Microsoft Vs 2005 Website Not Reflecting Changes Made On Web Forms Of Website?

Aug 6, 2010

I am having a problem with webforms in my website which i am developing it into VS2005. the changes like inserting new table on existing web form of website not getting displayed on webform when i debug it.

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Web Forms :: Changes Made Website Not Reflecting In The Browser?

Mar 21, 2011

I could not find a category on which my question is based on.So i did it here.I am working on a website build 2.0, c#.Recently, when i m doing changes(adding labels changing fonts) on a particular page, they are notrelfected in the browser when i run the website. It have never happen before.I copy pasted the code in anotherfolder, the problem still persists.I also set the dynamic port property false, and set a port manually, still no luck.I also clearedcookies in the browser still the problem remains.

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Php - Display All The Tweets On Website That The User Has Made Or Received?

Sep 9, 2010

I have used user timeline to display all the tweets made by a specific user, but what I am trying to achieve is to display all the tweets on my website that the user has made or received. Is there any way to accomplish it.

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IPhone Phonegap Based App Load External Website Made Of Componentone?

Aug 11, 2010

My Client wants a native iPhone App that displays their mobile site optimized for iPhone developed using and ComponentOnes Studio for iPhone. i was planning to use a PhoneGap app which calls an external URL using JavaScript and do it after showing the splash screen. but according to phoneGap FAQ its most likely to apple to reject an app that loads external URL ? just need somebody to clear me on the whole process. isnt it possible to create an app like that ? i've seen various iPhone apps that do this (eg: cydia).

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Web Forms :: Started A New Website Vs 2005 Now Resource Not Found?

Jan 3, 2010

I start a new web site in vs 2005 I went into IIS 7.5 (I'm ont Windows 7 64bit, .net 2.0) , it is setup as an application and the physical path is correct.I'm connecting using a specific user and password. I have set the solution properties to usehttp://localhost/TestApp/, I set a start page as default.aspx. But when I run debug, I get a server error in application, that the resource couldn't be found.

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New Website Attach With Existing Website / Where Attached Website Is Behaving As Pluggable?

Feb 26, 2011

1 new website attach with existing website..where attached website is behave as pluggable. and used anywhere in any website?

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Create A Website With C# And Microsoft Acess As A Database?

Feb 9, 2010


I still a beginner and i want to create a website with c# and microsoft acess as a database ,the problem that i can't insert new lines in my database

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AJAX :: Implement Microsoft Minifier To Website Project?

Sep 30, 2010

there is a tutorial about ASP.Net Application but i am using ASP.Net Web Site so i don't have unload edit name feature like stated here [URL]

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UAG (Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway) Authentication For .NET Website?

Mar 19, 2011

am absolutely clueless on this. I've been told that the web application I'm building (.net 4 / mvc3 / c# / sql server) will be "sitting behind UAG so we can silently authenticate". I've no idea now how to approach the authentication part of the build in my dev environment. Should I just use "windows authentication"? Will that be the required setting when the application goes live? How do I test the authentication?The people asking me to do this are currently just getting started with UAG too do so any help, pointers, .To put the situation in context, this application will be accessible via the company network internally, and also via the web externally (via UAG portal, of course). The company is on Active Directory, and all I actually need to "pull through" to the application to get further people entity data is the AD username.

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VS 2005 Won't Open Website

Sep 15, 2011

When I try to open a website via menu FILE | OPEN | WEB SITE, VS hangs and I have to kill it using TaskManager.

I can open SSIS, SSRS, VB WIN, etc. as long as there is a project.

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Converting Website In Vs 2005 To Vs 2008?

Jun 25, 2010

i want to convert my website built in vs 2005 (2.0) to vs 2008 (3.5) application.could u plz send me simple and precise steps...i tried out what microsoft ppl are saying...but i m not getting that prompting message ("do u want to convert all webs to .net 3.5"), when i open my application in vs2008..

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SharePoint External Facing Website Ability To Go Full Website And Non Full Website When Accessed In Mobile Device?

Dec 15, 2010

I've got an external site that's built in SharePoint 2007. the user of the site need to have an option to view the full site when accessed from a mobile device. I am thinking of just creating a button control to do this. The question is, what would be the best solution to do this?

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VS 2005 - How To Secure Website Using Default Certificate

Jun 7, 2010

I want to secure my certain web page of site, Displaying lock icon at status bar of browser. How do I achieve this in 2.0 using any default certificate?

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VS 2005 Proper Updating Of An Existing Website?

Feb 8, 2010

So my application is on a production and running smoothly with no bugs at all. yay! My question: Is there's more efficient way of updating an existing ASP.NET application? Here's what i'm currently doing ( dont laugh that's why im asking xD):

1. I compile the project,
2. after compilation i transfer the compiled files via ftp. then i delete the existing files on my folder and put the newer one.

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VS 2005 Login Control To Authenticate Users To Use Website?

Apr 22, 2010

I have been asked to use the login control to authenticate users to use the website. I have a master page which has header pictures and a menu down the left. I have created a login form and configured my web.config file to use form authentication but when I run it, it does not show my master page just the content page. Should my login page not be a content page?

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VS 2005 - Creating Website With Membership And User Login

Oct 13, 2015

I am taking MSDN's walkthrough on Creating a Web Site with Membership and User Login. I have some free time and am taking a look at some topics I'm not 100% clear on. So this isn't for a live site; just for my own edification. I set up a user in the web site administration tool then another one in the CreateUserWizard control. I was surprised that in the control it let me create the 2nd user with the same email id as the 1st so I was looking around at how to prevent this. I found requiresUniqueEmail="true" that goes in web.config, in this block:

<membership defaultProvider="SqlProvider" userIsOnlineTimeWindow="20">
<add name="SqlProvider"
applicationName="MyApplication" />

Which I believe would be the solution. Is that right? My problem is what do I set all those other attributes to in the block? All I really want is requiresUniqueEmail but it seems I have to specify a connectionstring also but I don't know what this would be. The website is using ASPNETDB.MDF which got created in App_Data after I ran the administration tool for the first time (I believe). So I need to explicitly define a connectionstring to that DB now that I want to require a unique email?

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How To Make HTML Website With MasterPage In Visual Studio 2005

May 19, 2010

to start a HTML website having masterpage and first page should be index.html with a hyperlink to go to masterpage that contains some welcome page.

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Web Forms :: Fetch Specific Information(string) From Another Website And Display The Same In Website

Sep 21, 2010

I want design a page where the end user enters information on my page and related information is fetched from the another website on my web page.

For example: Capturing City and state name from

End user Task : Enter zipcode and click button 'Fetch'

My page perform few task

1. opens usps site backend

2. Enters the zipcode

3. Captures city name and state as temporary value from the usps

4. Displays the same in labels present in my home page.

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Web Forms :: Passing Values From HTML Website To .net Website (both In Different Servers)?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a website which is developed using HTML. I have another application which is in different server. Now I have to design login block of my application in HTML website. That is user will login from HTML website but the validation of that user will be checked in application. So how to transfer my user name and password from HTML website to application.( Both are in different servers)

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Web Forms :: How To Send Some User Information One Website To Another Website

Aug 10, 2010

i want to send some user information one website(ASP) to another website(ASP.NET)

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Web Forms :: How To Create A Website Administration Tools In Website

Dec 9, 2010

I'm currently creating a web application.

I had Administrator, Teachers, Students roles.

I wanting to create a function where Administrator able to change username of the users that login to my web application or delete that user.

The users are created from web site administrator tools (security tab)..

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Web Forms :: Implement Website Content Search In Website

Aug 7, 2012

I want to use website search in my website. which one will be the best?

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WebMatrix :: Include Microsoft.Data.Entity.CTP.dll Reference To WebMatrix Website?

Jan 19, 2011

I'm wondering if it is possible to include Microsoft.Data.Entity.CTP.dll reference to WebMatrix site and if the Compact edition of the database would support it? I'd kinda love use something like

code-first development in my WebMatrix project. I think is even easier than writing SQL-s into the code...

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DataSource Controls :: Use Databases Originally Made In Sql Express 2005 - SQL Server 2008?

Apr 20, 2010

is it possible to use databases orignally made in sql express 2005, in SQL server 2008? and is there any method on how to do this?

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Visual Studio 2008 - Website Running In IIS - Point The Website To Use Cassini?

Feb 7, 2010

My client gave me this web solution, in it various projects, and the problematic project (for me) is the Web Site.

I've copied the code to test web server (2008) and installed VS 2008 so I could step through the code on the server due to some weirdness.

Anyhow, when I open the solution locally on my personal computer, it runs on Cassini [URL] because I'm not on a server OS. However, when I run the app on the web server, when I hit F5, it runs oh [URL].

When I'm running the code on the server, how do I point the web site to use Cassini?

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