Created A Web App / Entry Point?

Nov 24, 2010

Just created a blank "ASP.NET Web Application". Where's the entry point?

I see "Default.aspx" which seems to be the default template that calls. "Site.Master" which I guess acts as a layout file. "Global.asax" that seems to provide some method stubs for event handling. And then "Web.config" which seems to have some site-specific settings such as a DB connection string, and some authentication stuff.

But no where do I see any "routes" or anything to indicate that "Default.aspx" should be called by default, or "Global.asax" should be used to handle events. Where's this stuff specified? Is it baked into the core of ASP? Can't I filter all the requests through one C# method and then delegate how I please? And return some sort of Http response?

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Configuration :: .dll Loaded But Entry Point Not Found?

Sep 20, 2010

<NEWBIE to configuration> I attempted to update a .dll from a 1.1 project to a bin directory and received the following error

Dllname was loaded, but eh DllRegisterServer or DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found.
Dllname may not be exported, or a corrupted version of Dllname may be in memory. Consider using Pview to detect the file and remove it.

I do not have the option of using Pview. I have attempted stopping iis then try remove and restarting server. What other options do I have to delete the dll, or reregister the new dll??

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Security :: Single Point Of Entry For 2 Web Applications?

Oct 29, 2010

I already have 2 web applications running. both of them are using membership and accessing the same database but their application names are different. so basically in my aspnet_Users table, i have users with different applicationIDs and in my aspnet_Applications table I have 2 records in there. so i have 2 separate login locations


What my the business wants is to only have a single point of entry. so they want something like this


and by verifying the username and password pair, my code should be able to route to the appropriate app and bypass its login form. (don't be concerned about the duplicate username between applications, it's been taken cared of)

so I'd like to solicit suggestions from you how should I implement this without modifying my existing setup? and where should I place this login web form in my website? this is the current site structure:

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS Error: Entry Point Was Not Found?

Aug 7, 2010

I am using SSRS 2005 and Windows Server 2003, when i try to access my SSRS report from Direct url i.e from browser it is shown but if i try to access it from page through report viewer it displays "Entry point was not found." Error Message.

some days before it was working properly.

I have also reinstall OS and SSRS.

Please tell me the solution if any body faced the same issue or somebody knows the problem.

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Visual Studio :: Showing Warning Entry Point Was Not Found

Nov 4, 2010

I am using VS 2005.When i was opening my VS 2005 and i tried to open web appication view designer.But it is not working and it is showing a warning message "Entry point was not found".

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Web Forms :: Can't Open Web Apps / Warnin 315 Entry Point Was Not Found

Nov 4, 2010

I cant open my web application design viewer . When i trying to click design tab it is showing warning message "Entry point was not found."

In my project i have used ajax 1.0 , vs 2005(C#)..

Application running without any errors.. But i cant see the design view in my pages ..

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Visual Studio :: Entry Point Not Found Error / Installing Vs 2008?

Jun 1, 2010

Im trying to install VS 2008 on Server 2008 R2. As I try to run the Setup.exe file I get this Error:

The procedure entry Point BaseGetProcessDllPath could not be located in the Dynamic Link library KERNELBASE.dll

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Databases :: System.EntryPointNotFoundException--Unable To Find An Entry Point Named 'OCIDateTimeFromArray'

Feb 14, 2011

I am using a web method to submit my form data , having Oracle DataBase. And in my local development machine every thing is fine.I am successfully able to submit my form data asynchronously through a web method. But the same project when deployed to test server then while submiting form date there an error occurs as stated above. One field in the table is of DataTime type, and i am inserting server's date into that field, all other fields are of type varchar2 or int. I googled about that but it seems that no one has got such error.

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Created A Method In Class Which Will Determine If An Input Is A Numeric Value Or Not / Error Message "Invalid Entry"

Jun 25, 2010

I created a method in my class which will determine if an input is a numeric value or not.



And even I input a numeric value in my entry, still I get the error message "Invalid entry". Can anyone from this community have an idea on how am I going to solve this issue.

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Visual Studio :: Unable To Attach. The Binding Handle Is Invalid/ Not Point To The Break Point?

Dec 13, 2010

Not point to the break gives above error massege when start debbuging. How i fix this.

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Architecture :: Should The Unit Of Work Point To The Service Layer Or The Repository And Then The Repository Point To The Service Layer

Jan 26, 2011

Just wondering, in an ASP.NET MVC3 environnement with entity framework. Should the Unit of Work point to the service layer or the repository (and then the repository point to the service layer) ?

Ive saw two example:

* One where the unit of work and repository both have an instance to the service layer..

Link: Entity Framework 4 CTP 4 / CTP 5 Generic Repository Pattern and Unit Testable

Doesn't use a service layer but its obvious that one could be use in that case.

* Second where the unit of work have an instance to the repository which have an instance to the service layer..


What would be better ?

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DataSource Controls :: Created LINQ To SQL Classes And Built The Project, Then Created An Aspx Page?

Jun 3, 2010

I have been using LINQ to SQL for quite a while (about two years). Every thing was fine until now. As usual, I created LINQ to SQL classes and built the project, then created an aspx page. However, I cannot see the DataClassesDataContext in the code behind file. It is not listed in the intellisense list.

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C# - Hidden Input Types Get's Created At RUN Time / How To Make Sure That These Are Not Created

Jan 19, 2010

For some reason I have noticed that at run time when looking at my source of my ASP.NET page there are tags being created.

<input type="hidden" name="_VIEWSTATE" id="_viewstate" value="..lots of text.." />


<input type="hidden" name="_EVENTVALIDATION" id="_EVENTVALIDATION" value="..lots of text.." />

Why is this and what is it for?

How can I make sure that these are not created?

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Website Type Project No Solution Is Created And No Link Is Created With IIS?

Feb 12, 2010

onething is not clear to me that in 1.1 there was project type but from 2.0 there is no project type option rather

there is option called website. in website type project no solution is created and no link is created with IIS.

why microsoft design in this way from 2.0. i think there must be soldin reason & advantage behind it.

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C# - Is A New Object That's Created In A Static Property Getter Only Created Once

Jan 11, 2010

I'm creating a static helper class for web services I'm writing. I'm tapping into the API of Telligent and therefore creating these Telligent "service" objects that allow me to do things with the platform. For example, I'm creating a MembershipSerice object in my helper class so I can do membership stuff with the same object. In my helper class I have a property with a getter that creates a new one of these objects:

private static MembershipService _MembershipService {
get return new MembershipService(path, usr, pwd);

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Difference In Display For JQuery Created Img Tag And Created Img Tag?

Jun 2, 2010

My web page has two ways of displaying a particular content. 1. When the page is loaded, the items ( images with anchor tag) are generated using ASP Repeater. 2. When user perform some Ajax action, the images are returned as JSON and I use jQuery for creating the a & img tags.In both these methods, the anchor tags with images are displayed with width 60px. There is no CSS class applied. But strangely the display is not consistent. Here is the both displays:I wonder why this difference occur. I check this with all browsers ( IE,FF& chrome) and all behave the same. Here is my jQuery code:

$('<a>').attr({ href: '/Detail.aspx?id=' +[i].pid, title:[i].nam }) .html("<img src='" +[i].url + "' title='" +[i].nam + "' alt='" +[i].nam + "' width='60px' />").appendTo("#SummaryDiv");

Any idea why this behaviour occurs? I also checked the css applied to these elements in chrome and FF.. they seems to have all the same CSS attributes.

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What Is The Point Of Static

Feb 23, 2010

explain to me the point of static?

Say I have a class called GenericFunctions and a function in there called FormatAddress.

If I want to access that function I have to do this:


GenericFunctions GF = new GenericFunctions();
string FormattedAddress = GF.FormatAddress(int AddressID);
If I make FormatAddress static I can access it without creating an instance of the class by just calling


string FormattedAddress = GenericFunctions.FormatAddress(int AddressID);
So, making the function Static means I don't have to create an instance of the class. So, what's the point? Why not make everything Static?

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What Is The Point Of Throwing An Exception

Apr 15, 2010

What is the point of throwing an exception? It it anyways going to be caught in the Global.asax Application_Error method.

Lets say in the following code we throw an exception.

try {
using (var dc = GetDataContext())
// We are doing some data inserts here.
catch ( Exception ex)
throw ex;

My Question: Even if we do not use try catch and throw here, any exception which will be raised here will be caught inside Application_Error method in Global.asax. Then what is the point of try, catch and throw in this case?

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Different Domains Point To Different Project?

Feb 26, 2011

Question, I have a few c# projects... but I only use one webhosting to host all the projects. My question is,

Is it possible for me to register like 2 domains and point each domain to 2 projects within that web host?

For example:

Http:// will point to the "../project1/default.aspx" will point to the "../project2/default.aspx"

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Is HTML5 A Break Point

Nov 10, 2010

HTML5 is just an updating to XHTML 4.1 or it brings some thing different and new to the web world ,, what are the major differences between it and its predecessors..

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What Is The Point Of Unit Testing

Apr 3, 2011

I have been looking at the unit testing topic and honestly I have never yet seen it in a live application.

Im a little foggy on the subject....
A simple example is if I am populating a listbox with data, I would know through debugging if the data is being populated and if it wasnt it would probably be easy to figure out why. Futhermore I couldnt possibly put it in production if it wasnt work so, why would I need to do a unit test? I dont see the point of it.

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How To Add A Decimal Point To A String

Jun 28, 2010

If I have a string/integer that looks like 123, how can I convert that to look like 12.3?Basically what I need is something faster (if possible) than thisMath.Round(Double.Parse(input / 1000), 1).ToString

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Use Of MaskedEditExtender With Decimal Point?

May 21, 2010

I am using Ajax extender controls with 3.5 in particular MaskedEditExtender.My settinngs are:

Mask = 99.99
InputDirection = RighttoLeft
MaskType = number.

I can't seem to achieve what I want which is to set the focus just to the left of the decimal point. I try both InputDirection RightToLeft and LeftToRight. They both have problematic behavior. The example given by Microsoft on their web site, is close to want I want but I cannot achieve these results.See

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URL Rewriting To A Common End Point?

Jun 10, 2010

I want to create an white-label site [URL], that could be styled for each of our clients according to their specific needs. So for example, client abc would see the site in their corporate colours and be accessed through their specific url Likewise client xyz would see the site in their own styling and url

Typing either url, in effect, takes the user to where the styling is applied, and the client's url structure is retained.

I was thinking of URL rewriting using URLRewriter.Net [URL], or similar, mapping the incoming address to a client id and applying the theme accordingly. So, a url rewrite rule may be something like

<rewrite url="http//" to="~/$1?id=1" />
<rewrite url="http//" to="~/$1?id=2" />

I could then read the id, map it to the client, and with a bit of jiggery-pokery, apply the correct theme.

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Highlight Point On Image Map?

Feb 16, 2010

I am working on imagemap, there are points on my image, I want to mark one of point upon clicking of a button, how can I can control the coordinates because my image is resizeable/dynamic, every time image size will be changed.

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