Updating A Label During A Code Behind Loop?

May 29, 2010

I'm using VWD2010 express. using C# code behind.

What I need to do is update a label during a loop (simplified from my implimentation). If I can refresh the whole page or an update panel that would work too. I want to give the user more info than just "Please Wait...". So the extreamly simplified version of what I'm trying to do is:

<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>
<br />
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" onclick="Button1_Click Text="Button" />
protected void Button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
for(int i =0; i<=10; i++)
Label1.Text = i.ToString();

Because ASP runs all of it's code behind events before sending the HTML to the user it will not update the label text until after the entire loop has run. I've tried using and update panel and using the UpdatePanel1.Update(); command. I've turned off out buffering Response.Buffer=false; and Response.BufferOutput=false;. I've been searching forums for the past 2 days trying for find a solution. Is this even possilble with ASP or are we at the mercy of ASP only giving HTML to the user when after it's done with it's server side events?

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Web Forms :: Set Up A For Loop So That Each Label Can Be Changed?

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For example:


I need it to change the control ID each time, based on the value of I.

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I get some data from the database that I want to use to update another Database row.I know how to do that if I put the first value on a label and then use that.//First I get the Name I want

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NameList.DataSource = table;


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I'm using a third party control which fires a server side method when a document gets saved. Should there be any problems with saving, I'd like to display a message on the client side, such as:


Doing that in server side doesn't work after discovering IsCallBack = true.

How do you update lblMessage via CallBack without a full PostBack?

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C# - Updating Score Label Using ListBox?

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I have a DB in which looks like this:

WinningID (FK)
LoosingID (FK)

My Game Table contains score of Players wins against each other. So WinnindID (Player1) Vs. LoosingID (Player2) has a score of 4.

That being said. I am creating a web page in which I have to show the score. I populated ListBoxes with the Player Names and have two labels to show the score.

Label 1: Showing Player1 as opponent and won.
Label 2: Showing Player2 as opponent and won.

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I want to display the text entered in a textbox on a label character by character. I.e, if I enter a character in textbox, I need to display that character in the label. Up to the length of the textbox, this procedure has to done for the label also.

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AJAX :: Updating A Client Label Or Textbox

Jul 1, 2010

I have a server side procedure that opens a tcp socket to a server then recieves chunks of data from the server. The server side code does this in a loop, collects the data as a string, then finally displays the data in a textbox. It all works fine.

My problem is, as the chunks of bytes are returned, I need to update a client textbox or lable showing bytes received on each iteration of the loop. I've tried injecting client side java and I've tried using such things as the updatepanel and/or updateprogress controls. I haven't gotten anything to work. It always seems to only update the client on the last iteration. i.e. in a server side procedure/loop, update a client side textbox/label. Or maybe tell me what I am doing wrong? This is some of the code I am using now without using an updatepanel or updateprogess:


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AJAX :: Updating Label In An UpdatePanel / Both Lables Showing?

Sep 2, 2010

I either don't understand or I'm not using AJAX right. I'm running a long report. I'd like to have a label to show the user that the "Report Running", then, that the report has finished. But, when the user runs another report, I'd like to have the label that shows "Report Finished!" to clear so that you don't have "Report Running!" and "Report Finished!" on the screen at the same time. But, the label will not clear???? I get both lables showing. What am I doing wrong?

Here is a sample:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel2" runat="server" >
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="Button1" EventName="Click" /> [code]...

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Oct 26, 2010

I'm trying to make a order form where once the user selects an item from the drop down list, the label will automatically be populated with the user's selection.suppose user select item from drop down then label populate rate for that itemve me a sample example..

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Web Forms :: How To Make A Loop In Apsx Code

Sep 23, 2010

Recently, I have read an excellent tutorial from asp.net, MVC music store.

I have discover that we can access to variable in strongly typed views like this:


It is very powerful!

Can we do the same with Web Form in aspx pages?

I ask this question because I think that ASP controls for data are very strict like gridview; in fact my real problem is that I want to make a loop in my apsx code and I think that I can't in Web form...

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Is it possible to add the ListItem values in the code-behind within a for loop? If so, what is it? Here is my current code:

for (int i = 0; i < dt.Rows.Count; i++)

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Web Forms :: Loop Textboxes By ID In Code Behind Page?

Jan 6, 2010

I need to know how to loop the user input value in textboxes programatically. For example I have 3 rows of textboxes i have programatically generated with id txtCategory1, txtCategory2, txtCategory3. Since I generated all these textboxes programatically I have no idea how many textboxes will be there. I need to do a looping again to get the value user put in into textbox. How can I get the value of textbox by using ID?

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Asp.net - Loop In Code Block On Click Argument?

Feb 13, 2010

Basically what i am trying to do is display a list of categories. And if the admin is logged in
i want to show some buttons next to each category. For example a button to delete it. The problem is that i dont know how to pass a parameter to the function that does the action.Like i specify that on button click the function 'DeleteCat' must be called but if i cant pass the ID of the category to be deleted this wont work.I know this can be done with commands and a repeater, but its not an option, i cant use a repeater.So apparanly this is what i am aiming for:


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Data Controls :: Loop And Add Label And LinkButton Controls To DataList

Sep 20, 2015

I am trying to search the database using Data List and Item Template. I just want to loop the data's from database in a linkbutton and a lable row by row. 

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Description", typeof(string)));
dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Auctionno", typeof(string)));

[Code] ....

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C# - Optimize Code - Linq And Foreach Loop 15k Records?

Sep 6, 2010

this is my code


basically, the InstellingGegevens table gest filled in by some procedure from another server.
the thing i then need to do is check if there are new records in this table, and fill in the new ones in Instellingens.

this code runs for like 4 minutes on 15k records. how do I optimize it? or is the only way a Stored Procedure?

this code runs in a timer, running every 6h. IF a stored procedure is best, how to I use that in a timer?


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C# - Accessing Checkbox Inside Html Table Loop From Code Behind?

Feb 8, 2011

I have a question about asp.net

I have this table with checkbox for each row:


table code inside the ASPX page:


So I'm trying to implement the delete selected button.. How exactly do i point to the specific checkbox for a particular row from codebehind when all 3 have the same name chkSelected? I know how to do it with a gridview, but not quite sure how if we do it with a for loop..

Can I do something like this inside btnDelete_Click?


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How To Write Row Updating Code

Apr 9, 2015

how to create gridview (with code).i am trying to build a table (gridview) where i can just edit and update.

<div class="content">
<div class="table-responsive">
<asp:GridView ID="gvTable" runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static" AllowSorting="True" ShowHeaderWhenEmpty="True" SortedAscendingHeaderStyle-CssClass="sorting_asc" SortedDescendingHeaderStyle-CssClass="sorting_desc" HeaderStyle-CssClass="sorting" AutoGenerateColums="True" onrowediting="gvTable_RowEditing" onrowupdating="gvTable_RowUpdating" >


How do i update the existing data and it will auto save in my sql database.

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DataSource Controls :: Finding Code To Loop Through The Reader And Output The Details On Individual Lines Of The Page

Jan 14, 2010

I'm currently trying to build a html table from the results of a sql data reader. As my table has multiple records, I want the code to loop through the reader and output the details on individual lines of the page. In ASP I have done this in the past using something like


but as I am using data readers I'm not sure what the equivalent is.

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MVC :: Automatically Updating A Field In Code?

Dec 28, 2010

how do I update a field from code like inserting a date. i have something like below. i want to insert the date when the record is updated or edited, but it does not work what is the correct way to do this in mvc


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MVC :: T4 Generated Code Not Updating On Build?

Jan 13, 2010

I have version 2.6.10 in my project. I have not modified any of the settings. The generated code is getting updated on build. I added a new method to a controller. It doesn't show up in the Views property. I added new javascript files that don't get added to the Scripts class.

Also, what is the correct method to update to a new version of T4MVC when it comes out. Do I just copy over the existing files in my project?

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Web Forms :: Updating A Master Page Label Per Page On Site?

Dec 13, 2010

I have a label within my master page that is part of our footer. In the footer, we are wanting to display page specific information. So as you make your way around the site, the footer will contain content about that page along with other data that is universa on the entire site.I had a somewhat similar question some time back that i posted here..

http://forums.asp.net/t/1615850.aspx it was for a shopping cart of sorts..

cartct.Text = ShoppingCart.Instance.Items.Count().ToString() + "";

If Label is in master page, you have to use FindControl to get the Label and udpate its text

((Label)Master.FindControl("cartct")).Text=String.Format("{0}",ShoppingCart.Instance.Items.Count() );

once you select another page, you dont have it anymore,If you want to share data across different pages, consider using Session to save Items count.

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Web Forms :: Updating Radio Button From Code Behind C#

Jan 31, 2010

I have a group of two radio buttons and I would like to set the state of them in my code-behind page. I can do this quite simply by setting the checked state of each (e.g. RadioButton1.Checked = true; adioButton2.Checked=false;) The problem I'm having is that the state of the buttons on the screen is not updated until I navigate away from the page the buttons are on then return to the button page. Question: how can I make the button checked appearance change from the code on the server?

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Web Forms :: Updating An ImageUrl Through Code Does Not Work?

May 28, 2010

I have a FileUpload control that allows a user to upload an image. After the image is uploaded, I'd like to update an Image control I have on the page.

The uploading part is working, as I can see the files in the folder after. However, the image never updates.

I'm relative new to .NET but I think maybe it has something to do with postback?

Here is the code I have:


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Development Server Is Not Updating Changes To Markup / Code?

Sep 1, 2010

I've been working on the ASP.NET Development Server recently (on an MVC project and I'm finding that it is inconsistent in how it serves the changes I make to my code. For example, I make a change to the C#/HTML/CSS/JS in the dev environment and run the page, and the change appears on the screen. But if I edit the HTML again and run the page again, the new change doesn't appear. Even ctrl+F5 doesn't do it. I have to stop the web server and run the app again for the changes to update. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to sort this problem out?

If I'm working in IIS and I change something, a ctrl+F5 will always update the page with the changes I've made. I'd like the dev server to be as reliable.

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