Web Forms :: Passing Values / Calling Functions To User Control?

Jan 7, 2011

I have a page that contains a few user controls which all use an id in a querystring. I want to change this so that the page can send the id to the user control and can call a function on the user control.

Also is it possible for the user control to get the id from the page or a control on the page as its parent?

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C# - Calling User Control Javascript Functions From New Window

Mar 31, 2011

I have a user control which opens a new window for some item selection. Once an item is selected on that window, the item ID should be passed to a callback javascript function in the user control. In order to have a unique callback function name in the user control (it may have multiple instances on the same page), I added the user control ID to the function name as follows (defined in the ascx file):

function OnItemSelection_<%=this.ID%>(selectedItemID)
OnItemSelection("<%=SomeControl.ClientID%>", selectedItemID)
Where OnItemSelection is defined in an external js file:
function OnItemSelection(controlID, selectedItemID)
The issue is that now I'm not sure how the new page can call the "right" function (of the user control instance where it was opened from). The only idea I have in mind so far is passing the name of the callback function in the query string:
var CallbackFunction = function(selectedItemID)
or maybe just the opening user control ID:
var CallbackFunction = function(selectedItemID)

My questions are:

1) Is it a bad practice passing javascript function names (or user control IDs) like that (I suspect it is)?

2) What could be better way to handle this scenario? Edit: Another way I'm considering now is declaring a global variable in the user control (registering it from the code behind so it'll appear only once). Then, when opening the new window, it's possible to assign the relevant function to it (OnItemSelection_<%=this.ID%>), and call it from the new window. Seems much cleaner than passing user control data through the query string.

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Web Forms :: Passing Values From Parent Page To User Control And Maintaining The Values Added

Mar 18, 2011

I wanted to know if we can pass values from Parent page (in this case from Default.aspx page) to the user control and maintain those values on subsequent "Add/Load" of user control.

So in short, if I click the "Add" button it loads my "webusercontrol" and also I am able to pass my default.aspx dropdownlist value to this dynamically loaded user control and assign it to a "Label or Textbox" which resides in my "webusercontrol", now the problem is that the value doesn't persists! What I meant is , when I click "Add" button again the "webusercontrol" gets loaded again perfectly but now all my "Label's" in webusercontrol has the new selected value from the default.aspx dropdownlist.

So say for instance I have a Dropdownlist in Default.aspx page with Values "Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia" and initial value to be passed is "Apple", I click the "Add" button, now my "Label" inside webusercontrol has the value "Apple", perfect! Next when I click "Add" button again and select a different value to be passed this time say "BlackBerry" now I have 2 webusercontrol loaded on the page, so that means I have 2 "Labels" with different ID's, but now my first Label initially had the value "Apple" because that's what I had passed and now when I passed the value "Blackberry" both the labels of my webusercontrol has the value "BlackBerry" instead of one being "Apple" and another "BlackBerry"

Is there a way to resolve this issue? may be Dictionary List?

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Web Forms :: Passing Values From Web Page To User Control?

Mar 10, 2010

I am exposing state_v value by using property in aspx.vb page..How can I create an instace of the page in User control to access this property...mypage.aspx

<%@ Register ........%>
<asp:dropdownlist ID="ddl" runat="server"></asp:Dropdownlist>


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AJAX :: Passing Property Values From Server To Client In A User Control ?

Aug 13, 2010

I have a user control which has some properties configured on it. I need to access (actually, only read) the values of those properties on the client. I have done it like this.

Code behind:




That works but, at the back of my mind, I'm sure I've seen a neater way of doing it, although I suspect that may have been on an Extender not a User Control. Pointers on that welcome.

Also, related to that, the User Control itself has an Id which becomes part of the name of all visual objects included within it. However, the User Control is not a DOM element in its own right (because it has no visible rendering) which [I think] means that I have to attach properties to one of the visible elements within it, and not to the control itself?

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Calling JavaScript Functions?

Sep 28, 2010

I am trying to call some javascript functions which I ahve written in some file. Eg.

function OpenPopup() {
return false;

when I call this from button from OnClientClick = "OpenPopup()" it is not called but when I put this function on MasterPage it is able to call the function.I added this is the MasterPages's Head

<script src="Scripts/something.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

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Calling Functions In A Master Page?

Jun 4, 2010

I have an .aspx.cs page in my solution and I'm trying to call a function which is located in a Master page.Would anyone be able to offer any pointers on how to achieve this as I cannot figure it out - thought it would have been fairly straight forward!

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Calling .NET Functions/webservices From Classic Asp?

Mar 9, 2010

I am using one webservice, which is for .NET platform, for address validation.Its running successfully on .NET (C#). However, I also want to use the same service from classic asp (legacy code) pages. Would appreciate if someone could give a clue how togo about it? Here are some ideas that I came up with and would appreciate if you could add to it

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Calling Two Functions In The OnClientClick Event?

Nov 8, 2010

I want to check two conditions in the OnClientClick event of an asp.net button control. I tried this but it is only checking the first function.

OnClientClick="javascript:shouldSubmit=true; return checkFunction1(); return checkFunction2();

What is the correct way do it?

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C# - Calling Functions From Code File With Javascript?

Feb 24, 2010

I have a JavaScript-based timeline which needs to use data from an SQL server. The queries and the JSON conversions have been worked out in the form of C#.NET functions within a code file related to an .aspx page. So for a complete newbie to ASP.NET, how do you set up a function call like this from JavaScript?I would love it if someone had some simple example code I could learn/get some pointers from.Edit: I am using .NET 3.5

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Calling Other Functions From A Shared (or Static) Function

Aug 20, 2010

I get this error: Cannot refer to an instance member of a class from within a shared method or shared member initializer without an explicit instance of the class.

Partial Class _Default
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
<WebMethod()> _
Public Shared Function ParseData() As String
Dim value as string = GetValue()
End Function
Private Function GetValue() as String
Return "halp"
End Function
End Class

I know it has something to do with the fact that the first function is shared and the second function should probably be Public as well but I don't fully understand the reason behind it. Probably not relevant but I'm calling the web method from some javascript.

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Web Forms :: Passing Values From Windows Form Control To The Page

Jul 14, 2010

I have a windows form control which is hosted inside an Asp.Net page.

Is there a way to pass value from this control back to the Asp.Net page. I have tried using

"document.forms[0].UserControl1.publicProperty" where publicProperty is a publicly defined property in the control but it is giving undefined.


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Web Forms :: Passing Control Parameter Values From One Aspx Page To A Second

Apr 7, 2010

I have a web form that has drop down controls. These controls are data bound to a database. Now, I would like the results of the selected values to be shown on a new aspx page in a gridview or detailsview.

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Web Forms :: Calling User Control From Other User Control?

Jul 4, 2010

i have a web page and inside the page has a placeholder that contains 2 user controls and both visible set to false.

When i click on button1 on the page, it will set the visible of usercontrol1 to true. May i know how do i do it so that when i click on button2 that IS INSIDE usercontrol1, it will hide usercontrol1 from placeholder and set usercontrol2 visible =true?

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Web Forms :: Calling User Control Dynamically?

Sep 1, 2010

I'he created user control. that contains some register form.I want ot call that user control Dynamically when i click the button....is it posible?

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Forms Data Controls :: Using GridView With A User Control And Passing Object Into Control?

Jan 8, 2010

I would like to use the gridview paging feature and have built a gridview with a user control. The data source has lots of columns, so to make it easier I want to return a LIST<MyObject> and just pass <Myobject> into the user control rather than all the data elements. Not sure how I access the object of the data source to bind to the control. Assume it would be during ondatarowbound.

Also, my guess is there is a better way to do this than gridview. I'd take either solution that allows me to have easy paging and pass the complete object into the user control

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Javascript - Calling Multiple JQuery Functions In Page?

Aug 16, 2010

I have a page with three HTML labels and their corresponding ASP.NET gridviews contained within divs. Now while learning jQuery, I am trying to achieve two things:1. Change the css class of the lables upon mouse hover/out.2. Slide up/down the grid div upon clicking of the labels.It looks to be working as expected, but I wish to know if I am doing it the right way.My complete jQuery code is:

$(function ColorChange(ID) {
$("#" + ID).toggleClass("gridLabel");
$(function ShowHide(GID) {
$('#' + GID).slideToggle('slow');

And I am calling these function from onmouseover, onmouseout and onclick events of the label controls passing in the label ID as parameter. As an example:

<label id="lblWebComp" class="gridLabelDefault" onmouseover="ColorChange('lblWebComp')"
onmouseout="ColorChange('lblWebComp')" onclick="ShowHide('gvDivWC')">
Web Components

Kindly let me know if this is the best way to achieve these effects? Don't I have to right the document ready function in the jQuery code?

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Passing Parameter From One User Control To Another User Control In An Aspx Page?

Jun 3, 2010

have two user controls on one aspx page. UC1 has a grid which contains a link button column which user clicks. Based on the value of clicked cell, I need to show some data into UC2.How do I pass data from UC1 to UC2? How do I invoke a function of UC2 from UC1?

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Web Forms :: Calling A Method On A Web User Control That Is Added At Runtime

Sep 23, 2010

I have a Web Form that uses Master Pages. I only tell you this part so you understand the layers.

On the page, I have a web user control. I can see public methods on that user control by simply calling userControlName.PublicMethod();

However, there is a button on this page which generates additional content. This content is based on a placeholder control and adding additional web user controls :


Now, on the main form, I want a submit button that will call a public method of each "subForm" that was added at runtime.

I have tried various forms of Control C = This.Page.Master.FindControl("cpBody").Findcontrol("ctl01")... etc, but can never seen to get the right combination.

Below is a listing of the web form


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Web Forms :: Calling Master Page Method From A User Control?

Apr 5, 2010

Does anyone know how I would go about calling a method found in the master page code behind from a user control's code? The user control is on the master page. The method I want to call is public.

I can easily call a method found in the pages code behind using:

Page.GetType().InvokeMember("TheMethodsName", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, this.Page, null);

or I can call a method found on the master page from my aspx page code behind using:


But I am stuck because I can't find the MasterPage in my user control code behind.

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Web Forms :: Calling A Page Method Using InvokeMethod From An User Control?

Jan 18, 2011

I have an aspx page which has an usercontrol say UC1 for selecting query paramters.

UserControl uc1 in turn opens another user control (UC2) as a modal popup.

1. On OK click, I am setting the values of another usercontrol (uc1) from the control uc2 by invoking a page method(doAccept). It appears to call the method and values seems to be set. But the problem the usercontrol/page does not display the new value or in otherwords it is not refreshed.

If the above is not possible is there any other way to refresh the parent page.


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Web Forms :: Return Values On VB.NET Functions?

Oct 19, 2010

I have been reading that a value needs to be returned by a function, otherwise the following error will occur:

"Function <function name> doesn't return a value on all code paths. A null reference exception could occur at run time when the result is used."

The cure, I have found, is to return something (i.e. "Return 0") before exiting the function. Can I pass this return value back to the routine that called the function? If so, how do I code this?

Most of the time, however, I find I'm not needing to return a value anyway, and just end up adding "0" to the ends of all my Return statements. Does anyone have any comments on this?

Links referred to:


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Web Forms :: Calling Controls In A Page From A User Control File (.ascx)?

Nov 5, 2010

I have a page called main.apsx and on that page I have a multiview with a couple of view panes. In main.aspx I also have an have a buttons.ascx file with a few link buttons. When these buttons are clicked I want them to show the the selected view panels in multiview in main.aspx.

I cant seem to figure out where to put the action code for the link buttons. Do I put it into my buttons.ascx.cs file or into main.aspx.cs? I presume in buttons.ascx.cs, but if I do that, how will the buttons find the multiview control?

This is the code for on of my buttons in buttons.ascx.cs


When I run it like this is gives an error

The name 'MultiView1' does not exist in the current

The name 'View1' does not exist in the current

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Web Forms :: Passing Collection To User Control

Apr 28, 2010

I'm dynamically loading a user control from a for loop against a objects collection, eg.


I want to pass the following collection into the user control: oPerson.Address[i].listHistory (listHistory is a List of objects which I want to manipulate inside the usercontrol)

How can I pass this into the usercontrol so i can do this

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Web Forms :: Passing A Querystring In User Control Tag?

Feb 12, 2010

Again, I am wondering why there is no one asking this kind of question. And may be my idea is wrong. Let's see the code:

<uc1:drilldown ID="drilldown1" runat="server" sType="F.W" rID='<%=request.querystring("r") %>' />
After it passed into my property in user control, the value is <%=request.querystring("r") %>

It is absolutely not reading my function!!

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