Web Forms :: Store Large Data Using DataTables In Session Variables?

Apr 30, 2013

if i want to get multiple values from database and pass this dataset to another page can we use session to store the dataset values..i knw we can..but some one says that its not a gud approach..this will cause server process down..is it true?if it so then wat are all the other ways to do that?

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State Management :: How To Store A Large Amount Of Data In User's Session

Sep 29, 2010

I need to store a large amount of data in user's session but I guess using Session Object is not the best way of doing that. Is there any other way around??? Remember I don't have small variables to store, I have large collections.

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C# - Alternate Way To Store Large Dynamic Objects Instead Of Session?

Mar 29, 2011

I have a web application developed in .net 2.0 I am storing large business objects in session, which change frequently.

Some times I observe server error. Is this causing the error?

Is there any alternative way to store these objects?

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Forms Data Controls :: Store Gridview Datatable In Session And Then Retrieve From Session And Store Database

Nov 11, 2010

Its related to datatable in gridview store in session and then session retrive and store to database. basically i am using gridview here creating new row for button click and these row adding untill user's last entry then submit all these entry to database. so i want to use session variable to store this data temporarily and after final entry user click on submit button and all data shold be save in db.

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SQL Server :: Store Large Amount Of Data In DB?

Dec 18, 2010

i want to to sotre large amount of character in one field of a table i use text-nvarchar(max) and but it show me this exception

(String or binary data would be truncated The statement has been terminated.) I know that text and nvarchar can store 8000 character

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DataSource Controls :: Does Dataset Store All Its Datatables' Records Into Memory If I Just Call One Datatable From It

Apr 2, 2010

Does dataset store all its datatables' records into server memory if I just call one datatable from it?Lets make an example, a dataset with three datatables - tbCompany, tbCompanyStaffs, tbSalesOrderwhere tbCompany is the parent of tbCompanyStaffs. tbSalesOrder is an independant table.Does dataset load all tbCompanyStaffs records into the server memory as well when a class retrive data from tbCompany?

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Data Controls :: Where To Store Large Files (in Database Or In Folder)

Apr 8, 2013

I am curious to know the following:

We are going to develop a website where we need to store large number of files. The file size may be uptp 50 MB. What approach should we follow:

1) We should store files in Database
2) We should have a directory and store all the files in that
3) We should hire a SAN Storage and use this seperate location to store the files.

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Collect 2 Variables From One Hyperlink, And Use Those Variables In The Page_load To Set As Session?

Aug 8, 2010

i am trying to collect 2 variables from one hyperlink, and use those variables in the page_load to set as session. but i don't know how to collect those 2 variables

such :

<a href="javascript:;" onclick="wsChangeColor('mainData', '#FF0000','#FFE4E1');return false;" title="Change color" id="red">1</a>

i would like to collect '#FF0000','#FFE4E1' or direct set '#FF0000','#FFE4E1' to string then send to pageload, how can i do this by only clicking on it ?

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Can Use SQL Server Session State With Sessions That Contain DataTables

Feb 2, 2011

I have inherited an ASP.NET 3.5 application that relies heavily on sessions and storing DataTables within them (I know - bad, bad, bad). The application pool on the remote shared hosting service indicated that memory is at full capacity and as a result customers are losing their shopping carts because of dropped sessions.

Ultimately the goal is to rewrite this code, but for the time being I would like to stabilize the site the best I can. The host has recommended I use SQL Server Session State instead of in-proc. I have no experience with this, so I'm hoping it's as simple as running the .sql against the database to configure SQL Server and updating the web.config.

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Working With Static Variables / Store The User Specific Information In Static Variables?

Mar 5, 2011

whats the exact use of static variables in overall programming in .net and for asp.net...

Recently i went for the interview where interviewer asked me 2 question which i was not sure for the same..

whats the use of session object, i said sessions are the server side object, they are used when you want to store user specific data at server side, then he asked what if i want to use static variables for the same, i was mum, can anyone tell me how asp.net will behave if i store the user specific information in static variables.If i use cookies which are the best option to store the data at client side (not sensitive one), but what if user has disabled cookies on his machine, will my application would crash.

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Web Forms :: Post Data To External Page And Set Session Variables

Aug 17, 2010

I have an app which has a form that used to use AutoPostBack rigged controls (dropdowns, radiobuttons etc.) in an updatepanel, and I used to set session values on each postback. I posted the form using PostBackUrl to an external page, using a bit of javascript OnClientClick to copy my data into meaningfully named hidden fields.

Now, I've had to rewrite the AutoPostBack-ing controls so that all the cascading dropdown work and date calculation etc. is done in JavaScript, and not in C# - no more postbacks, no more updatepanel.

This means I've lost the ability to set my session values on postback. Can anyone think of a solution for setting these before I post my form? I need to set the session variables, plus post (querystrings are not an option) to the external page with the values from my form - and actually send the user to the external page, too.

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Forms Data Controls :: Populating ListView With Session Variables?

Nov 27, 2010

I can get selected values from my first page with session. In my second page i want to populate product details side by side in listview with this values. How can i do it?

here is my seconde page code behind in VB


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Web Forms :: Persist Data Across Event Calls Without Using Session / Application Variables

Oct 26, 2010

If I have a 2 control load events and one page load event subs and the control1_Load events fires first, can I lookup some database things and persist them? I would like to use the persisted data in the other two events when they fire. Normally I've been using session variables , is there a better way?

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Forms Data Controls :: Get Product Details From Northwind With Session Variables

Nov 28, 2010

i have a first page and user selecting some products. Passind with session. Retrieving from first page. And in this point i want to connecting my northwind db and display selected products detail side by side in my second page. (listview or datalist) here is my second page codebehind.


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Passing Session DataTables To A User Control Simply To Initialize Them?

Jul 30, 2010

I have one ASP.Net web page dynamically loading any one of about twenty User Controls at a given time. Since each user control is somewhat different, I've implemented the following extension to me pass a variable number of parameters to custom user control constructors: [URL]It, by the way, works very well! However, I've now come across the fact that both the web page and the user controls will need to share a few Data Tables. In other words, both the web page and the user control will need to access and manipulate data in these data tables.

To implement this fact I've used the Session object to store each data table. Each of these data tables starts out empty and then starts growing as the user enters more data into the user controls. The initialization of the data tables has to be done in the web page for a series of technical reasons that I won't get into here but rest assured that it does have to occur there.

But I found that in order to ENSURE that the initialization was taking place, it was simplest to just pass a reference to each data table as an extra parameter in the LoadUserControl call. This does work but it seems like overkill to me because on the user control constructor side, nothing is actually done with the data tables at the time of instantiation of the user control.

This made me go back to basics, thinking, "Why include a parameter if you're not actually going to use it?" But yet, it does seem to be the most straightforward way to ensure the data table is initialized and stored in the Session object.

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Keeping A Large Volume Of Data In Session?

Mar 23, 2010

I'm developing a web app for which the client wants us to query their data as little as possible. The data will be coming from a Microsoft CRM instance.

So we've agreed that data will only be queried as and when it is needed, therefore if a web user wants to see a list of contacts (for example) that list is fetched into a local DataTable. Then if a new contact is created on the website the new contact is sent to CRM and added to the local DataTable at the same time. Likewise for edits.

If the user then looks at their contacts again the data will just come from the local DataTable.

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Storing Large Amounts Of Session Data?

Feb 16, 2010

Im in the process of developing a web application, and I wish to store a reasonable amount of data for each user.

This data will be accessed each time the page is refreshed.

The only 2 options that I have come up with is:

* Session Data
* Storing the information in a text file with random file names for each person
* Database

The first one I do not really want to use as it would bog down the server - the second one is cumbersome

Is there any other options?

If possible i was thinking using the database, but am hesitant because of the amount of times the accessing of the database would need (every refresh for every user)

I dont want to store the information inside the viewstate (i dont know what MS was thinking when they thought of viewstate)

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Forms Data Controls :: Select Data From Datalist Using Jquery And Store It In Session?

Mar 31, 2010

i am using a datalist in usercontrol.. i need to select data from datalist using jquery and store it in session?

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State Management :: Session Data Getting Lost For Few Variables

Apr 19, 2010

I am using Windows xp/ .net 2.0 / vs 2005 for development environment. My session data (not all session data) are getting lost when I try to navigate between pages through window.open but the same is working perfectly in proc mode but in state server / sql server mode I am facing the problem.

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Pdf - Maximum Amount Of Data Stored In Session Variables?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a form where users can upload Pdf files(about 30 pages to one document or so). I want to delay storing these Pdfs in the database until the user submits the entire form. The problem is that the collection of files uploaded must be able to persist through postbacks. That being said, I am considering storing these as session variables, however, would this be too much data to store, or are session variables meant to store a couple strings here and there? If this method is not acceptable, is there an alternate method?

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State Management :: Session And Session Variables Not Stable In Development Server?

Oct 11, 2010

I use some session variables to get the job done(shopping cart, etc) but it is not stable..manytimes I get no items in session object and other times(refreshing the page) I get missing data...I downloaded the entire site code to my local pc and debugged it and run it succesfully without any session data missing...When I run it in the server, I get bad session again: no products in shopping cart or products with missing quantities...

The same website runs smoothly in our production server too....The problem is with our development server...

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State Management :: Session Variables And Tabs / Is There A Way To Reset The Session Variable

Nov 11, 2010

I have some code in my page load event where I just want to fire once when the user opens the Browser. The only issue is if you open a new tab with the same website the session variable does not reset. Is there a way to reset the session variable when you open a new tab or do you have to take the whole web browser down for it to clear the session variable.

In Global Page:


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ADO.NET :: Creating An Entity Data Model Filtered On A Session Variables (C#)

Nov 1, 2010

I'm trying to customize correct displaying of dropdownlists so information shown in comboboxes is relevant to the kind of user logged on (maintaining referential integrity at data level)

e.g.: I have a user already logged on and depending on his profile I'd like to display to this user only the portion of the database that he would be allowed to see. That would mean that he might have acces to an specific subset of data, e.g.: businesstype = "3", loging level = "2", etc.

Is there a way of creating an Ado.Net Entity Data Model filtered on a Session variables as to maintain proper referential integrity at data level?

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IIS InProc Session Variables Randomly Not Written To Session

Nov 12, 2010

There are reams of info out there about things causing InProc session to drop session objects, but that's not what's happening here. We're missing individual variables within stable InProc session objects, and are not sure whether they're not being written or being lost after a successful write. I've confirmed with WinDBG that the sessions are live and contain some, but not all, of the data written to them.

Guid g = System.Guid.NewGuid();
this.Context.Session.Add(g.ToString(), result.ImageData);
output.Write("<img src="display.aspx?id=" + g.ToString() + "">");

This code is pretty straightforward, and it works flawlessly in Test. In Production, under heavy load, though, it fails ~1% of the time. If Mr Smith visits the site and attempts to display 4 pieces of image data, 2 of them might be saved in his session and two of them be lost. The InProc session object for Mr. Smith exists. The traffic logs show he clicked 4 times, each with a different id param. But there are only 2 guids in his InProc session object, instead of 4. The 2 session objects we did capture do correspond to 2 of the id's shown in the traffic log (his 1st and 3rd clicks.) The traffic logs for his 2nd and 4th clicks, though, show a guid id that's not in his InProc session object.

Lines 1&3 of the above code obviously worked for those 2nd and 4th clicks, or he'd not have had the id in the URI for him to click. Line 2, however seems to have failed silently in some way. If any exception had been thrown, I'd expect we'd not ever have arrived at line 3. I can't see any way for the user to receive the guid id, but the session to fail to have it. The other possibility is line 2 worked successfully, but the variable later disappeared, how I cannot even imagine.

ASP.NET v3.5
No Web Gardening

We're running a web farm, but users constantly return to the same server. I'm researching now whether there's any way users might be slipping off to the other server.

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C# - Where To Store Sensitive Variables

Apr 4, 2011

This is my first time working on a secure website. It's for a pet project I have.

For security purposes, where is it best to store information like SQL connection strings, database encryption keys, etc? Is it better to use web.config, store them in a class that accesses a database (like dataBaseHelper.cs or something), or somewhere else?

I intend to obtain an SSL cert as well. When communicating with the database, should I always use the secure connection?

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