AJAX :: Using CMD+V To Paste Into Filteredtextboxextender On A Mac?

Jan 19, 2010

I looks like if you use the filteredtextboxextender control with number as the type some Mac browers don't let you paste text into the text box with the cmd+V. I have verified this with the filteredtextboxextender demo page.

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FilteredTextBoxExtender (Ajax ControlToolkit) / Finding Options In FilteredTextBoxExtender

Aug 28, 2010

I'm using FilteredTextBoxExtender (Ajax ControlToolkit) to avoid entering unwanted charecters.

its working according to my requirments But I want to display message when user trying to enter Invalied charecters.

Is there any such options in FilteredTextBoxExtender

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AJAX :: Validate Textbox Inside Gridview Using Ajax(filteredtextboxextender)?

Jan 27, 2010

Can i Validate textbox inside gridview using ajax in asp.net

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AJAX :: FilteredTextBoxExtender Want To Allow Commas?

Jan 21, 2011

i am using the filtered text box extender.I want to allow commas like "," but not possible with the code below.how do i change this to make commas acceptable?

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AJAX :: FilteredTextBoxExtender At Runtime?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm trying to create a filtered textboxExtender at run time , but it doesn't work.What can be wrong with the code ? Or is there any example usage of FilteredeTextBox at run time?


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AJAX :: Update FilteredTextBoxExtender From AsyncPostbackTrigger?

May 28, 2010

I have an ASP.NET Label on my form, which is wrapped in an UpdatePanel. The UpdatePanel has two AsyncPostbackTriggers which reference two DropDownList controls. Based on the combination of selected items in both DropDownLists, I'm updating the Label. I also have a FilteredTextBoxExtender referencing an ASP.NET TextBox that's, by default, only allowing numbers. Now, along with updating the Label based on the combination of selected items from both DropDownLists, I'm also changing the FilteredTextBoxExtender's FilterType to Custom | Numbers and ValidChar to a hyphen, to allow both numbers and a hyphen (for phone numbers). Remember that I have both DropDownLists as AsyncPostbackTriggers for the UpdatePanel. This works perfectly fine doing a regular postback, but if I add those two DropDownLists as AsyncPostbackTriggers, the FilteredTextBoxExtender is not working properly based on the FilterType and ValidChar properties. It only allows just Numbers, which is the default. Is there anyway around this without having to do a regular full postback?

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AJAX :: Adding Programmatically FilteredTextBoxExtender?

Aug 20, 2010

I have a problem with adding programatically FilteredTextBoxExtender (i put the code below).

The problem is that nothing is outputed when page is renedered although TextBox and FilteredTextBoxExtender are added to container (table cell controls property in my case).


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AJAX :: How To Get FilteredTextboxExtender To Accept Non English Characters

Aug 11, 2010

We're currently using FTEs to filter input on our registration. New business model wants to explore foreign markets, and I have not been able to figure out how to get the FTEs to accept foreign language characters.

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AJAX :: FilteredTextBoxExtender Not Working For Persian (Arabic) Language Characters

Mar 5, 2014

I used below code for insert limit character in textbox

<asp:FilteredTextBoxExtender ID="FTBE1" TargetControlID="txtadd" runat="server" FilterType="LowercaseLetters,UppercaseLetters,Numbers,Custom" ValidChars=" ">

Now problem is that when I want insert text in persian language it didn't insert I can just enter text in English language...

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AJAX :: Allow User To Enter Only Digits And Numbers Using FilteredTextBoxExtender In GridView EditItemTemplate

Jan 27, 2013

How can I validate a Boundfield in gridview that changes to textbox dynamically?the boundfield is
<asp:BoundField DataField="quantity" HeaderText="quantity" />
and it chenges to textbox in code belowI want only number (1,2,3,...) in it not text.
protected void CartGrid_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e)


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AJAX :: AJAX Control Toolkit HTMLEditor - Paste From MS Word (with Cleanup)

Dec 3, 2010

I'm using AJAX Control Toolkit HTMLEditor.

I have a sample Microsoft Word document which has several paragraphs.

When I click the button "Paste from MS Word (with cleanup)" on the Editor, <br/> is inserted as the HTML instead of <p></p> i.e. HTML paragraphs.

I would like the MS Word paragraphs to retain their meaning and have a <p> instead of <br />.

(By the way, they are kept if I do a standard Paste, but then a lot of other obscure characters are inserted into the HTML)

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AJAX :: HTMLEditor: Paste From MS Word

May 4, 2010

I tried to use the Paste from Ms word button in the tool bar of htmlEditor to paste text. The htmleditor to manage to clean up the MS tags in the html markup. However, it also removes all the font sizes, setting them all to be a default font size.

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Web Forms :: Filtering A Textbox As The User Is Providing Input - Using Ajax "FilteredTextboxExtender"?

Jan 31, 2011

I need to filter user input into a textbox - as the user inputs the text (as opposed to examining the textbox on the textchanged event) The FilteredTextboxExtender does the trick, but there is a catch. I want to add formatting (currency) AFTER all of the input is collected in the textbox. The "FilteredTextboxExtender " prevents this from happening. This extender does have a property "Filtermode" which can be set to either "ValidChars" or "InvalidChars" at design time, but I do not know if it can be set at runtime.

Any solutions would be most appreciated. I am also open to other solutions to the problem - which is : do not allow chars other than numeric into the textbox, until the textbox has lost focus, at which time, currency formatting is to be applied.

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AJAX :: HTMLeditor, Always Paste With Word Clean Up On?

Oct 11, 2010

I haven't been able to find a post about this, but the HTMLEditor is finally a rich text editor that properly removes word formatting without messaging up other stuff (thank god!). However, because I know my users, I would like for this 'paste as word' mode to be always on whenever they paste, how can I accomplish this?

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AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Not Coming With Moust Paste

Feb 17, 2011

.Net 3.5, I am using AutoCompleteExtender to get matching list when user types inside text box. When user pastes value using mous list does not appear.

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AJAX :: Combo Box In DropDownStyle Allow To Paste Text?

Mar 10, 2011

I have an Ajax Toolkit combo box in DropDownStyle Mode. The DropDownStyle should prevent the user from entering values that are not in the list of items of the combo box. The problem is, if the user paste some text (right-click --> past OR ctr + V) in the combo box, it will work, event if the pasted text is not the list of items. Is there a way I can prevent this?

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AJAX :: HTMLEditor Drops White Spaces Upon Paste

Jan 28, 2011

When copying and pasting from a formatted Micorsoft document, the editor drops many spaces.

If I use the "Paste from MS Word (with cleanup)" feature, the document loses its formatting.

If I don't use it, many spaces get lost and the words around them get concatenated. I just downloaded the last release of the toolkit and the problem still persists.

Users are using Firefox and Chrome with the same result.

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AJAX :: Only Allow Paste As Plain Text Into The Editor Control?

Dec 16, 2010

Is there any way to ONLY allow Paste as Plain text into the Ajax Editor Control? I want it so that the user can never paste anything but plain text.

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AJAX :: Htmleditor Paste Plain Text From Context Menu

Mar 21, 2011

I am having the issue where I want people to paste plain text and not any word formatting.

Obout_theo gave the code below, which made the normal ctrl + V paste in plain text the whole time. Which is perfect for my need.

BUT, most users use paste from the context menu and this pastes in word format. Does anyone know the answer to this problem?


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AJAX :: Remove HTML Tags From Word Doc Copy/paste Text?

Feb 17, 2010

I am creating a web form for employees to submit recipe's on a web form. The fields are recipe name, ingredients, and the recipe instructions. Majority of the time, employee's will be copying/pasting the text from a word document. Currently I am using the ajax editor control. I know there is a "Paste from Word" button that can be used but all the users are not going to know to use the button.

They may just do a right click to paste or the ctrl v to paste. When this is done, all the html tags from Word are pasted as well. I want to be able to remove the tags.

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AJAX :: Control Toolkit HTMLEditor In Firefox - Copy Paste Doesn't Work

Aug 30, 2010

If i use signs like ë in the HTML Editor, in IE, its ok, and works. But if i use ë in firefox in the same page with the HTML Editor. If i press safe the ë is converted to: � (copy past doesnt work well, but its a square if you put [] to each other). But how is this possible? And how can i solve this problem? In IE its working well, but 50% of the users of the system i build are using Firefox. So it should work in all editors.

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AJAX :: Ajaxcontroltoolkit Editor In Chrome And IE7.0 But In Chrome It Is Missing Paste Icon

Jan 6, 2010

i used Ajaxcontroltoolkit Editor with particular icons that is Bold,Italic.Underline and paste icons .

it is working fine in IE8.0,

In chrome it is missing paste icon

in IE7.0 the editor itself is not showing up

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Forms Data Controls :: Set FilteredTextBoxExtender From Code Behind In Gridview?

Jan 28, 2010

Im not able to set FilteredTextBoxExtender from code behind in gridview

Dim txtQuantity As New TextBox

Protected Sub grdCart_RowEditing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewEditEventArgs)


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Web Forms :: Unable To Backspace Or Delete Characters In TextBox With FilteredTextBoxExtender

Jul 13, 2012

Unable to Backspace or Delete Characters In TextBox with FilteredTextBoxExtender in ASP.NET in opera browser. here is my sample code.

<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="TextBox1" MaxLength="20" />
<asp:FilteredTextBoxExtender TargetControlID=" TextBox1 " ID="FilteredTextBoxExtender1"
FilterType="Numbers,UppercaseLetters,LowercaseLetters" runat="server">

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Paste Data From Different WorkBooks

Jun 14, 2012

I need to write a macro into a master workbook. After I run macro, it let me open 30 files from the path I choose. I need to copy column G of every book , paste into my master workbook and list them into column by column, start from column A, then column B, then column C... Each file name needs to be listed in the top row, to identify the data source.

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