Web Forms :: Warning Message About Product Expiry Date

Jan 18, 2012

I need to show a Warning message when a Product is about to Expire 

or before the expiry date of product  or atleast remind him before expiry.. like Reminders.

I am working on Web Development Project in Asp.Net , VB language ....

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How To Add Expiry Date To Pdf

Feb 18, 2010

is it possible to add an expiry date to a PDF with asp.net when someone downloads a file?

when the user downloads a file it will be usable until a set date when it will become useless and they will have to download a fresh version.

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Web Forms :: Popup Window To Give Warning Message

Nov 11, 2010

I have read about Ajax Control Toolkit that should solve pop-up window requirements, but I need a solution that doesn't involve me downloading this. I have an editable FormView from where I want to pop a "warning window" whenever the user clicks a button that closes the Form. This "warning window" should have the following controls:

Label: "Do you want to save changes?"
btnPopSave: "Yes" >> triggers databinding of FormView fields to datasource, then closes warning window and the FormView
btnPopClose: "No" >> closes warning window, and FormView without databinding

If this is not possible (or too complicated), I think I can settle for just a warning window with:

Label: "Make sure you've saved changes." and no other controls

btnPopClose: "OK" >> closes warning window, and FormView

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Expiry Date Alert

Nov 26, 2013

I need to display alert message or alarm or any sound or indication when there is an expiry date for the products from the database table. It should be automatic by any windows or webservice...

I am using .net 2003 and ready to upgrade...

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Web Forms :: Create Warning Message To Avoid The Update Statement In Gridview

Sep 1, 2010

I have a table named [vacation time] with the colums startdate and enddate the table is conected with the [permits table]with the colums permname and permdays(int). i have to create a warning message for the user if the ((startdate)-(enddate)>permday) to avoid the update statement in my grid view.

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Validate Credit Card Expiry Date Using C#?

Jan 12, 2011

We need to validate the credit card expiry date using C#?

How to convert String("MM/DDDD" : "07/2011") to Datetime and compare with current date?

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State Management :: Cache Expiry Date Not Working?

Nov 26, 2010

I have added a list to the cache with an expiry date, however the expiry date doesnt work, im not sure how long the cached item lasts but its no more than a day.


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Visual Studio :: How To Disable Warning Message From TMVC 2.6.13

Apr 15, 2010

TMVC 2.6.13
MVC 1.0
Target .Net 3.5

How can I disable warning message?

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Visual Studio :: Want To Delete Warning Message From Error List?

Feb 8, 2010

I'm having a class with these code


and I'm accesing this class from ASP.Net


when opening Default2.aspx


there is a just warning from Visual Studio.Net 2005 like this :


I want this warning message disappear from my error list.

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IE Security Warning With Widgets / Ensure This Message Doesn't Come Up As It Could Be Off Putting For Users?

Apr 19, 2010

I'm creating an ASP.NET application which uses Facebook Connect and fbml tags. It also uses the LinkedIn widget. When I run this app in any browser, there are no warnings and everything works. However, in IE, a message like this comes up:

Security Warning:
The current webpage is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this?

Current site:http://www.facebook.com
Trusted site:http://localhost

(same for LinkedIn.com). I know how to fix this from a client perspective and to stop the security warning showing up. However, is it possible to ensure this message doesn't come up as it could be off putting for users who don't know how to suppress this warning? I haven't tried uploading it to my webhost, so not sure if this message will appear for everyone in production. However, I always get it on my local machine.

(None of my pages use SSL, so I don't think that's the issue. I tried using FB's HTTPS urls but that didn't make a difference).

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Prevent IE File Download Warning Or Maintain State After Warning?

Mar 15, 2011

I have an application whereby a user browses to an Ajax enabled page, sets up some filters, and then clicks on download report. When the user clicks on this button, they are redirected to a Download.aspx page, which builds up the report and appends it to the response as binary (the file may either be zip/pdf or excel). The issue I am having is that everytime the user goes to the page and hits the download button the warning message from IE pops up "To help protect your security internet explorer has blocked this site from download files to your computer". This is not a huge issue, but the problem is that when the user clicks this warning to accept the file, it reloads the page, and all my filters are lost, so the user has to set up all the filters to filter out the data they dont want and then re-download the file.

The interesting thing is that I thought I could track the filters using session variables, so that when the page reloads after accepting the warning message it could be restored, but IE for some reason is not loading the page in the way it should, and so the Page_Load method is never fired when IE reloads it after the user accepting the warning, so I cannot restore the filter settings on the page because I have no event to do it from!

I have searched and searched for a solution.. I have tried changing the mime headers - I am using content-disposition tag set to "attachment; filename=report.zip", I have tried changing the mime type descriptions to different things to see if I can avoid the warning but to no avail. I have tried using an iframe but couldnt quite get it to do what I want it to do, the page was still being refreshed..

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C# - Strange Session / Does Not Show The Message After Adding The Product To The Cart?

Dec 28, 2010

I have this field in my session class:

public bool IsCartRecentlyUpdated
if (this.session["IsCartRecentlyUpdated"] != null)
return (bool)this.session["IsCartRecentlyUpdated"];
this.session["IsCartRecentlyUpdated"] = false;
return (bool)this.session["IsCartRecentlyUpdated"];
this.session["IsCartRecentlyUpdated"] = value;

Whenever a user adds a product to the cart I put this value on true:

public void AddToCart(Product product, int quantity)
IsCartRecentlyUpdated = true;
//other code for updating the cart

Adding a product to the cart does a postback so I can show a message (ëg: Product added succesfully) in Page_Load of the General Master page where the shopping cart is located, when a product has just been added to the cart:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (this.sessionsUtil.IsCartRecentlyUpdated)
this.lblCartWarning.Text = (string)GetLocalResourceObject("CartWarning");
imgCardLogos.Visible = false;
this.lblCartWarning.Text = String.Empty;
imgCardLogos.Visible = true;
//other code
//put it back to false to not show the message each time the page is loaded
this.sessionsUtil.IsCartRecentlyUpdated = false;

Well this code works great locally but on the server it does not show the message after adding the product to the cart but on the second page loading...(I guess that on the server somehow the page is loading before the session var is updated - extremely strange)

Do you know why? I do not see any problem in the code...

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Product Name By Passing The Product Barcode?

May 11, 2010

Is there any web service which will return the prouct name by accepting the product barcode input?

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Data Controls :: Display Product Names And When Clicked Display Product Details?

May 7, 2015

i am using asp.net webform not asp.net MVC.

i want to make my webforms as single page application

ex: i have a webform for products and the correspoding Product Links

if i click on any products the related details of that product has to be dispaly in the same webform .

i dont want to goto another webfom and dispaly the details of the product.

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Visual Studio :: Up To Date Mean In The Message When A Project Builds?

Apr 20, 2010

I just noticed in the output window, as a result of building a project, that it mentions "up-to-date" and I'm curious what this means.


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AJAX :: Maskededitextender With Calendarextender Error / Invalid Date Message

Nov 30, 2010

I have a Current Date textbox(txtDate) in my webpage.

When i Submit page then if any error is coming on page then "invalid Date" error is coming on this txtDate textbox.

Date on this textbox was an auto filled date and still I received "invalid date message"

here is my code :--

In page load method i have this


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Web Forms :: Why Warning SkinID Has Been Applied

Apr 15, 2010

Why warning SkinID has been applied


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Web Forms :: Warning Of Page Not Found?

Sep 28, 2010

why I get these warnings, wondering if it is a bug with Visual Studio.I have a navigation web user control, with links, and the links work without error, but it underlines the links and gives me warnings that the pages are not found.If I put ~/ in front of the links, the underlines go away and o warnings but then the link will not work because it will put ~/ in front of the url which does not existI have set up a page with a couple of pics if you would like to see:https://sites.google.com/site/warningofpagenotfound/It is no big deal, and the site runs fine with the warnings, just curious to why it warns that the pages are not found

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C# - Implement A Trap To Indicate Session Expiry?

Feb 20, 2010

I need to create a user login/logout/Session expiry tracking page(ASP.Net).. It is obvious that I can invoke my tracking page when user logs in and logs out.. How do I detect session expirey?

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C# - Changing Expiry On Session State Cookie

Jun 9, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET Session State to keep track of logged in users on my site. However, one problem I'm running into is that by default ASP.NET session cookies are set to expire when the browser closes. I've tried setting my own ASP.NET_SessionId cookie and modifying the cookie's expiry using something similar to the following code:

Response.Cookies["ASP.NET_SessionId"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1);

None of these approaches work, they all set a second cookie with the same name. Is there a way of changing the session cookie's expiry?

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.ASPXROLES Membership Roles Cookie Expiry?

Nov 15, 2010

Using ASP.NET 2.0, with forms authentication.
Just for a test, I configured the roles cookie in web.config like this :

<roleManager enabled="true" cacheRolesInCookie="true" cookieName=".ASPXROLES" cookieTimeout="2"></roleManager>

I wanted to see what would happen when the cached role cookie expired. Using Fiddler, after 2 minutes had elapsed, I could see that the raw value of the role cookie had changed.

I was expecting that on expiry, that ASP.NET would simply re-read the roles information from the database, and repopulate the cookie with the same value. So my question is, why would the raw value of the cookie change after expiry ? The cookie value is not human-readable (base 64 encoded and/or encrypted ?), so I can't tell if the information in it is the same, although the application still seems to work fine.


It looks like each time the roles are encrypted and cached in the cookie, it gets a different raw value.

e.g. if you run the following code :

RolePrincipal rp = (RolePrincipal) User;
string str = rp.ToEncryptedTicket();
Label1.Text = str;

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Can The Absolute Expiry For A Cache With CacheUpdateCallback Be Smaller Than 20 Seconds

Jan 20, 2010

I have the a test harness detailed below. This has two labels on the page that are set within the page_load which is hit every second due to the updatepanel and timer.

Label1 is set to a datetime value that is stored in the Cache. Label2 is set to the current datetime.

The cache is set with an absolute expiry of 5 seconds from now and there is an update callback on the cache to re-set the datetime and make it valid for another 5 seconds.

The problem I have is that I'm seeing the cache update every 20 seconds, not every 5 seconds like I would expect. If I set the time to 30 seconds then it updates every 40.

This appears to indicate that the cache will only expire every 20 seconds. Does anyone know of a way of reducing this time? If I just insert into the cache with an expiry of 5 seconds and no Callback then it works as I would expect and is removed every 5 seconds.



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State Management :: Find Out The Reason For Session Expiry?

Aug 20, 2010

is there any way to find out the reason for session expiry?

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Session State Expiry In Content Management System

Feb 16, 2010

I am creating a content management system but there is one problem. What I want to do in my website is that when a user opens the website a new sessionid is created for that user, and when the user closes the website, the sessionid is cleared. How can I can do it?

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State Management :: Save An Object In Session With Expiry Time?

Jan 30, 2011

The a way to save an object in session with expiry time , such as when you're saving object in cache.

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