalpopup panel, the selected value of the dropdownliast is always its default value.


here is my code behind:


I traced my code behind, the fillData() which fills up dropDownList is called only once in page load's first time.

PS. I understood the problem exists only when the modal is poped up by linkbutton click of gridview. when It is poped up by a button outside the grid it workes fine.

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AJAX :: Open A ModalPopupExtender From A HyperLink Inside Of A GridView?

Jul 13, 2010

Is it possible to open a ModalPopupExtender from a HyperLink inside of a GridView??

I have this code:


See this line:


I am trying to open the ModalPopupExtender when this is clicked.. But i get this error:


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AJAX :: Using CalendarExtender Inside ModalPopupExtender Modal Popup?

Jul 17, 2015

how to get modal popup value in current webpage from modal popup access.

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AJAX :: Display IFRAME Inside ModalPopupExtender Modal Popup

Sep 20, 2015

In my First Page i have a text box and button.

When i click button a new pop with grid view data should open.

After selecting the row in grid view the selected row value should be display in text box and modal should be closed.

I can open the grid view with data but can't able to close and get the value to my text box.

Code for opening popup:

<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Fill Form in Popup" OnClick="Button1_Click" />
<cc1:ModalPopupExtender id="mp1" runat="server" popupcontrolid="Panl1" targetcontrolid="Button1"
cancelcontrolid="Button2" backgroundcssclass="Background">
<asp:Panel ID="Panl1" runat="server" CssClass="Popup" Style="display: none">

[Code] .....

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Data Controls :: Display GridView Row Details Inside AJAX ModalPopupExtender Modal Popup

Sep 20, 2015

I saw guide on here [URL] .... 

Which I found useful to create gridview with dropdown filter. What my gridview differs from your one is based on ID, a modal is loaded. E.g. there is a column called "review" and in that column there is image that when clicked it loads a modal with details. My question is, how do i do this using the code provided by you. So ID is passed back to code. (So backend knows which row is clicked).

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State Management :: Update Panel Inside User Control Inside Modalpopupextender?

Apr 9, 2010

I've created a multiple uploadfile user control - upload_multiple_files.ascx:


which has an update panel ID = up_upload_multiple_files this user control will be placed inside a modalpopupextender. My question is when I click in any button AddFile, RemvFile, Upload there's a postback so the page is reloaded and the modalpopupextender disapears Is there a way to to troubleshoot this?

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Data Controls :: How To Do Paging In GridView Inside ModalPopupExtender

Apr 27, 2016

I have girdview1 inside a modalpopupextender1 ,inside the gridview1 i have a checkbox1. here my question is whenever i click paging . (i.e) i click page no 3 or 2 in gridview1 the modalpopup is showed off and checkbox also not checked. first i want to paging gridview inside the modalpopup and whenever i click paging. old value of checkbox wont change.

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Web Forms :: Prevent A Postback From A Button In User Control Inside A Modalpopupextender

Apr 12, 2010

HOW can I prevent a postback from a button in user control inside a modalpopupextender, so that the modalpopupextender doesn't close?

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AJAX :: How To Use ModalPopupExtender In UpdatePanel

Feb 5, 2010

I try I cannot seem to find a satisfactory solution. As far as I can tell from the documentation a ModalPopupExtender should be able to reside inside an UpdatePanel. However, I simply cannot get it to work.After the first refresh of the UpdatePanel I get errors of various kinds depending on what I've tried.

What I'm trying to accomplish is having a button inside an UpdatePanel which launches a popup. Another button inside the UpdatePanel causes a partial postback. And finally a button within the popup has to cause a partial postback. I have tried at least five different approaches to this problem and finally I gave up and went with a very inelegant solution. I don't think my requirements are all that strange, am I doing something wrong?

First I tried this:


This works fine until after the first postback when the Cancel-button (Button4) starts causing synchronous postbacks and the textbox starts to fill up with commas. I also tried the same as above but placing an UpdatePanel within Panel4 (the popup) - no go. Then I tried causing the postbacks in javascript launched from the ModalPopupExtender's OnOkScript - still it starts failing. I tried another couple of attempts
all of which failed. Finally I decided to move the ModalPopupExtender outside the UpdatePanel, add dummy buttons and a bit of javascript to launch and hide the popup. Although this satisfies my UI requirements it just plain wrong from a design perspective and it annoys me that I could not get the extender to work inside an UpdatePanel. Has anyone succeded with placing a ModalPopupExtender in an UpdatePanel with the requirements I stated above? Or should it be added to the list of controls that's just not compatible with the UpdatePanel?

this is my final solution:


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AJAX :: Modalpopupextender Within Usercontrol?

Dec 11, 2010

i try to develop a login control with modlpopupextender within usercontrol. i have a problem with hiding modalpopupextender. i indicate that if i put modalpopupextender in aspx page directly it works, but when using in usercontrol it doesn't. my codes are:



i show modalcontrol on masterpage. it is ok. i click btniptal,modalcontrol hides. but after click the btniptal, if i refresh the page(postback) modalcontrol shows again. i said this above that if i put modalcontrol directly masterpage ,thing that i said doesn't happen. how can i solve this.


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AJAX :: Validationsummary In ModalPopUpExtender?

Mar 20, 2010

I have ValidationSummary in masterpage out of UpdatePanel and inside updatePanel i have my ContentPanel. I have an user control where iam having Save button which iam using in all my pages of application. Now i have a requirement like i need to show the validation summary in ModalPopUpExtender.

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AJAX :: How To Use A ModalPopupExtender And Set The PopupDragHandleID

Jun 30, 2010

We use a ModalPopupExtender and set the PopupDragHandleID so it can be dragged around the browser.

This works great in most browsers; however one control that is loaded in the ModalPopup is wrapped in a scrollable div, and in Safari when you click on the scrollbar and then move the mouse it starts dragging the modal popup around.

I was hoping someone either has a fix for this issue, OR knows how to detect the browser in either css or javascript and remove the PopupDragHandleID.

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AJAX :: Found A Bug In The ModalPopupExtender?

Feb 9, 2010

I think I've found a bug in the ModalPopupExtender. Here is the details:


When you use ModalPopupExtender within an UpdatePanel, the controls in the PopupControl (the Panel containing the content needs to be poped up) will be rendered, even though the NamingContainer (or the parent) of the ModalPopupExtender and the PopupControl is set to invisible. This may cause Event Validation error between AsynPostBacks. Cause

The controls in the PopupControl will not be rendered within the UpdatePanel, but at the bottom of the page outside the UpdatePanel. When the NamingContainer of the PopupControl and the ModalPopupExtender is set to invisible, the content outside the UpdatePanel won't be updated and therefore stays on the page.




Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a simple ASP.NET web application in VS using the code provided aboveRun the app in debug modeClick on button Show 1, and then click the link button Show. The popup panel should show up. Click either
OK or Cancel to close out the popup panel.Click on button Show 2. You will see the content in the popup panel is displayed at the bottom of the page. However, the content should be invisible and should not be rendered, or should be removed from the page.Click on button Show 1 again. You will see the familar error message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Invalid postback or callback argument...

Further explaination

This error has nothing to do with the ViewState. When button Show 1 is clicked the second time, the page will try to load data (including ViewState, PostData and Session) into the controls on the page before btn1_Click is called. At this moment, pnl1 is still invisible, so the page will only try to load the data for the controls in pnl2. However, if you check the Request.Form.AllKeys in the watch window, the TextBox
txt is part of the PostData. This doesn't match any control in pnl2, and then the exception is thrown.

I have tried many different ways, but none of them worked.

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AJAX :: How To Hide The Modalpopupextender

Mar 15, 2010

in my c# code i have the following;


This works fine my popup appears, so i put an ok button on the Panel and on_click in the code file i tried to;


But it dosent work - nothing happens. I dont have it in an update panel.

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AJAX :: UpdatePanelAnimationExtender In ModalPopUpExtender IE?

Sep 12, 2010

UpdatePanelAnimationExtender in ModalPopUpExtender leads to a white/blank screen in IE. Works flawlessly in FF and Chrome.

I already tested <FadeIn Duration="0.5" Fps="50" forceLayoutInIE="true" />

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AJAX :: ModalPopupExtender Control?

Nov 30, 2010

I am developing a web portal under ASP.Net 4 and using Ajax and masterpage. I created a user control to select a data from a gridview and put it in a textbox, for that use the ModalPopupExtender control. Everything works fine as can be seen in this photo:


But after much control to use the ModalPopupExtender starts to appear behind the form and to return to appear before touching refresh the page or press the button repeatedly calling him. In the next picture you can see what it looks behind the popup form:


Si alguien me puede echar una mano para evitar esta situación se lo agradecería mucho.

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AJAX :: 4.0 ModalPopupExtender Pops Under?

Apr 23, 2010

using a modalPopupExtender inside an UpdatePanel (the popup control is a Panel), the popup acts normal (renders on top) using the modalPopupExtender.show() command to display. If you cancel the popup, the next popup will be under the other controls on your page. I have another modalPopupExtender which is not being displayed through the show command but is activated by another control. This one works normally. So something is going on with the show() function inside an UpdatePanel. If I remove the UpdatePanel, both popups work normally.

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