How To Programmatically Print An Aspx Page

Mar 10, 2010

VWD 2008 Express. Visual Basic.

I want to do two things:

1. Place a button on my aspx page that when clicked causes the page to be printed.

2. Put code behind that makes a page print.

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Print PDF From Page .aspx C# VS-2008?

Sep 13, 2010

I have a aspx page with Charts and DataGrips and I want to print all my page in a pdf just like it look in my page.

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Web Forms :: Converting Aspx Page To Pdf Before Print?

Oct 2, 2010

how to covert aspx page to pdf before print.

I have aspx page with print button on it. so when the customer click on print button, he must get the print in pdf format.

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Web Forms :: Trying To Programmatically Add A User Control To An Aspx Page

Nov 30, 2010

I'm trying to programmatically add a user control to an aspx page.

the problem is that any postback that happens on the page(even if i added the user control to an updatepanel) clears the user control from the page.

this happens also if the postback is generated from the user control itself.

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Print The Aspx Page Either Using Server Side Or Client Side Approach?

Feb 9, 2011

I have to implement the print functionality on aspx page like on click of print image icon user will be able to get the print out of aspx page .aspx page will contain the server controls like textboxes , Gridview etc which one approach will be the best server side or client side printing ?

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Web Forms :: Print Only Those Rows Of GridView Selected Using CheckBox And Print One Row Per Page

Aug 10, 2012

I am having grid view with check boxes, If user selectes multiple rows Iwould like to print all the selected rows page by page means first row in first page second row as second page how can I do this

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Web Forms :: Print GridView And Add Title To Print Page

Feb 15, 2012

I want to add title to my print page ...

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Web Forms :: How To Print Header Of Gridview On Each Print Page

Feb 16, 2012

I want add to Header of Gridview on each print page

below is my code : 

enter code here

My code is not working

 <asp:Content ID="cMain" ContentPlaceHolderID="phMain" Runat="Server">
<style type="text/css">
@media print


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Web Forms :: Print Variable Value In Aspx?

Oct 1, 2010

I am tring to print the value of a variable in aspx page but its printing the variable name rather then its value.


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C# - How To Load Aspx Files Programmatically

Apr 12, 2010

I am new to web development. I have 2 .aspx files and in default page I want to open other page programmatically. how can I do that?

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C# - Manipulating .aspx File Programmatically?

Jan 20, 2011

I was recently assigned a task of changing our web site localization to use custom resource provider (using sql database) instead of the default asrx resource files. Right now I'm chalenged with replacing hundreds of meta:resourcekey="resource-key" with '<%$ Resources:[filename,]resource-key %>' in our web site too many web pages. I want to do it programmatically.

first of all I'm not able to open .aspx files using XmlDocument, then I wonder how can I read meta:resource entries inside the aspx file as meta:resource is not any regular node attribute. any thoughts or example code how to solve this.

Note: in the inserted '<%$ Resources:[filename,]resource-key %>' filename name sould be based on the aspx file name & resource-key on the control type and the resource value.

exemple: in UserPage.aspx page <asp:Label id="uid" meta:resource="userName"> should be replaced with <asp:Label id="uid" Text='<%$ Resources:UserPage,LBL_userName_text %>'.

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C# - How To Programmatically Set Property Of Control In Aspx File

May 27, 2010

This may be a very dumb question but I can't seem to get it working. I use at many places the following syntax for dynamically binding a property of a control in aspx file to the resource entry, e.g.

<SomeFunnyControl Text="<%$ Resources : ResClass, ResEntry %>" />

I want to do a similar thing with a class containing some constants, something like

<SomeFunnyControl Text="<%= MyConstantsClass.MyStringConstant %>" />

But this doesn't seem to work, it simply sets the text to the exact expression without evaluating it. I am using ASP.NET 3.5 btw.

I have tried the databinding approach but I get an HttpParseException saying Databinding expressions are only supported on objects that have a DataBinding event.

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Web Forms :: How To Write Aspx Page HTML From Aspx.cs Page On Page Load

Dec 1, 2010

i want to write aspx page html from aspx.cs page on page load..

i hav already used div.innerHtml...

i want to write below code in aspx page from aspx.cs page


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Programmatically Update Date Stamp Of ASPX File?

Jan 27, 2010

When adding new DB records to a ListView, I want to update the date/time stamp of the containing ASPX page for SEO purposes. Is this possible and how might I go about it?


I found Touch for Windows, bu would still prefer any kind of clever hack just to do this programmatically:


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In Reality, Are Server Controls Rarely Added Programmatically To Aspx Pages?

Jan 21, 2011

I mean, it's easy to add a Button programmactically to an aspx page, but a server control's event handler probably has to be set early in the page life cycle (maybe before Control.Load event). As a result in reality, are dynamic controls rarely added to apsx pages?I wish there is a way to call postback at the server, so that a event is never too late.

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How To Place An Aspx Page Inside Update Panel Of Another Aspx Page

Aug 23, 2010

is it possible to place an aspx page inside the update panel of another aspx page? if possible let me know the way to do that.

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Call Public Property Declared In A ASPX Page From A Different ASPX Page?

Jan 15, 2011

How can I call a public property declared on a ASPX page from a different ASPX Page? Is that possible? It is a website project. How can I get/call this property from a different aspx page? I have attempted this from the other page, but it is not recognizing the partial class: private Test_Default _test; It does not recognize the "Test_Default"



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Web Forms :: How To Embed A Child Page (aspx) In A Master Page (aspx)

Apr 14, 2010

what i wanna do is:

there is an dropDownList in the master page with 4~5 items.

i've prepared 4~5 sub-page related to the above item. when the dropDownList.ItemChanged, the subpage content will show their own page.

use html iframe to include another aspx page.

in my cs code:


but when i change the item in the dropdownlist, the error pops up:


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AJAX :: Open A New Aspx Page Inside Aspx Page?

Nov 30, 2010

How we can open a new aspx page in update panel embedded on current page. I want to open that page on some ajax event...

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PageLoad Event Is Not Fired When An Aspx Is Opened Through Javascript Of Another Aspx Page

Jan 25, 2011

I have an aspx application with 2 aspx pages. Second aspx page will get opened on click of a button in first aspx page using JavaScript. The problem is, when the second aspx page is getting opened, its Page_load event is not firing. Only when I refresh the second page, page_load event of second aspx page is fired. what might be the problem and what is to be done to fire the page_load event.

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IIS 6/7 Threading - Long Running Aspx Page Keeps Other Aspx Pages From Loading

Oct 11, 2010

I wrote a test page that does a bunch of busy work in a method called at page load. This process as I have it now takes around 12 seconds.

If I try to load another page while the first long running page is loading, this second page doing nothing except writing out a world, it doesn't load until the first long running page is finished.

Why is this the case? I would think IIS would be able to handle multiple concurrent connections, it seems crazy that one long running page would stop every other page in the application from loading. I must be missing something or not understand how IIS works.

I would think multiple independent requests would be spawned on different threads. Is this only the case if the requests are from different sessions entirely? Are all requests from a single session bound to a single thread?

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Click On Back In Page B.aspx It Comes To A.aspx With Out Previous Listview Result

Aug 27, 2010

I have page A.aspx where I show some result in listview. When I click On Some data on listview I go to page B.aspx. Now the problem is when I click on back in page B.aspx it comes to A.aspx with out previous listview result. Ack requirement is when I come to page A.aspx result of listview has to be there. How do i do that?

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Web Forms :: How To Print The .net Page Contents Or Full Page

Nov 3, 2010

How to Print the Page Contents or Full Page in . I have to given the facility to user to print the Page with enterd Data .How to Deal with the Print functionality in

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Web Forms :: Print Some Content Of Page Without Redirecting To Another Page?

Nov 8, 2010

n the web page I need to print some content partly fetched from database to the user. The user can print all the reciepts of his basket or just print one reciept. what I do for now is that I redirect user to another page including datalists that fetched regarding info from database and then by clicking print it prints data. after that user shoud push back button to be redirected back to main page.But I want to do something on my page, that some how maybe pop up modals or flyouts or anything else, will be able to show data collected from database match with users basket, and let user click print and then print it. I need a solution on the same page not on the other page.

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Web Forms :: Print Content Page From Master Page?

Aug 23, 2010

I am using a master page to all the pages i am creating in the website. I have to provide a print option to all the pages. how to print the content page when you click the print button in the master page in order to avoid header, footer and side navigation in print.

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