Visual Studio :: How To Set The Background And Foreground Colors For The Dynamic Menu Level

Aug 26, 2010

I am using Visual web developer 2008 Express. I have a menu with a static top level and a dynamic second level. When the dynamic level is displayed the background is always white. How do I set the background and foreground colors for the dynamic menulevel?

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Visual Studio :: How To Bind Menu Control With Both Static And Dynamic Data

Jun 28, 2010

i m want to bind menu control from database and some of static value both, i know how to bind menu from DB and also know how to static bind the data in Menu, but i want two add two static record in menu control and after that i want to bind data from DB in menu control, and than again three static record bind in menu..... i think a lot about this and finally i thought to add my static data in dataset at particular positons, but problem is that i dont know how to bind static data in dataset at particular 1st 2nd and 4th,5th,6th pos.

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Web Forms :: Create Dynamic Two Level Deep Horizontal Menu?

Oct 29, 2010

I need to create 2 level deep menu. The first level is static and horizontal. And i need the second dynamic level to be horizontal. Is there any oprion for dynamic menu item or it can be done by css somehow?

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Visual Studio :: Use Pop Menu In 2008 Like Menu Control

Jun 30, 2010

How to use pop menu in visual studio 2008 (Like Menu Control).

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Visual Studio :: The Intellisense Doesn't Work At The App_Code Folder Level

Feb 22, 2010

My problem is that the intellisense is not enabled within the App_Code folder, so to twick this problem I initially create a separate folder where I develop my classes then I move them to the App_Code but, but I'm convinced that this is not the right practice so how to configure visual studio 2008 to enable intellisense at the App_Code folder

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Web Forms :: Adding Background Colors To Different Radiobuttonlist Members?

May 7, 2010

I have a list of 10 radiobutton items and each 'text' has a different background color. I am moving this page from .asp to .aspx and from a table w/radio buttons to a radiobuttonlist.

How can I apply the different colors?


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Visual Studio :: IE Always Opens In The Background When Debugging?

May 6, 2010

Whenever I start a debug session for my Silverlight 4 app, IE first opens on top, then disappears behind VS 2010. It does this regardless of whether there are any breakpoints set or not and it's starting to get very annoying. Is there a setting to stop this happening?

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Visual Studio :: Visual Web Developer 2010 Some Commands Not Appear In The Menu?

Mar 25, 2011

I use visual web developer 2010 some commands not appear in the menu when I write it in .asp.cs file like "AffectedRows"and it not work when I write it.I Want to choose this commandes from the menu.

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WebMatrix :: Visual Studio 2008 And Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Launch Ribbon Menu Item

Dec 5, 2010

My existing system has Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. But Microsoft web installer for Webmatrix has made Wematrix Launch ribbon menu pointing to Visual Studio 2008. How could I make Webmatrix point to Visual Web Express 2010. To make use of IntelliSense and the debugger, I have to manually launch Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.

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Visual Studio :: Using Local IIS And StylesheetTheme -background Image Is Not Applied?

Feb 18, 2011

using StyleSheetTheme="Common", my background image is not being applied when I switch over to using the local IIS server.

VS Web Server: http://localhost:33174/Index.aspx = OK

Local IIS Server: http://localhost/MyApp/Index.aspx = background not showing

My Common.css class is defined as:

#masthead {

I've tried various paths to the image.

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C# - Menu Displaying Different Menu Items Depending On Access Level

Jul 9, 2010

I'm trying to create an asp menu for a website. The site will have 2 levels of user Master users (which will have more options) and Sub users which will have limited menu options.

I was wonder does anyone knows if a way to hide menu items? I've tried google but I can't really find much.

Here's the Asp code


I have worked out how to hide the whole menu when the user is not logged in

MainMenu.Visible = false

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C# - Making A Menu (color Palette) From Looping Through Colors

Jan 7, 2011

I have the following code:

foreach (Color color in new ColorConverter().GetStandardValues())

What would be the syntax to get it to show as a color palette instead of just listing the colors?

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Web Forms :: Changing Menu Colors When Using Ascx Page?

Dec 25, 2010

Am new to, am using ascx page as user control for my website i have 4 menu items in that ascx page home,aboutus,contactus,news

i want to change the color of menu's text on selection

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Visual Studio :: How To Remove The Unused References In Form Level/ Application And Web Application

Feb 3, 2010

How to remove the unused references in form level, application and web application?

How can I use fxcop to identity undisposed objects like dataset, dataview, connection, stream...? Any one having custom rules for the same?

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Web Forms :: Change Background Color Of Selected Menu In Menu Control?

Jul 15, 2013

i have a asp menu in master page and it is populated from database. 

i want if user click a link that menu link's background color should change how to do?  

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Web Forms :: Add Menu Layout To Visual Studio?

Sep 6, 2010

I was trying to create a new page .But I needed to make the positioning to absolute.But for this the layout menu is to add this menu to the visual studio..

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Web Forms :: How To Build A Menu And Each Item Of The Menu Has An Image As Background

Apr 19, 2010

I am need to build a menu and each item of the menu has an image as background knowing that i depend on sitemap to build the menu i used


where menuitem is in a css sheet


it display the image but in the wrong place?

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Visual Studio 2008 Generate Top Navigation Menu?

Dec 21, 2010

I came across this site and like the top nav menu [URL] can visual studio 2008 generate such a menu like that. Moreover, what about if I want to apply security on what to show in the menu. For instance, I will have 3 departments ( Finance, Accounting and Marketing ) each department has its own apsx page. Depending on role, I need to show / not show a page under each department. How can I enforce such thing.

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Web Forms :: Using Visual Studio 2008 And Want To Add A Drop Down Menu In Page?

Jan 13, 2011

this sound may too easy, but for a person who has no idea about the is not. I am using visual studio 2008 and I want to add a drop down menu in my page. does any body have any idea how to add this please? The dropdown menu should be linked to a table from an access database since I am going to collect the data with C# therefore I decided to post in in this forum.

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Visual Studio :: How To See Align And Make The Same Size In Format Menu

Jun 3, 2010

I'm developing a web form using visual and visual studio 2008. I noticed I cannot select multiple text boxes and make the them to align all make them the same size. I select one textbox, and then hit ctrl to select more controls, it did't do anything. And also I cannot see in format menu, something like align or make the same size. But if I create a windows form, I can see the options. But I remember I can do this in visual studio 2005 before even for web form.

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Visual Studio :: Reset Menu And Toolbar Options To Defaults

Jan 15, 2010

I have a very vexxing issue. After installing a third-party application and add-in for VSTS 2008, it has corrupted my menus/buttons by duplicating/cascading these throughout studio (i.e. Multiple sets of each menu - File, Edit, View, etc, each of which has multiple submenu entry sets). I have tried to use Add-In Manager to uninstall it and removing the application (which added the Add-in to VSTS). I tried Tools->Customize and resetting the MenuBar and ContextMenu options as well. I tried running each of the following (closing and then reopening VSTS after each) from the command prompt, which completed but did not fix things.

devenv /resetsettings
devenv /resetSkipPkgs
devenv /resetuserdata
devenv /setup

My question then, does anyone know a way to reset the menus/toolbars for VSTS 2008 to their defaults or correct this some other way? I know I can unistalll both products and resolve this but I *really* want to be able to use the third party app (Red Gate's SQL Prompt).

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Visual Studio :: 2010 Tab Menu Changing The Class / Style?

Apr 20, 2010

I have a trial version of VS2010 and created a simple out of the box ASP .Net web application. I have been playing around with the css file for the project and have yet to figure out how to effect the menu tabs.

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Adding Menu Bar In A Website Created In Visual Studio 2010?

Jan 19, 2014

would like to ask about how can I insert a menu bar in a Web site that is created in visual studio 2010.

My toolbox seems to not have a menu tool inside.

Is there a way to drop a menu in my page like I drop a button?

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MVC :: Template Doesnt Show Up In New Project Menu Visual Studio 2010?

Dec 27, 2010

i havent uninstalled Visual studio 2010 .... for some requirements i had to repair my visual studio 2010 installation... now after repairing or reinstalling (not uninstalling and then installing, i reinstalled from the visual studio installation options) the visual studio 2010 i noticed that the Mvc template has vanished ... i tried to repair/ reinstall again but somehow it doesnt come up ... the template is not reflected into the visual studio new projects menu... as a result i am not able to load any of the mvc projects either ....

is there any possible way apart from uninstalling /repairing or reinstalling the visual studio i can get back my template again ? into my visual studio.... like wise somewhat kinda manual customization or like that ?

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Web Forms :: Default Web Template In Visual Studio 2010 Selected Menu Item CSS?

Jun 22, 2010

I tried using the the New ASP.NET Default Web Template in Visual Studio 2010 but one issue I'm encountering is with the CSS selected menu item and read apost which stated that...

"This screenshot demonstrates some of the styling options provided by the CSS, including the style for the selected About menu item"...In the screenshot the "About Us" menu item is highlighted but the page's content is the "Home" page content, not "About Us" page. My problem is...I can't get the selected item to be highlighted as in the screenshot even with fresh site using the built in template.

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