VS 2010 Keeping Selected Treenode Selected?

Mar 9, 2011

I´m using a treenode´s selected node´s value to filter a an accessdatasource which populates a gridview.However when I press the "edit" button in the gridview, I guess the node is undselected because the gridview gets emptied. When I reselect the node, the gridview displays the filtered records, and the one being edited is in edited mode.So I´d like to keep the node selected. Not only because of the above, but also so the user can see what he is editing.Fuga.edit: When I remove the filtering from the accessdatasource init event, the gridview diplays all records, but the worng one is being edited. I guess it´s the one with the same index as the filtered record. So, visual studio gets the index and then reloads the data and applies the index on the reloaded data!?

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Web Forms :: Set Scroll Position To Selected TreeNode?

Feb 11, 2010

I have this working in several pages in my site but in one page it wont work!

this is the hierarchyof the page.

I have a treeview in a div,in an asp:panel, in an updatepanel in a user control. the panel is shown/hidden using the ajax modalpopupextender.

this user control is placed in a content page (using a master page).

Now that you got the above, I'll let you know what ive tried already.

I tried doing this:(which works perfectly when the treeview is placed simply in an aspx page)


tried using also :


Basically i kept playing around with it trying different ways but seems like the selected node is just not visible even though i call this JS function after i have selected the Node in code behind.

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Web Forms :: How To Popup Datalist When Selected Treenode Is Clicked In Treeview

May 27, 2010

how to popup datalist when selected treenode is clicked in treeview .I am using c#.

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Web Forms :: Call A Javascript Function When Treenode Selected In A Asp:TreeView?

Feb 23, 2011

I want to ask if there is any way to call a javascript function when treenode selected in a asp:TreeView?

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Web Forms :: Dropdownlist Not Keeping The Selected Value After Submit?

Feb 14, 2011

I've many input elements one of which is, a radio button group with Autopostback set to true. After selecting one item from the radio button, the drop down list below fetches values from database and is refreshed. I choose some value in the dropdown list and submit the form. I've many server side validation controls. When I submit the form, if any of the server validation fails, it'll show the error message in the form. But the value I choose in the dropdown list disappears and it shows the first value of the dropdown list.

How to show the selected value in the list after submission of form?

Below is the partial code from my form. When I type anything other than "Hello" is the "Comments" text box, it will show the error message. I know I can use, other validators to check this. But purposely I want to use Customvalidator.

My C# code


My ASP.net code


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Css - Menu Control - Keeping Parent Item Selected?

Jul 22, 2010

I have two ASP.NET Menu controls on a page. One in my header (tabs) for top level pages, e.g. ~/Default.aspx
And one in my sidebar for sub pages, e.g. ~/Products/SomeProduct.aspxI'm using the selected CSS class to ensure that the selected tab is a different colour.Works fine for top level pages, but if I view a sub page, the tab isn't assigned a CSS class of selected.How can I ensure that the top level menu item has a CSS class of selected when viewing a sub page?

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Forms Data Controls :: Keeping The Last Selected Value In A Dropdown List?

Dec 30, 2010

I have a small problem with drop down list. I have a aspx page which shows the information of a customer and there is an Edit button, which will take the customer to the edit information page. On the edit information page, I have drop down lists and I want the selected value in the drop down list to have the current value of the current customer on Page Load event.

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AJAX :: To Get The Selected Index,selected Value , Selected Text Using Javascript Of Combobox Control

Feb 17, 2010

Can i get the selected index,selected value , selected text using javascript of ajax combobox control. if yes send me the sample code.

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Web Forms :: Use Treenode Selected Value From Master Page To Content Page?

Jul 13, 2010

I have created one website with Master and content page . I have taken TreeView Control on master page. And I wants that when I click to tree node the i can get value of tree node on content page and bind the dropdown of content page according to value of master page.

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VS 2010 Font Of Selected Row?

Feb 24, 2011

I have a gridview on my page which is bound to a data table and displays search results. In the RowDataBound event I have the following code to handle row selection -


e.Row.Attributes.Add("onclick", ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(gvResults, "Select$" + e.Row.RowIndex.ToString()))
e.Row.Style.Add("cursor", "pointer")
e.Row.Attributes.Add("onmousedown", "MouseEvents(this, event)")
On the page itself I have the following to change the fond of the selected row


The problem I have is if I do another search even though I clear the grid and rebind a row is still showing in the different font even though it hasn't actually been selected. How do I ensure all rows are in the same font on binding to the gridview?

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Forms Data Controls :: Two Gridviews Same Page - Unselect Selected Row When Row Selected In Second Gridview

Sep 30, 2010

I have two gridviews on same page - If a record is selected in Gridview1, I need to unselect a record (if one is selected) in Gridview2 - and vice-versa.

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Web Forms :: Compare Two ListBox Selected Items And Save The Common Selected To Database

May 7, 2015

Two ListBox Items  Compare and  Distinct  Values  Insert  Into  Third  ListBox

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VS 2010 - Radiobuttonlist Reverts From Selected Item

Apr 24, 2012

II am populating a radiobuttonlist in code on page load, although not when postback is true (I've checked this by the way).

Autopostback is set to true, viewstate is enabled (everywhere I can think of, although only in the content page, if that matters)

When I select an item, the postback happens, the populating does not happen, and the selection reverts back to the first item, which was never selected.

Nowadays I have the knowledge to do this in javascript, but I would prefer not to. It can't be that it should work like this, can it? The control would be useless. I want the index that is selected.

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SQL Reporting :: Values In Multiselect Dropdown Not Getting Selected When Select All Option Is Selected

Sep 22, 2010

Values in multiselect dropdown not getting selected when Select All option is selected for a SSRS dropdown. There are multiple dropdowns on the page. We have one dropdown whose output is being used to populate the second dropdown using a stored procedure. When we check the Select All checkbox on the dropdown then ideally upon page refresh all the values should get selected in the dropdown, but in this case the page refreshes back to the blank dropdown, forcing the user to select the values again. The next dropdown too does not get populated. This makes it impossible to run the report for all the cases by using Select All. We ran the report on differnet database environments. My current location is Mumbai,India, the report worked fine when we ran it on a Bangalore,india database. This issue occurs when we try running it on a Chicago database server. I am using SSRS 2005, SQL2005.

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Forms Data Controls :: Get The Selected Item From The Listbox In The Selected Index Changed Event

Feb 28, 2011

How to get the selected item from the listbox in the selected index changed event. I tried: Label1.Text = ListBox1.SelectedItem.Text; It is giving me object set to null reference.

foreach (ListItem item in ListBox1.Items)
if (item.Selected)
//lblResults.Text += item.Text + "
Label1.Text = item.Text;

No use, no value coming in to label.

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Data Controls :: Set RadioButtonList Selected Value Based On GridView Selected Row?

May 7, 2015

how to display GridView Selected Row in dropdownlist and radiobutton outside GridView in ASP.Net?

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VS 2010 / Initialize Calendar Controls Selected-date

Aug 15, 2011

I have two calendar controls on my page for a user to specify a start and end date. The earliest record was created on 05/27/2011 and the latest was created on 06/22/2011 so I wanted to initialize each calendar to those dates respectively (I will get these dates when I run a database query). It is working in that the calendar properties are set correctly but I want the page to display the calendar of those months instead of defaulting to August. How do I get the calendar page to flip back three months and display May?

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VS 2010 - Display Contents Of A File Selected From ListBox Into Text Box

Jul 18, 2011

I need to display the contents of a file selected from a ListBox into a text box. When I populate the ListBoxItems, I set the Text property to the name of the file and its full path to the Value property.

When I click the item, the page refreshes because AutoPostBack is on, but nothing happens. I then tried this:

VB.NET Code:
Protected Sub lbLogs_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles lbLogs.SelectedIndexChanged      Me.txtServiceTag.Text = Me.lbLogs.SelectedItem.TextEnd Sub

But it still didn't work.

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VS 2010 - Textbox With Calendar Control / Change Event When New Date Selected

May 17, 2012

I have a textbox with a calendar control. When a new date is selected I need for the txt change event to fire.

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VS 2010 Menu Control - Open Separate Windows When Page Is Selected

Oct 14, 2011

Looking to open a separate windows when a page is selected from the menu.Here's the xml code using taget=_blank...but it's not working.


<MENU text="Help" url ="">
<SubMenu text="About" url="About.asx" target="_blank"></submenu>

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Web Forms :: Selected Items In Listbox To Be Seen As Selected

May 17, 2010

I'm having trouble getting selected items in a listbox to be seen as selected. On my aspx page there's a listbox and a button:


But if I change my condition to Not selected, the string does build, with every item in the list. So the Sub is reached, the items and their text and values are seen, but user selection of items doesn't work. What am I missing?

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Web Forms :: Default Web Template In Visual Studio 2010 Selected Menu Item CSS?

Jun 22, 2010

I tried using the the New ASP.NET Default Web Template in Visual Studio 2010 but one issue I'm encountering is with the CSS selected menu item and read apost which stated that...

"This screenshot demonstrates some of the styling options provided by the CSS, including the style for the selected About menu item"...In the screenshot the "About Us" menu item is highlighted but the page's content is the "Home" page content, not "About Us" page. My problem is...I can't get the selected item to be highlighted as in the screenshot even with fresh site using the built in template.

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VS 2010 - Changing Treenode Backcolor Dynamically In Code

Apr 19, 2012

What I need to do is perform some kind of decision statement and when true I need to change the backcolor of a treenode to grey, so that it has a grey box around the whole text. There is no backcolor property for the tree node and I don't need it applied all the time so I don't think a CSS class will do this.

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How To Check If Selected Value Of The ListBox Is Not Selected In C#

Jun 14, 2010

This code will display the selected value from the listbox. E.g. if I sellect Item 1 I will get the following output: You have selected Item 1.

Label1.Text = "You have selected " + DropDownList1.SelectedValue + "<br />";

But if I don't select anything and click on Submit button, I will get: You have selected

What would I need to make it display "You have not selected anything. select at least 1 item."

UPDATE: I am using ASP.NET WebForms.

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Should The Selected Index Or Selected Value Be Used To Set A Dropdownlist

Nov 26, 2010

I am binding months to a list 0-13 items default selection is 0 months duration, and years 0-8 items and 0 years is the default selection.As I know there are always going to be 12 months in a year, I could use selectedvalue or selectedindex without any perceived problem. Is there a reason why I should not use either/or of the two properties to select a list item?

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