C# - In Which Order Are CSS Styles Applied

May 13, 2010

I have the following HTML.


In my CSS stylesheet I have general settings for the a tag, and several hundered lines later settings for ul li a.
Like this:

color: red;
ul li a

Firebug tells me, that first the color:blue is loaded, and afterwards overriden by color:red
So far I've always thought, that the order of loading css files and the order of style inside a single css file tell the browser how html elements should be formatted. Unfortunately I'm now experiencing it vice versa. how must I correct my style to achieve the a tag inside the li to be rendered blue and not red?

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Web Forms :: Styles Cannot Be Applied On A Different Machine

Apr 23, 2010

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 to develop my projects.

I created a stylesheettheme and a skin file and added them to app_themes folder.

They both have the same name: style_project.

I added line <pages stylesheettheme="style_project"> to my web.config file.

When i run my project on localhost, there's no problem, styles are being applied.

When i upload my project to other machine which has framework 3.5 on it, no styles applied.

I looked at the machines iis server and .net version is 2.0 for default application pool.

I tried on the machine on localhost, still there are no styles.

I tried project both on default website.

What is the problem? How can i solve this?

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Web Forms :: Master Page / Can't Get Any Styles Applied

May 29, 2010

Has anyone had any issues when updating a CSS file (app created from C# Application Web Site in VS2010) and not having the changes be reflected in the browser, but you can see them in the dev env? I've tried clearing cache and rebooting... After a while of trying to set a background image to .header (which shows up in the dev env) something crazy happens to my Default.aspx and I can't get any styles applied. I'm at a loss right now...

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Inline Styles Versus Styles In CSS

Jan 18, 2011

I know placing all your styles in a CSS file is the best thing to do as it is a lot neater.

But does it REALLY matter if the styles are inline or in a CSS?

Edit below

My plan is to just place the styles in my MasterPage and all other pages will use the MasterPage....I believe the correct term is not "INLINE" but Embedded?

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Web Forms :: Rearranging Texbox Order - Maintain Order In Insert / Update Cases

Jan 23, 2010

I have 5 hard corded texboxes in a page in a sequence with sequence Number . Now i want to add re-order /re-arraning functionaly .. but i can't use ajax reorder list because i have 5 hard corded texbox. how can i maintain the order in Insert/Update cases. And also suggest me control that i can use, another than ajax re-order list. coz i not using any list items i have hard corded items on the page.

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JQuery :: Reorder List - Change Order Of Divs And Upload New Order To Database

Feb 7, 2011

The AjaxToolkit has a ReorderList. I'm searching for a jQuery solution that does the same and found this page. I would like to change the order of divs (vertically) and upload the new order to the database (ajax).

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Forms Data Controls :: Datacontrol For Order And Order Detail - How To Fetch Record Based On Paging

Oct 22, 2010

I have two table Order and Order Detail.

What i need is i need to bind last 10 Order in Gridview/details view with paging, and the same order detail also fetch from database and shown in another gridview.. if user click any oderNo in first Gridview/DetailView then i need to show Respective order detail in anther gridview..

without postback coz we already fetch 10 order with orderdetails from the database..and if user click next 10 orderNo using paging then again we need to load 10 orderNo with respective orderdeatils from database like this going on....as well as let me know how to take print of particular oder and order detail....?

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Access :: UpdateParameters - Form Order - UpdateCommand Order?

Apr 24, 2010

From my testing, it appears that the order of parameters for the UpdateParameters must match both the order of the bound fields on the form (asp:Formview), and the order of the parameters in the UpdateCommand. Is that correct? If so, why do the parameters have names if all that matters is the order? I tried both asp:ControlParameter and asp:Parameter. Maybe the more relevant question is why aren't the names used instead of the order, particularly for the form order?

So, given I display the Identity field (CID), and need that for the update, I cannot get the update to work without including it in the UpdateCommand. Of course, since it is an autonumber field in Access, I cannot actually set it. So, I had to add another field to the db (lngUpdateCID) that I could set. That can't be how it has to be done, but I could not figure out another way to do this.

The relevant code is below:


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Css File Not Getting Applied By Page

Jun 10, 2010

I'm getting a weird error. I have a css class and I dragged the reference onto the aspx. The compile-time page is recognizing the reference to the styles in the css because when I remove the css reference from the aspx the page displays squiggly lines under the CssClass references with a tooltip "cannot be found".

However, when I run the page the css classes aren't getting applied. Also weird - when I copy the css class definitions from the css file into a <style> tag in the <head> variable of my page the css classes DO get applied. I can't figure out why my css classes aren't getting applied at runtime even though the references appear to check out at compile time.

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Why CSS Applied Only Into Master Page

Jan 9, 2010

In the head portion of my Master page i have a link to an external CSS file

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Although i am able to apply the style in child pages in design time...

<asp:Label ID="Label" runat="server" CssClass="BodyText" Text="This is a link"></asp:Label>

...in run time child pages have no style. So, What am i missing here?

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C# - BackgroundCssClass Not Being Applied With ModalpopupExtender?

Sep 30, 2010

I am trying to create this webpage that shows a database with a "Master-Detail" type view. To do this I am following this tutorial [URL]

The only difference is that I am not using ObjectDataSource, instead I am just using my SQL - DataBase.

Here's the problem: When I click on the link to show the modalPopup, the BackgroundCssClass is not being applied, and the popup just shows up in the corner of the screen without changing the background and opacity. Anyone know whats going on?

Here's the code:


<style type="text/css">
TR.updated TD


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CSS Not Applied In Update Panel

Jun 28, 2013

I put some controls in an update panel. After an asyncpostback, the styling from the css is not applied to some of the controls. How I can correct this issue?

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C# - Iqueryable Intersect Fails When Applied Twice?

Feb 11, 2011

I have a series of parameters stored in rows in the database, and I'd like to return rows that satisfy both input parameters. The parameters come through in the URL, like "&msg_type=20560&status=101"

I have code that works fine, but only if there's one parameter. If there are two, it empties out the results. Here's my code:


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Why The CSS Style Is Not Applied In Webpages Within Subdirectories

Sep 27, 2010

In the root of my domain i have the CSS file style.css and the masterpage file site.master.The link to the CSS file within the site.master is

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

The problem is that webpages contained within subdirectories do not inherit the CSS file.What am i doing wrong here?If i copy the style.css file to the subdirectories everything works like a charm...UPDATE: If i change the path to /style.css or to ~/style.css the style is Not applied also to the webpages within the root folder.

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Web Forms :: CSS Doesn't Applied In Browser

May 2, 2010

I am implementing my project using Asp.net and C# in Visual Studio.Net 2008 programming environment, and I've been working on this issue for a while and can't find a solution. I have a css file in "App_Data/CSS/style.css", it works fine in visual studio design view. However, when I was trying to run the program, all formating effects I defined in the style.css disappear, leaving the plain view of the interface. The master page is in "App_Data/MasterPage.master", all the other .aspx pages are under the root directory. I have this placed in the header of the master page:


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Cannot Be Applied To Operands Of Type 'object' And Int?

May 30, 2010

if (Session["Paid"].ToString() != "True" && Session["downloads"] == 0)errorOperator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'object' and 'int'

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Web Forms :: Why Warning SkinID Has Been Applied

Apr 15, 2010

Why warning SkinID has been applied


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Web Forms :: Trying To Route / It Seems That Only The First Rule Is Applied?

Mar 8, 2011

I have a product-page and a department-page. Both departments and products are picked from a database by their id (productid and deptid).

When I try to route like this, it seems that only the first rule is applied, Why? How can I solve this?

In global.asax:


With the above settings I can reach
http://mysite.com/myproduct.aspx but not

If I switch so that the DeptList rule comes first "mydepartment.aspx" works but not "myproduct.aspx"....

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IIS 7 URL Rewrite Rules Aren't Being Applied?

Nov 9, 2010

I have a .net 4.0 web application hosted on IIS7 server.

After reading this: [URL] about serving static content from another server, so that cookies aren't sent with every request for a static file, i tried it out but without much success.

This is the part written in the web.config file:

<rule name="images" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="^images/(.*)$" />
<action type="Rewrite" url="http://static-server.com/images/{R:1}" appendQueryString="true" logRewrittenUrl="true" />

With this rule defined, every link to a file in the images folder should be rewriten into the static-server URL. But this doesn't work at all, now every image that is in the images folder returns a 404 not found. what could be causing this behavior or a different solution on how to serve files from a specific folder from a different server without having to go trough tons of code and change all the links to link to the static server?

I did also try using the Redirect action type instead of the Rewrite action, which actually worked, but it defies the reason why i'm trying to serve the files on a different server (this way the request is sent to my dynamic content server with all the required cookies and is redirected to the static-server which is actually worse than serving the images from the dynamic content server).

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WCF / ASMX :: HttpRuntime ExecutionTimeout Value Not Applied?

Oct 12, 2010

I'm working on Windows 2008R2 with IIS 7.5. In web.config there is config value:


Now, web request calls WCF service, which is very time consuming (timeouts for WCF are set to 5minutes). Whilst waiting for WCF to finish, web application throws exception:


As far as I make it out, it's exception caused by exceeding 90seconds limit. But... I get that exception after about 150seconds. Is it common that request doesn't break instantaneously?

I did some tests:
- set executionTimeout to 90seconds
- set WCF timeout to 500seconds
- play with Thread.Sleep in WCF service, and pass it a value between 90seconds and 500seconds.

It turned out that I got that


exception exactly after the time passed to Thread.Sleep method. Conclusion: web request thread has to wait for wcf call to return in order to be aborted?

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Web Forms :: Master Page Is Not Applied?

Aug 31, 2010

I have created a new page in rootfolderSubfolder ewfolder est.aspx , this test page is used a master page which is in rootfolderSubfolderMasterpage.Master . But styles are applied in test page.

but master is works if the page is in rootfolderSubfolder est.aspx.

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Web Forms :: Required Validation Need To Be Applied To Any Textbox?

May 7, 2010

I had a web page with 3 texboxes, i need to enter text one of any three textboxes.

for this i need to put required validator.

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Web Forms :: Delay In Value Of Properties Applied To Web Part?

Feb 26, 2010

So I've created a page with zones, a catalog, editor zone and property grid editor part. I have also created a simple webpart as a usercontrol and added to the declarative catalog.

In code behind of my usercontrol page I added some properties and I can edit them just fine however when I click Ok or Apply to the change of any property it takes two post backs before the changes take. So I can click Ok twice or Ok then Apply or Apply and Apply or OK then switch display modes but I will not see the changes take place inside the usercontrol until the second postback.

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CSS Not Being Applied To Base Page Element When Referenced By Id

Mar 18, 2010

I have a Master Page which has an associated css file. On one of the base pages I have a div to which I am trying to apply a style from this css file by id. However, the page when rendered has a different id for this element. How can I specify the correct id name in the css file? Is there a way to specify that I want the id of this element like there is in javascript using the <%= Element.ClientID %>?

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Web Forms :: Custom WebControl - Style Is Not Applied

Jan 18, 2011

I created this simple custom web control:


I used this control on my page:


The problem is that when page is displayed in web browser is see default back color, font and border, values from page are not applied on the my control. Why?

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